Monday, April 14, 2008

Another one bites the dust.....

Dear frenz,

How's your week coming along so far? Lately, I decided to take some time to do more "enchancements" on my previously opawrated subjects. This is my latest masterpiece! ~VOILA~ :) Good to know I haven't lost my skillful opawration techniques. heh heh

Mom has been *upset* with me cos I have not been erm...doing my poop/toilet business accurately on my pee tray. She has no idea why I am so defiant lately. I have a reason for this but I'm not telling okay!! Anyway, after pissing (no pun intended of course!) my mom off, I'll end up being jailed for the next few hours until I show Mom that I can and I know how to pee/poo accurately.

It has been a busy weekend cos Mom's family came over for a visit. Mom's grandpa (yes, he's the one who was hospitalised last year) has not been to my house and I haven't had a chance to meet him yet so Mom decided to organise a gathering at my house. However, some of her relatives (Mom's mother & aunties) are afriad of dogs!??!! Just look at how harmless I am? I can't imagine what's so frightening about me or dogs in general. Hoomans can be so dramatic at times. So Mom had to jail me while the hoomans walk around in my KITCHEN. Unbelieveable I tell ya. The hoomans had the cheek to comment how loudly I bark when they come into the kitchen. Helloooo..that's MY kitchen you are talking about. How dare they walk around and then complain about me barking at them. Sheesh. I did not even get to join in the pawty and feast on the yummy food.

Anyway, here's a video of me in action to make up for all that ranting I did earlier. hehe..Have a good week ahead!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Corn Shank? Corn on Cob?

Hello Everydog & Girl Girl,

I finally got my latest video uploaded and also uploaded some bootiful piktures of myself. You know, I *almost* miss Mom hovering around me with a camera. hahaha..oh wait...maybe not. I have been busy working on my corn. I want to make a corn shank like my friends. But I don't seem to be getting a hang of it. Perhaps I am holding the corn too delicately? Do you see my little pinkie paw (the last one) in the air?

Gee, it's going to take forever before I remove the yellow ends. *chomp chomp*

Anyway, I leave you with a video of myself working hard on my corn. Perhaps I should just work on my princess bone and leave the corn shank to the boys. *sighz*

Oh yes, Dad is back from his trip. :) He travelled a long long way and he didn't get me anything. Due to some delayed flight schedule, he ended up stopping over in London on his way back to Singapore and got a couple of hours to travel around London. And no, he still didn't get me anything. Sheesh, anyway, I am glad he is back. There is no place like HOME.