Sunday, September 28, 2008

A regular & maybe not so regular weekend...

Hallo Everydog & Girl Girl,

It was Singapore's First F1 race last night and boy was it noisy. My hoomans realised there was nothing else to watch on TV except that and ended up watching the race anyway. I was feeling kinda tired and having pre-monday blues so I decided to laze around on my own.

It was another regular weekend for me - I had my not so regular walk around the neighbourhood and my regular bath session with Mom. However, there was some not so regular construction going on in my home! Dad was busy putting up new play pen fences beside my current home, Mom was busy washing my old toys....I did my inspection of the works in progress while the hoomans went about doing their chores. I wonder if the hoomans are extending my current play area - ya know, like reconstruction of homes. I could do with a bigger play area....*ponders*

I'm not too sure I like what is going on....


A Very Worried Luckie

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Barkday Mom!!


How's your weekend coming along? Today is Mom's Barkday and they decided to spend the day at home with me. Okay, so maybe I'll forgive them for leaving me at home yesterday while they went out to this secret "place" carrying lotsa stuffs. I am pretty sure both of them cheated on me while they were out at this secret "place" cos they came back smelling of many, many dogs. I assure you I gave them a thorough sniff all over and nothing escapes my nose.

Mom bought me a pink Puppia Harness a couple of months back but I never got down to modelling it here.

What do you think? Is Pink my color?? :)

I miss going outdoors!! I think my tan's fading...*sighz*

The Puppia Harness has some metal parts that actually rusted over the last few months. :( I have no idea how that happened. Luckily, Dad says he can replace those metal parts.

In any case, I just wanted to wish Mom a Happy Barkday - you're one year older now! ha ha...I'm going to spend some time with the hoomans before another long work week starts tomorow.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's been freaking 5 months?!!

Hello frenz,

I can't believe it ~ it's been 5 freaking long months since I last blogged! If you did stop by to see if I'm ok, well....I'm doing fine. My pawrents have been really busy with their work and yadda yadda yadda. I seriously doubt you guys want to know how boring my life has been.
I have been occasionally checking out your blogs when I have time and I am glad you guys are having more fun than me. :)

Last weekend, my pawrents were helping me with my manicure and god knows why they didn't bring me down to the groomers. *cough* cheapskate *cough* Mom was holding on to me while I was having fun licking the peanut butter off her sticky but yummy fingers. Dad had the fun task - clipping my lovely LONG nails. Okay, so I admit I was squirming in Mom's arms but that's her fault cos she didn't hold me tight enuff. And so he goes ahead clipping my nails one and one and then.....he said.."oh S**t!!" I was like what S**t? I don't see any poop around? Anyway, to cut the story short, Mom's shirt was stained with blood from my nail and the entire area (of the living room) had blood droplets splattered all over the clean floor. LOL! Don't worry guys, the bleeding stopped and I'm fine. Mom says thank dog it wasn't her favourite shirt.

In case you are wondering, that clipper even had a safety blocker thingy to ensure that accidents like this don't happen. Do you think we can get a money back guarantee?
Will try to write soon !!