Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'll show you who's BOSS!

Hello Everydog & Girl Girl,

It has been a busy week at home cos Dad was involved in the Singapore Airshow 2008. He came home really late and left the house before the sun was up. It has been really disruptive for me cos we all know I need my beauty sleep. He showed me a couple of piktures of the flying aero-displays but I wasn't too impressed. Those planes look like BIRDS to me and I hate BIRDS. Perhaps if I have time, I'll show you a couple of piktures too and let you decide if they look like BIRDS.

A couple of weeks ago, Mom & I were chased by mean black swans at the park. Mom ran off screaming her head off but I was undeterred by those nasty swans. I showed them who's boss and thank dog, Dad managed to show you some evidence of me in action. Do you see Mom anywhere near me? I may be small but I know how to protect my hoomans. On the hindside, those swans could have actually *eaten* me up. *shudders* I just hope my hoomans know how good I am to them protecting them with my life.

Last Sunday, my hoomans brought me out for a playdate with a 7 month old boy Black-Tan long hair dachshund. Mom said he's looking for his forever home and asked me to play nice with him. And so I tried.....*NOT*!! That little fellow (he's a very handsome looking boy actually) was really cheeky and kept trying to smell my butt. I spent more of our playdate sitting on the floor trying to hide from him. He kept taunting me with his squeaky ball but I was not getting off my butt I tell ya. In any case, I hope he finds his forever home soon.'s not going to my home right Mom??

On a side note, I heard news that Dad will be travelling to Ottawa, Ontario Canada next month for a course. It's going to be a 24-36 hours flight from Singapore and that's only one way. Imagine how long the journey is! Hmm..I wonder what I should be packing for the trip. I heard it's very cold (below zero). Maybe I can visit some of my Canadian friends! (Luckie's Mom : I don't think you'll be going with him, Luckie!)

I have been having some problems with my camera and piktures uploading with my Macbook so until I figure that out, I'll have to depend on Dad for my piktures and we all know how long he takes to release new piktures. :P

Monday, February 18, 2008

Things that make you go hmmmm....

Dear frenz,

Firstly, I know you must be wondering if I succeeded with my heart-shaped poop surprise for my hoomans on Valentine's Day. The answer is no. I did not even get a chance to eat anything to make my poop PINK. But Dad did send a sweet message to Mom saying that he would be back early for dinner (at home - cos my hoomans never celebrate Valentine's Day at all for the past 11 years they have been together) and he ended his message saying "I love you and Luckie too!" Awwww........ I love you too Dad! MUACK! MUACK! MUACK!

Last week, Copper blogged about some things that make him think. It made me think about things that make me go hmmm too.

1) Why does Mom always say I leave a lot of hair around the house? I see a lot of her hair on the floor too and you don't hear me complaining do you? Plus, I'm even closer to the ground so I even have to lie down on her mess sometimes.

2) Watching TV. How can Dad turn into a couch potato and stay there all day long staring at the TV? Pawsonally, I don't watch TV. I can't figure out how they trap those hoomans and animals inside and it freaks me out. How did Dad get so good at his STAY command? Will I also know how to SIT and STAY at one spot for a long time if I watch TV?

3) What do hoomans do at work? Do they sleep (yes I know some peepol can sleep with their eyes open) at work? Do they pretend to be busy? Do they surf the internet? Do they just wait for feeding time (I think they call it lunch) and time for them to go home? My question they even work?

4) Why can't I have access to my treat container as and when I feel like it? It's mine so I should have the right to feed myself (okay, so I may need a little help prying open the lid). I don't understand why my pawrents can gorge on their treats and then moan & groan about feeling guilty and fat all the time. I conclude I should be able to indulge myself anytime and then moan & groan about it later on too. PS : I am not fat.

5) Why do I always need to get my butt wiped and feet cleaned after I finish with my toilet business? I feel pawfectly clean and I am capable of cleaning myself. If I could flush my own pee tray, I would do so. If I had toilet paper to clean myself, I'd use it to make SNOW!!! Wheeeee!! Showers are also over-rated unless they come with a treat each time.

This is like the longest post I have written in months. I need to nap now. Oh, in case you are wondering what have all these piktures got to do with my subject, they don't. I just wanted to post them so you can see how nice I look in my top. :)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy 1st Blog Anniversary!

Hello Everydog & Girl Girl,

Exactly one year ago, I decided to start blogging. Today, I celebrate my First Blog Anniversary with all of you my dear frenz. It has been a really awesome year although I have to admit recently I seem to have developed writer's block. Perhaps cos life has become a familiar but happy routine for me now. I have grown a lot since then don't you think? I don't even remember myself being so teeny (see pikture above) weeny.

The Chinese New Year's celebrations have been fun. I did not get to follow my pawrents while they visited their relatives. But I had lotsa fun lazing around withn my hoomans when they were at home. We did go out to the park though and we were chased by some really MEAN swans. The swans wandered out of the lake and started walking along the path right behind us. Oh dog, they sure had BIG wings. I wasn't afriad of those swans...I showed them who's the boss and chased them back to the lake. bwahahaha.... Dad said he managed to take a pikture of me in action but I highly doubt that cos I reacted so fast that Mom ended up chasing after me instead. :P Even if he did get a pikture, I'd have appeared as a brown furry mass. LOL!!

Valentine's Day just round the corner. How will you be spending your Valentine's Day? I'm still trying to figure out how to create a heart-shaped poop to give to my pawrents as a token of my love for them. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Hey Everydog & Girl Girl,

Today is the eve of Chinese New Year. The hoomans will be going to my grandparents' place for their reunion dinner. Last year, Dad had to travel to Chicago and did not get a chance to celebrate Chinese New Year with everyone at home. This year, he's just as busy at work but he's glad he has a chance to eat, drink and be merry with the rest of the family.

The hoomans get a two days break from work (Thursday & Friday) and I know they are certainly looking forward to this long break. Chinese New Year is a special time of the year for the Chinese. There are a lot of traditions and customs which have been passed down for many generations. Mom will be rushing back after work today to clean up the house so that it'll be nice and clean for me to mess up over the next few days. Mom says sweeping the floor on the very first day of the New Year is forbidden as this signifies that the good fortune & luck will be swept away for the new year.

I want to take the time to wish all my frenz Gong Hay Fatt Choy (that's Happy New Year in Cantonese). Have a wonderful Year of the Rat!!