Monday, June 18, 2007

Dachshund Meeting @ Vivo City Part 2

Hey guys,

I think Mom had a crappy day at work and basically let off her steam at home by playing fetch non-stop with me when she got home. Phew, I dunno about her but she sure tired me out big time.

Anyhoo, here's more pikctures to drool over. Who cares if Mom had a bad day at work? hehe...

Sundae (in her pretty dress) having fun with her buddy, Dashie.

Look how tiny Samurai is!

I think he's trying to figure out what Dad's doing!

Kimura taking a stroll in his play pen

Trying to sneak around his brother

Side profile of little Kimura

I love this pikture!! Brotherly Love ~

Look at the his wide yawn!!

That's Diddie - the puppies' grandfather.

Say hello to Dashie!!

Dashie enjoying himself with his Mom.

I wasn't looking too happy cos I wanted to enjoy my treat (yes, it's that fishy thingy near my feet) and Dad wanted to take pikctures of me.

Can I eat now??? Pleaseeee???

I'm not always that grouchy!! That's me looking very happy cos I finished my treat. heh heh

Check back tomorrow for the concluding episode of piktures!! I hope everydog & GirlGirl had a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Look at all those puppies! And my mom keeps treats from me to get pictures sometimes. It makes me grumpy!

Oscar Airedale said...

Wow,there are some gorgeous photos there (yes,een the ones of your grumpy face!).

Oscar x

Joe Stains said...

my mom cannot get enough of those silly puppies, you are making me look all old and unlovable with these cute puppy pics!

Ruby Bleu said...

You DID look a little grouchy in the picture. I would be true if I didn't get a treat!!!

Those puppies...OMdOG...just the cutest!!! My mom is still all mooney eyed over them

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Maggie said...

My mom just can't get enough of the puppies! She thinks they're just so cute!

Love ya lots,

Reina the Doxie said...

Hi Luckie,

Hope your Mum is feeling better now. Oh I like your *slurps* picture!

Its so cute!


JustMeCopper said...

those puppies are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boo said...

oh luckie, so many little ones, your future play mate huh.

what is that treat you are getting btw??

wet wet licks


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh Luckie, is that fish treat yummy? You sure look very happy after eating it. I want one of those puppies too~

~ girl girl

Dachsies Rule said...

Dachsies, dachsies everywhere! No wonder you had such a good time! Keep those pictures coming!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Benny said...

Oooo! Wow, i think Dachies are cool. Yah, you guys are kinda like the smaller version of us corgis. Haha! We love you guys!

Good lookin bunch I must say! =)

Amber-Mae said...

Hey looks at Samurai & Kimura! They both are the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life! Of course you're cute too Luckie but those too are just... so.... ADORABLE!!!!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

ToFFee said...

Those pawpies are adorable!

I'm sure you had fun with your treat.. ask for more!


Murphey said...

Wow, those are some cute little puppies! My lady wishes she had pictures of me when I was just a wee pup, but she didn't know me then.


Duke & Gidget said...

Awesome pics Luckie. Those puppies sure are cute, and so are you! Thanks for visiting our site. We have linked you up as a friend.

~Pug Hugs~

Ume said...

hi Luckie,
i totally enjoyed all the pix! all the gorgeous dachies n the 2 oh-so-adorable pups!

Tadpole said...

Of COURSE you're going to look unhappy, if there's a treat sitting right in front of you and you're not allowed to eat it until your humans are done flashing things in your face!!! Geesh! you look very happy once you eat it, though. :-)

Hana said...

Wow, in that fist pic, Sundae sure has a long body. Is Sundae and Dashie doing some kind of dance? I think you should hand out business cards with your bloggy URL on it. Hey, did you find any potential boyfriends? Or, are ya gonna accept Copper's proposal that you two become boydog/girldog?

wally said...

My ma ape says those baby dachsies would cheer HER up--she wishes she could take them TO work!


Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Luckie,
Those are such really cute pictures of you, especially the last one when you are sooooo happy! We think little Samurai is such an adorable boy. Way too cute, hehehe.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers