Friday, June 29, 2007

This is how I play with Mr Brown Bear

Hello dear frenz,

I have been spreading my love for Mr Brown Bear & his friends (Mr Chicken & Mr Sheep) who all wear really cute looking underpants to my buddies like Hana, Copper & Hershey! I hope they have as much fun with them as I do. I was particularly inspired by Hana's recent post about how she ripped off the underpants from Mr Brown Bear. Well, I do that too all the time if you have been reading my older posts. Just in case you forget, I'll like to show you how I rip off Mr Brown Bear's underpants MY WAY. Anyhoo, Mr Brown Bear has a name too - he's Alfred.

Watch how I do my famous high jumps just to grab Mr Bear- yes, I can jump pretty high for somedog with short legs huh? Mom keeps taunting me non-stop with those tempting underpants. She's a real meanie. *sighz*

I have been wanting to show you one of my better opawration on my stuffies and here it is.

Before Opawration - I had already done some groundwork. Removing his ears, eyes and some of his leg. I can't remember what happened to his underpants. But that's not too important right?
That's me working hard on him. It's never easy to perform such a delicate opawration.

I was so engrossed in my opawration that I didn't even noticed Mom.

I was really tired after working so hard on him. That's me taking a rest. Pardon my messy ears.

Oh wait, I haven't showed you how he looked like after his opawration huh?




After Opawration

Considering I did this with my paws only, I think it has to be one of my best WORKS ever!! Woo hoo!! Now that I removed all the stuffing and even turned him inside out, Mom can simply fill him up with new stuffings - I wouldn't mind treats inside, put in a new squeaker or maybe two, sew new underpants for him and he's ready to pawty again! :)

Have a wonderful weekend ~

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Shhh..let me tell you a little secret....

Hey guys,

Hana has tagged me to reveal a little more about my family so I sat down with my Mom and we had a serious heart to heart talk about this. This wasn't easy cos my hoomans are very shy and I wasn't sure how much they would like to share. I'm sorry to say this but there will be no piktures cos they say I need to respect their privacy (seriously, what about MINE???? Don't even get me started) and no names to be mentioned. Darn, this is even tougher than interviewing Paris Hilton or Britney Spears.

So if you are still reading this and thinking what else is there for me to read? Here's a little more about my family. Mom works for a huge US company and she's involved in *boring* risk management stuff. Her company dabbles in all sorts of businesses (that's why I say it's hugeeeeeee!!) and has a long history since 1800s. Her office is located at Suntec City. It is a shopping mall, convention & exhibition centre and commercial offices packed into one place. Now you'll probably want to know what's the big deal about this see, the office towers (there are 5 of them) are built around the world's largest fountain. The 5 office towers represent a palm and this has something to do with Fengshui. Mom leads a boring *yawn* life and she spends her free time going to the gym (she's a gym freak!!), surfing internet (she hogs the laptop!!), reading trashy romance novels *rolls eyes* or watching korean dramas. Oh wait, scratch that sentence, cos I want Mom to devote all her free time to me me me!!

Dad, on the other hand, is an engineer and he too works for another big US company dealing in cellular and communication devices. Perhaps your hoomans may be using the cellular phone manufactured by that company. I'm not familiar with the history of his company but I do know they do lotsa of advertising all over USA (and the rest of the world) and I just realised Tads lives in the state where Dad went for his business trip this year. He loves photography and is always trying hard to improve his skills.

My hoomans met online donkey years ago on this IRC thingy and they started dating for the longest time ever - through their school days, Dad serving his National Service, starting work. You see, it is compulsory for male hoomans to enter the National Service in Singapore by the time they are 18 years old (or older depending if they are studying at that time). The duration can be between 2 to 2.5 years but it has been shortened to 2 years now. This is also true for Korea where the male hoomans need to serve their nation before they are 30 years old. Anyhoo, before I ramble on and on, my hoomans got me before they were officially married. They got married last year and yes, it was indeed a bootiful wedding.
I am the only dog at home and I think I do a great job of watching the house when the hoomans go out to work. There are many langauges spoken here in Singapore. We speak mostly English & Mandarin at home so I am effectively bilingual. The hoomans also speak dialects like Cantonese (Dad's a Cantonese) and Hokkien (Mom's a Hokkien) too. Another interesting thing you may want to know, Mom understands and speaks Malay too because her grandparents are Straits Born Chinese or Peranakans. Her grandparents speak mostly English, Malay and some dialects. Long time ago, many chinese hoomans travelled from provinces in China to other parts of the world. Cantonese is commonly spoken in Hong Kong and Hokkien in Taiwan. These two countries have a large chinese community. I hope you take some time to check out these links cos it can help you to understand the culture in Singapore a little more.

I love you Mom & Dad! Mom loves this pikture cos I'm looking at her with so much lurrve in my eyes.

I have to tag 3 frenz for this so Reina, Lorenza & Tads, you're IT! Tell us a little more about your family. I may not be able to post any piktures of my hoomans (afterall, this is my blog, I wouldn't want you to freak out after you've seen them) but I have a little surprise so drop me an email if you wanna know!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Prison Break feat Piper the Corgi Escape Artiste Extraordinaire

Hiya frenz,

It is a really gloomy Monday morning with heavy rain (Mr Sun was also shining brightly at the same time) as the hoomans made their way to work. Thank dog, I got to sleep in a little and relax the day away.

Many of you have expressed your shock & concern regarding my half a spoon kibbles breakfast. Mom insists I explain this in case everydog & Girl Girl think she's been ill treating me. So it is with great reluctance that I say, I'm a light eater in the morning. It is by choice that I eat so little cos it's just plain dry kibbles and Mom has to feed me by hand the first few kibbles before I continue on my own. My main meal in the evening is more than enough to sustain me. I get more than half a spoon of kibbles together with home cooked food (usually some chicken/fish/beef/etc with carrots/peas/etc). Afterthat, I get some apples or yogurt for dessert so it ain't *that* bad really..hehe... I do get some treats thrown in if the hoomans are in a good mood. Darn, so if you guys have rallied together to send me a bag of food via express delivery to Singapore, I guess it's too late to stop the delivery now. I'll gladly accept the food with open paws. (Luckie's Mom : LUCKIE!!! Stop that now!)

Anyhoo, I wanted to share two videos of my cousin - Piper the Corgi doing a prison break of her own. She's one cool lady but she doesn't like me too much. How can anydog or hooman not like me?? Bummer, she's 6 years old and in the videos, she was just shaved and so didn't quite look like your regular corgi next door. She looked like a Jack Russell Terrier. LOL!!

So Wally, this is for you since you mentioned on Benny's blog, you hardly see corgis around.

Prison Break Take 1 - Feat Piper the Corgi (Escape Artiste Extraordinaire)

Prison Break Take 2 - Feat Piper the Corgi (Escape Artiste Extraordinaire)

I hope you noticed how she checks out the situation before making her move. I am totally inspired by her suave moves that I think I should chunk away all my Prison Break DVDs (actually they belong to Dad who thinks Prison Break is Da BOMB!!) and learn from her instead.

On a side note, Girl Girl suggested that I should have a nice Korean Name to go with my pwetty HanBok. And so she got Eil Jie Jie to do this for me!

Those words mean Lee La Ki which is my name in Korean. Ain't that cool? My surname is Lee and my name is Luckie (La Ki in Korean). Actually I understand it's pronounced as Yi La Ki instead but I could be wrong.

Let's all have a great week ahead!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Extra Extra...Read all about Me

I love my yellow dumb bell so much and Dad caught me in action last night on the couch.

Hey frenz,

This meme craze has been going on and I'm going to jump onto the bandwagon too!!

1. Your age?

Just turned ONE!!

2. Your age when came to live with your people?
Around 3 months old. I arrived in Singapore on 8th Sept 2006.

3. What color is the collar you’re wearing right now?
I don't wear a collar. I don't mind wearing one just don't even think about leashing me up on a collar. It ain't going to work. The funny thing is both my hoomans wear collars around their neck. haha...I want to remind them they BELONG to me.

4. Who is your favorite person other than the people you live with?
Gee, I don't have one. :(

5. How much do you weigh?
Not much I think...we don't have weighing scales at home. I think my Mom broke the last one when she stepped onto it. Anyhoo, I think I'm just a bit chesty.

6. Most expensive thing you’ve ever chewed up?
That has to be my BED. Yeah, I gnaw on it everytime I am unhappy with my hoomans. There are teeth marks on the edge of my bed. You don't wanna mess with me.

7. Do you like other Dogs?
Yes I do regardless of their size. Just don't try to sniff my butt or give me extra "loving". Humping your new friend is not acceptable.

8. Who is your best non-human friend?
Oh my dog, how did you know I'm looking for a BFF???

9. Squeaky Toys or Tennis Balls?
This one is easy...Squeaky toys for sure!!

10. Do you like to be brushed?
Not really ~ but if you give me something to keep myself busy (maybe a treat or a rawhide), I may consider lying there for you to brush me.

11. Peanut Butter or Cheese?
Never had them. Darn, this is getting depressing.

12. Do your people cut your toenails? way! I have my pawsonal groomer to do that for me.

13. Any formal education?
No. I'm home-schooled.

14. Couch potato or Energizer Bunny?
A mixture of both. It really depends on my mood.

15. Five nicknames your people call you.
5??? Huh? I don't have that many so it's usually just Luckie Girl...or when I make my hoomans angry, it's YOUR DOG. haha

16. What is your best trick?
Oh, this is easy...Bang Bang or Shake Hands. I do them whenever I'm in the mood.

17. Do you like kitties? I supposed to like them?

18. What did you have for breakfast?
Half a spoon of kibbles. I'm on a diet right now.

19. Can you hunt (aka have you ever killed anything living)? If so, what?
Of course I can. But due to our high rise apartments in Singapore, there's a limit to what I can hunt in a flat. It's usually lizards or cockroaches. There are tons of flying golden bugs that make a lot of "tiak tiak tiak" noise when they fly in. I hunt them with a vengeance too.

20. When & why was the last time you went to the V.E.T.?
Maybe 8 months ago...after my final puppy jab.

21. Where do you sleep at night?
My own my play the kitchen. The hoomans leave a night light on for me.

22. Do you like to swim?
I have no idea! Should I try?

.23. Can you make puppies?
Nah, not even close!

24. Do you give kisses?
Yes I do!!!

25. Can you potty on command?
Hmm, guess so. If I really have to. But I hate to go potty with my hoomans around so I wait for them to get out of the kitchen just so I can have some privacy.

26. To Cuz or not to Cuz?
Not to Cuz...sorry, I just don't like hard rubber toys!

This isn't a tag game so just go ahead and do the meme if you want. :)

PS : I finally got my paws on more of the pressies today! Mom needs to work on the piktures and I'll be blogging about that soon. Yipeee!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Barkday Presents Galore!!

Hey folks,

I think Mom's in a better mood today..heh heh..probably cos it's FRIDAY. Tralalala....that means the hoomans will be home over the weekend!! And you know what made me even happier? I overheard Mom telling Dad that my grooming session had to be postponed cos the place is closed for renovations till mid July. That means I can grow my nails longer and maybe get them painted like the way Mom does hers. That also means I can keep scratching Mom and hear her go OUCH OUCH NO Luckie NO *the emphasis is on the OUCH part* I love that ~ so much loving I have for my hoomans that I wanna mark them all over.

Mom also took out some of my pressies and allowed me to open them. Yeah, only some of them cos she said we don't have enough time for the rest. Seriously woman, make time alrighty? Not enough time is such a lame excuse.

Here we go...I didn't get to pose with my pressies cos I don't do posing with pressies. I mean I can barely sit still, I can't stand to pose with them. Mom was like the rest of your friends could do it. Why can't you? *whatever* Remember that sour-puss face I gave Dad the last time he insisted I pose before I could eat my treat? Yeah, you wouldn't want to see that face would you?

These are presents from my Dad's family. They went to Japan recently and got me these!! Check out the cow with those rubber udders!

These are from Mom. New squeaky toys with lotsa dangly parts for me to work on. Best of all, these are ZANIES!! Thanks Mom. I wuv you!! In case you are wondering, the local pet shop (Pet Lovers Centre) are selling Zanies toys now at a super duper high price. Mom knew how much I love them she decided to part with her money. Good Job Mom, you could always eat less lunch and spend those money on me.

This is a pressie from Eil Jie Jie & Huskee's Maid.

Really cute card with sweet barkday wishes. I wish I had such nice handwriting..oh wait, I don't have hands. So I guess my messy scribbling is not so bad afterall.

Me checking out the package. I was moving so fast I tell ya.

Mom forgot to take a pikture of all the items inside. It contained this super duper funky black t-shirt! I'm sorry you can't really get a good look cos my fur is just as dark as the t-shirt. Now, I don't have any doggie clothes at home and this was my very FIRST one!!

Another look at my new top! I love the gold lettering at the back. It's so BLING BLING. Did I mention it has lace trimmings at the arm holes? Like I said, I don't do poses well..cos I'm not a model. Maybe I'll try to work on time.

The package also contained this bootiful dress. It is a Hanbok - a tradition Korean costume.

You see, Eil Jie Jie & Huskee's Maid are great fans of Korean drama shows just like my Mom. So yes, this dress would make the 3 of them very happy and so I decided to put it on to please the hoomans.

Isn't it sweet? Do I look pwetty?? Mom says I need to go on a diet cos it seems tight. She can be such a meanie!!! *pout* I am not fat am I? Just a tad bit on the chesty side..but that's ALL good I think....

I love my new Hanbok! Eil Jie Jie, do you think Mr Rain will find me bootiful if he sees me in this?

Guess what? Huskee Boy also has a pressie for me!

This is what I found inside!! A wonderful dumbbell toy and cookies treats!!! I really really LOVE the dumbbell and gave it lots of loving. Erm..a bit too much in fact. I have evidence and will blog about it soon. I haven't tried the cookies yet cos Mom thinks I need to go on a diet and she's gonna watch what I eat. (Control Freak!!!!) I also noticed the Cookies says Good Boy...I am a Girl..I wonder if it's suitable for me?

Oh my dog, that's way too much excitement for me in one day. I still have more pressies to open and Benny's package just arrived today!

PS : Not sure if you noticed but this is Mr Little Brown Bear - he usually has his underpants on but I ripped them off before sleeping with him. (Luckie Mom : Goodness..that sound so so wrong!! Ripping off clothes and sleeping around...hahaha) I just gave Copper & Hershey their own squeaky toys with pants too, I hope they have fun with them. These are my all time favourite toys and I just realised besides Mr Bear, he has Mr Chicken and Mr Cow as friends too!

Have a great day ahead my frenz!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dachshund Meeting @ Vivo City Part 3

Hey frenz,

Oh my dog, you'd never believe it but I was pinned down on the floor by Mom and Dad a while ago when they saw some gunk in my right eye. Both hoomans started panicking big time and even made plans to erm take urgent leave (from what???!!) to bring me to the vet tomorrow. Me? I was oblivious to their urgency and chilling out at my favourite corner. Seriously, what's a little gunk in my eye? I wasn't even winking or blinking harder than usual. (Luckie's Mom : Ok, we went into panic mode cos it looked like her eye was scratched and there was something across the pupil!!!) They decided to HOLD me down and OPEN my eye wide to examine it. Did I mention that I'm not amused by their antics? Well, I was not!! They started to drip water into my eye, something along the lines of trying to rinse it out...and then wiping it with a damp cotton pad. Yikes, that silly cotton pad touched my eyeball and they were expecting me to take it easy?? Anyhoo, it was no biggie. The cotton pad removed the gunk and well, my eye is fine now. They couldn't figure out what the gunk was. Neither could I. It just one of those things.

To make the evening more exciting, Dad said the mailman brought me two packages!! One from Reina & the other from Sunshade!!! Mom let me examine both packages but refused to let me rip them open cos she said NOT NOW??? What does she mean NOT NOW? She needs to get her eyes examine...maybe she has some gunk in both of her eyes. Did she not see that the packages were addressed to Luckie Girl? I know your hoomans do that to you too right? But I expected my hoomans to behave differently...alas, I was to be disappointed. Anyhoo, until I get my paws on them, I guess you'll have to wait with me to find out what's inside.

Moving on, let's check out the remaining pikctures of last weekend's Dachshund Meeting. Here we go!!

These are our love birds....Lenny and his sister, Lay Lay. He couldn't stop humping her and kept following her around.

This is Junie with Diddie. Junie is a smooth coat red girl who reminded me of Lorenza only that she's a mini and Lorenza's a standard. Doesn't Diddie really look like Copper?

Jerry relaxing in his carrier.

Meet Sakura - the mother of those adorable puppies!! She's a black/tan dapple long hair girl. Doesn't she look good for a mother of two?? And she's with her dad, Diddie. Good looks do run in the family huh?

Diddie again. My dad says Diddie makes a good subject cos he knows how to "focus" on the camera. Looks like his modeling experience sure comes in handy. And he has the longest hair in our group!!

I have to admit..he does enjoy being in front of the camera.

Another pose!

Check out his long long hair! I wonder if my hair will grow to be that long!

Okay, I could be wrong but I think this is Oscar (without his shirt on) relaxing. He was the well dressed dude with the jeans and shirt in the earlier piktures.

He's another frisky fellow who couldn't stop humping the ladies and erm...he didn't spare Lenny from his humping too!

He sure looks tired!!


He's probably looking at the ladies. hehe..

After a long day, the puppies were tired and fast asleep in their stroller.

One last shot of case you were looking for me.

That's all folks!! :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Dachshund Meeting @ Vivo City Part 2

Hey guys,

I think Mom had a crappy day at work and basically let off her steam at home by playing fetch non-stop with me when she got home. Phew, I dunno about her but she sure tired me out big time.

Anyhoo, here's more pikctures to drool over. Who cares if Mom had a bad day at work? hehe...

Sundae (in her pretty dress) having fun with her buddy, Dashie.

Look how tiny Samurai is!

I think he's trying to figure out what Dad's doing!

Kimura taking a stroll in his play pen

Trying to sneak around his brother

Side profile of little Kimura

I love this pikture!! Brotherly Love ~

Look at the his wide yawn!!

That's Diddie - the puppies' grandfather.

Say hello to Dashie!!

Dashie enjoying himself with his Mom.

I wasn't looking too happy cos I wanted to enjoy my treat (yes, it's that fishy thingy near my feet) and Dad wanted to take pikctures of me.

Can I eat now??? Pleaseeee???

I'm not always that grouchy!! That's me looking very happy cos I finished my treat. heh heh

Check back tomorrow for the concluding episode of piktures!! I hope everydog & GirlGirl had a great weekend.