Saturday, March 31, 2007

Making Snow for the very FIRST time

Hello frendz,

I am still in jail but I get do some time off to relax outside of jail under the strict supervision of my hoomans. I'm trying *really* hard to behave myself for now. Mom says NO walkies this weekend, that's just too bad. :( Thank goodness the weather is kinda lousy too so I'm not missing too much. The hoomans just got Cable TV hooked up so I think they'll be busy watching TV. Hopefully, that puts them in a better mood. Not to worry, food is provided in jail but I'm not getting any TREATS for now. But, I haven't been eating much - gee, I wonder if that'd make Mom feel worried and let me regain my freedom soon.

Well, a picture tells a thousand words. I do have some pics of me creating snow for the very first time. Yeah, talk about being deprived, I never had the chance to make snow from toilet rolls or tissues paper. The hoomans *never* leave them around for me. Now I know's so much fun. Erm...not the aftermath though.

Here's a movie of me having fun making snow. I was so engrossed and didn't even realised that Dad was around!

Gee, Mr Big Brown Bear looks like he's having fun in the snow too!!

That's me - very engrossed of course.

I love making snow!!

Snow in the toilet too!

One final shot. Mom says if she sees any more of these snow pictures, she may start getting angry again so no more for now. :P

Oh yeah, here's a final look at snow in my kitchen. :)

Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm in trouble *again*

Dear frendz,

I'm in big trouble again - this has to be a short post cos I don't think the hoomans are happy with me right now.

There was a heavy thunderstorm while the folks were at work yesterday and a strong gust of wind blew the toilet door open. I happily wondered in and helped myself to the toilet roll and made a huge huge huge mess. :( Unfortunately for me, Dad was home early and he was very very very very very *angry* with me. I've been grounded and Dad says I am not allowed to wonder around in the kitchen while they are at work. So it's back to my jail now. Mom's very upset with me and she doesn't want to talk to me.

I have no idea when I will be out. Darn, what do these things happen to me? Mom said no BLOGGING and do not touch the com-poo-ter but I knew you guys would be worried if I disappeared for too long.

Guess that means no walkies and lovey huggies for me....i feel so unloved.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Poor Mr Big Brown Bear.....

Hiya !!

It was just terrible last night. I was minding my own business having a one to one session with Mr Big Brown Bear when the hoomans started running about the house in the middle of the night.

Well, they were watching some movie (yes - again...and neglecting me of course) called Night at the Muesum. Mom said there was this really cute T-rex inside that enjoys playing fetch. Oh yeah, need I remind that woman she hasn't been playing fetch with me recently? She keeps telling me "Luckie, DOWN!" Well, sometimes I get it, sometimes I don't. HA! And the more I don't get it means she'll be able to spend more time with me. :)

Anyhoo, half way through the show, something huge and black flew into the house and towards the hoomans. As the room was rather dark, both of them had a shock and started jumping around switching on the lights and going after that mysterious black creature. Silly hoomans - they had to stop watching their movie for over an hour just to conduct a search for it cos Dad wasn't too sure if it was a flying cockroach or some other harmless insects. Yeah, they hate cockroaches..especially those big nasty flying cockroaches. Mom says it's so strange but these creatures tend to fly towards you instead of trying to avoid you and that freaks her out big time. I thought it was really silly, they should have let *me* help them with the search! I'm a hound dog and I have really good tracking senses plus it's a bonus for me if I can play with that creature before I get rid of it. har har.... Being a good girl, I waited as the hoomans turned their entire room topy-turvy! They even lifted up the heavy bed cos they were afriad the creature would crawl under the bed. They removed the comforter covers cos Dad thought it may have crawled inside (that's really DUMB). I bet you're laughing and holding your sides by now.

Finally, the creature revealed was erm..behind the curtains all the while. It was a very big black moth and Dad got rid of it. Phew, well done Dad ~ Job done, excitement over, they went back to their movie. Me? I went back to Mr Big Brown Bear. Just another day in the life of my crazy hoomans.

I love your Mr Big Brown Bear even though you no longer have two hands. You still keep that smile on your face. :) Let me work on your feet now.

Hanging around with Mr Big Brown Bear.

Dad playing fetch with me. Just a short clip to remind you how much I like playing fetch. I did a couple of high jumps too.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mom, get me one of those beds!

Hello frendz,

Mom has been in a bad mood and I am really trying my best to keep out of her way. Gee, she can't even let me use the com-poo-ter in peace!

Anyhoo, I have been surfing around and I decided I want a new bed. :) I deserve a nicer, more comfy & plush bed cos maybe then the hoomans will decide to come sleep with me. har har har.... You see, they don't allow me to share their bed!!! Isn't that horrid??

What do you think of this? Isn't it cute?

I'll probably have a good time chewing on Winnie the Pooh! Maybe I can give her a liposuction too!! Make her slimmer. Hmmm....

How about this? Our dawgy pup seems to be enjoying herself inside the log.

Aww man....look at it!!

This one looks like my current bed. :) But much nicer of course.

How about this?? I can have my own Luckiemobile!!! Yipee!

Drats, I just need to figure out how to convince Mom to buy them for me.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Teach me how to play bang bang with Mom.....

Hiya frendz,

It was another quiet and uneventful weekend. I got to go out for a short walk (it was really short - period) so I don't have much to say about that. I was expecting a trip to some park again but Mom said they had some places to go and things to do (yeah yeah yeah...*nag nag nag*).

The hoomans have been busy watching movies late into the night and that kinda annoys me cos I really need my beauty sleep. Just last night, they watched this silly moooovie called Happy Feet. It's a about some bird dancing or tapping. Lotsa of singing and dancing...I hope Mom doesn't get some idea about teaching me how to dance or worse, Mom decides to learn how to dance! She's got two left feet right now and I already need to avoid her in the kitchen. Don't get me started on those times my poor tail was stepped on by the hoomans! Mom complains that I always try to trip them by going between their legs while they walk. That's quite silly, why should I do that? Don't they look before they walk? They are in *MY* way cos the kitchen belongs to me. :)

Mom has been trying to train me to play BANG BANG (Luckie's Mom : I think she means play dead) with her. She didn't want to use my yummylicious treats - cheapskate Mom (Luckie's Mom : That's not true, I wanted the treats to be healthy so I gave her apples!). Anyway, she didn't succeed with the BANG BANG trick, in fact, I heard her say she wanted to go BANG BANG her head against the wall or something. hahaha...that's farnie. Imagine me going BANG BANG..and Mom goes bang her head against the wall or something. Do you think I could train her to do that?

Seriously, I think the problem lies with Mom cos we dawgs can do anything we want to right? So friends, please teach Mom how to play BANG BANG - play dead with me? I'm not very good with the DOWN command so I'll work on that in the mean time.

Just some random shots. :)

Mom seems quite afraid that her fingers will be bitten off by me. har har har

Why do apples taste so good? Especially if they are COLD and oh so sweet!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

It's just one of those boring day....

Hey frendz,

I was worried that my boxing video was too violent but it's good to know everyone had a good laff and enjoyed it. You should try convincing your hoomans to hang some toys up for you to have a good workout. Don't our hoomans have those workout punching bags too? We need to workout and keep fit too. Sometimes taking walks, runs and playing fetch is *just* not enuff!

Mom applied some Frontline on me and mumbled something about getting my flea & tick prevention in place so she can bring me out this weekend. Hmm...this weekend would mean TOMORROW! I wonder what plans the hoomans have for me. I hope it's not some manicure session again.

I have been reading about our friends' Moms and all their nifty handicraft work! :) I must say these hoomans are really good with their paws!! Unfortunately, my Mom has never passed her art & craft lessons in school so I don't get nice ribbon necklaces or fancy drawings or even nice knitting and handmade dawgy clothes.

Mom loves to cook though and she's always trying out new recipes for hoomans. She's trying to get creative with my food so well, I'm a picky eater so that kinda frustrates her. In fact, this morning, I refused to eat my breakfast again and Mom had to cajole me to eat the kibbles from her hand. Ah-HA! I have trained Mom to feed me by hand. :) Now she has to spend more time with me in the morning to ensure I eat at least a little for the day and that makes her even *later* for work. Like I said before, work is totally over-rated. So maybe as she gets in later and later for work, she'll realised one day, hey - I don't need to go in to work at all! I know deep down inside, Mom would rather just bum around at home catering to my needs.

I'm really *bored* and also very tired from my workout.

Is there anything for me to do around here? Man, I don't get it...why does Mr Brown Bear insist on appearing in my every photo!

I think Mom was trying to talk to me but I found her nagging quite unbearable so I decided to turn away from her hoping she'll get the hint and perhaps switch off the lights for me to sleep? Oh, I don't sleep here. I just lay here until the lights are off and the hoomans go to bed (yes, I make sure the house is nice and safe) before heading to my own bed.

Have a good weekend ~ I'm outta here.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I love my Zanies!!!

Hiya frendz,

I realised nothing really exciting happens here. I don't think there'll be exciting car trips this weekend or even puppy classes for me to write about. *pout* I do have a major weakness for Zanies toys!! It's so hard to get my paws on them in Singapore and if Mom gets to buy them for me, they are usually very expensive (well, not as cheap as what you can get in the US of A). I only dig those soft Zanies toys....I guess I'm really not such a big fan of rubber toys. Hard rubber toys especially. Mom has been trying to surf around and get more Zanies toys for me but she always gets out-bidded at the auctions. Tough luck Mom.

Mom was clearing my toys basket and she came across my old Zanies Toy. It's a long dumb-bell toy. It's stretchable and the two ends have squeekers in them. The hoomans are really crazy at times, alright, so it was Dad's idea. He decided to string the dumb-bell up so that it looks like a boxing bag hanging in the air. And then they decided to sit down and watch me have a go at it. GO Luckie GO!

It was a very good workout for me. Phew, I was dog-tired at the end of it.

These two videos were taken with our new camera. I hope you enjoy them. you think I should consider boxing professionally?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Super Model me?

Hey ho friends!!

Mom has been sick and she spent the entire day sleeping. :( I couldn't even get her out of bed to help me pose my remaining pictures. She's feeling slightly better today and I think she's ready to get back to office to work tomorow. She says she has a lot of work to do. I think WORK is totally over-rated. What do hoomans do at work all day? I wonder if they get lots of toys to play with and treats from their bosses when they do well in their work.

What does your hoomans do for a living? My Mom works with figures and it has something to do about lending companies money? So she has to go to the office to get work done and she can't work from home! Boo hoo hooo!!

As promised, here are those lovely pictures of me posing for my Dad in the hot hot sun.

Getting ready to do a series of shots is hard work. Dad needs so much time to fiddle with his precious camera.

Are you ready Dad? I'm getting tired waiting for you.

It's really *hot*! Check out the sun shining on the bench!!

hehe...I have a pretty long tongue too!! The breeze was great ears blown all backwards.....

Erm Mom, what's up with all these similar shots? Are we playing spot the difference?

Oh, little hooman pups walking by!

Yikes, this picture makes me look like some alien. Why do my ears look so far apart? I look like that Mickey Mouse fella!!

Finally, a lady-like pose. :)

Mom has been rather worried about me cos I haven't been eating much recently. Do you think I look too skinny? How many meals do you eat in a day? Mom feeds me twice - once before she goes out to work and another time when she gets back. Recently, I haven't been eating in the morning at all. In fact, yesterday morning, I puked quite a lot. Mom says the pukey looks like those stuffings from Alfred the Bear and so she has thrown him away! :( I miss Alfred so much that I ended chewing off Mr Big Brown Bear's another arm too.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Look what Mom found!

Hey hey!

I know I'm supposed to upload the remaining of my fun filled weekend pictures but Mom got a little side-tracked after she found older pictures of me. Now, I think some of the pictures don't look so flattering but Mom says she's sure you will enjoy them. You just wait Mom, if I get my paws paws on pictures of you when you were a nekkid hooman pup, I'll be posting them up to show everydawg & Fufu.

I must say I look kinda different...hmm..maybe it's my face. It seems much longer now or issit my ears? They are much longer now too!

That's me - one day after I arrived home. I reached home quite late at night and didn't get a chance to explore the house much. I probably had jet lag cos I thought I seem rather sleepy in the picture. Hey Mom, watch your hands alright..whatcha doing there!!

Oh!! That's my favourite rawhide. Mom gives me the smallest size. I think it's around 2.5 inches, I wonder if she'll ever get me BIGGER ones. I was trying to wave but I didn't want to erm lose the yummy rawhide in my mouth.

Gnawing on the rawhide. Yum Yum.

Look at my teeny weeny paws paws!! Looks like I'm not too used to taking pictures yet.

Ah, the good old times!! I'm almost turning ONE soon. :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I love car rides.....

Hiya frenz,

Don't you just enjoy going for car rides? Especially when you get to ride upfront with your hooman? You can direct them to go any way you want. I told Mom I wanted to ride with her upfront & she should sit behind and behave herself. But she ignored me (as usual) and insisted I sit on her lap. Hmm..which isn't that bad cos I was a tad bit too short to see the sights if I sat on the seat unlike you huskies and other bigger dawgies.

Mom had to put on her harnass too for safety reasons and I had my pwetty red harnass on too. I like red, it looks good on me don't ya think? If only I got my manicure done last week and got my nails painted red, now that would be very matching!

I'm looking at Dad wondering why he isn't looking straight at the road. It's dangerous so please stop looking at me Dad!!

Huh? You still looking at me? In case you're wondering, I wasn't sitting on her lap so quietly throughout the car ride! I was resting my front paws on the dashboard (the front of the car) and giving Dad directions. You know male hoomans are really BAD with directions and they can't bring themselves to ask anyone or anydawg. tsk tsk....

After a nice ride, we reached the park!! It's called Labrador Park and well, it's one of the quieter parks here in Singapore. I asked Mom to bring me to a dog park cos I wanted to mingle with some friends but she forgot to put my flea & tick medication so she said NO. But yeah, she did bring me to a park named after a dog. Unfortunately, I didn't see any Labs around. :(

The weather was lovely, lotsa breeze cos we were very near to the sea. Ah, nice sun...I could lie here all day and get a good tan.

That's me - happily checking out the sights.

I was looking at the sea. Some hoomans were trying to fish at the park. Oh yeah, do you like my red harnass? I really look very chesty in the picture! *blush*

Ahh, just enjoying the breeze. Check out the hairs on my ears....all blown backwards!

Let's get moving Mom!! Hurry up!! Oops, I see only Mom's foot in the picture and it's not FAIR! She gets her nails painted in red.

Hey! What's this picture doing here!

Darn, it's really windy. I can't even walk straight! haha

Look at the sea! Maybe one day I'll get to go swimming!! Do you know how to swim?

Stay tuned for the next instalment of pictures! :)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Great fun...great smells...

Hiya friends,

What a busy day it has been for me. The hoomans decided to bring me out to a park - well I did see a couple of doggies but we didn't get a chance to say HI. The park was close to the sea so I spent some time sniffing about and also enjoying the sea breeze. Dad decided to take some shots of me sitting in the sun cos he said the sun brought out the highlights in my hair. Well, it was freaking hot and being asked to pose non stop is tiring business. In case you're wondering, Mom didn't have much trouble putting the harnass on for me today. I wasn't squirming around too much perhaps cos I was just very excited about going out!

We met some really nice old looking hoomans. Yeah, they were happy to see me and of course I was on my *best* behavior. Some bicycles and hooman pups went by me and I didn't bother to bark or go after them too. Yes siree, I was really a good girl. :)

The folks then brought me to a pet shop where I got to meet many many pups! There was a big black poodle (like Isabella) who was only 6 months but look much bigger than me. We saw boxer puppies, Golden Retriever puppies, Corgis puppies, chihuahuas puppies and many more! We saw this lovely black tan Shiba Inu too and a keeshund. There were so many doggies smells and it was very very exciting for me indeed. I made two friends there! Both were Shiz tzus and they had the longest beautiful looking hair. Mom couldn't take any pictures cos the silly pet shop didn't allow us to do so. NO photography - so Mom being a law abiding citizen did not snap any pictures.

I saw a lot of yummy looking treats and sad to say Mom refused to get any new treats for me. Alrighty Mom, no treats for me then after all you are the one eating my treats so I guess when my treats run out, you'll probably feel so desperate for more treats that you'll end up running to the shop to get more!

Just when I thought the day would be over, the folks brought me to another park! Gee, they really want to tire me out today but it's good. :) You see, my hoomans don't own a car. So going out with me can be quite difficult. They should really consider getting a car - even Fufu has one. And how about those beetles or minis that I read about? I'm quite sure I'll be able to fit into the Mini mobile just fine.

Lots of pictures coming right up - so stay tuned!

In the mean time, here's a video of me enjoying my apple!

I love apples starring Luckie & an apple feat. Mom's hands - Part 1

I love apples starring Luckie & an apple feat. Mom's hands - Part 2

I'm pooped. I hear Mom calling me for my weekly bath time. :)

Friday, March 16, 2007

I think the hoomans need help....

Hey friendz,

Mom was really inspired by Joey & Tanner's yummy dinner and she decided to get some yogurt for me too. You see, I have *never* eaten any yogurt before so I must say it was really delicious. She mixed it with apples & kibbles. Yum Yum ~ I actually licked the bowl clean. I love eating apples!! :)

But Mom still has to work on her presentation skills. I expect my food to be presented nicely and not messed up altogether which she always does so that I won't figure out what's inside and eat everything up. I'm not being too *prissy* am I? Cos I don't see hoomans eating messed up food so I figured out I should get the same if not *better* treatment!

I'm waiting very patiently for my messed up food. Mom made minced beef and she mixed it with some beef broth & kibbles. No points for presentation ~ but taste wise, I can't complain too much. If it's meat ~ It's good.

I'm enjoying the food. :) So quit taking pictures of me.

Still enjoying it. I'm a very slow eater.

Oh, I thought Mom bought me some LuvaBone Biscuits the other day but I was wrong! She got me these small teeny biscuits called Honey Polo. It's a snack from Doggyman who also make one of my favourite toy - Mr Alfred the Bear. He's the bear with the cutey underpants. I have no idea who Mr Doggyman is but he sure is a great guy! Well, maybe not as great as the people from JW who make Cuz toys. haha

When I say small, I mean really small biscuits. That's the actual size of the biscuit. They taste very yummy and smell great!! And you know what? They just melt in your mouth.

But that aside, I have a bigger problem on hand! I think my hoomans need HELP! I caught them in the act of eating my BISCUITS! Yeah, these tiny honey polo biscuits! Have they gone bonkers? Why are they eating my biscuits? I can't eat hooman's biscuits but they can eat MINE? Do you think they need to see a dogtor soon? Sheesh! I'm beginning to think the hoomans may be happily helping themselves to my rawhides & greenies too. No wonder Mom keeps complaining about how quickly the rawhides & greenies runs out.

(Luckie's Mom ~ actually we do have biscuits for hoomans looking exactly like these and we call them wang wang biscuits. And yes, they taste exactly the same and make great snacks!)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bits & Pieces of ME

Hello frenz ~

Nothing particularly exciting has happened recently other than the fact that Mom & Dad took a day off from work to spend time with ME. Well, at least that's why I thought. But guess what? The hoomans went out *without* me and didn't even bring me for a walk. And they came back with big bags of stuffs from this I-key-A place. Yeah, that's the same place Hershey & Copper's Moms went recently.

Dad bought tons of light bulbs and used them to practice his photography skills. From my observation (you see, I was in the kitchen so I could only see him from my corner of my eye), he broke the glass bulbs carefully so that the filament (oops - I hope I got the spelling right) remained. And then he fiddled with his precious camera and switched off all the lights in the house. He switched on the light bulb and after a while, there was a POOF sound and the filament went up in flames. Ok so everything happened very quickly and he wanted to capture that moment. After going through like 20 bulbs, Dad says he still can't capture the perfect picture. *duh* What a waste of his time! He should have just asked me to pose for him and he'll have tons of perfect pictures to chose from. Anyway, let's see if I can convince Dad to upload the picture of that bulb.

On a more exciting note, Mom bought me MORE Mr Big Brown Bear!! She says she doesn't know how long the current one will last so she decided to get 2 more just in case.

Here's some pics featuring my lovely manicured paws paws.

Hmm, what colour are your paw pads? Pink? Black?

Don't they look neat and pwetty now?

One more shot for the road. :) I was really cooperative - making sure Mom gets the best shot.

Remember I said my ears get really messy at times? Mom likes it when my ears are open like this cos she says my ears are being aired and well, they won't be too stinky. haha..That's ridiculous. My ears ain't stinky. Oh look, Mr Brown Bear also wants to be in the picture!!

Hey Mom, enuff of these pictures!!

Here's a little video of me rolling around on the floor - relaxing while Mom does her chores. I'm really sorry about the bad video quality cos the floor's brown in color and well, I'm brown too basically you can't see much. :P I do have a better video of me enjoying my apple with Mom and that was taken with our new camera! Woo hoo ~ can't wait to get that video uploaded!