Sunday, September 30, 2007

Being a Good Girl

Hi Everydog & Girl Girl,

Thank you for all your well wishes and kind thoughts for Mom's grandfather. He is still in hospital and Mom has really been busy visiting and helping out her family. One of Mom's uncles also just passed away last Friday and so everyone at home has been very busy.

That also means that my hoomans have less time for me but it's ok...I understand. I am afterall part of the family too. I have been doing my part and being a very good girl.

What makes Mom happy with me? This! Making sure I do not make a big mess and being a good girl.

I may not have time to blog as often or check out your blogs (much less find time to comment) but I am still around. I also received a note from the post office saying that there's a package for me - Luckie Girl! I will make sure Mom remembers to pick that up. Have a good week ahead my frenz!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New vs Old

Hello Everydog & Girl Girl,

Remember I blogged about Mom's office a while ago? Well, Mom's office had to move to another location and she has been really busy. Did I mention that she used to have such a great view everyday? I guess she must have taken it for granted and now that she is no longer getting such a wonderful view daily (she used to have a cubicle by the window), she sure misses that a lot. I made sure she snapped some piktures to share with you!

You see that big Faris wheel? Yup, over the past 2 years, she saw it being built bit by bit! :)

This is a view of the East of Singapore. Those orange buildings in the centre are some private apartments.

Check out the long expressway!! I love looking at all the greenery. There's also a golf course at the right hand side of the pikture. Can you find it?

More tall buildings!

This is a view of the city. That tallest building in the pikture happens to be a hotel. :)

This is the famous FengShui Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City. Can you see the cars going around the roundabout? The buildings are the corners are all office towers.

Good bye Suntec City! Hello to New Office! :)

This is Mom's new cubicle. I wonder how her A Double SS is going to fit into that small chair. *sniggle sniggle* Unfortunately, there isn't much of a view anymore. I will blog about her new office location soon.

This is her new office pantry. There are supposed to be tables and chairs around but it's not ready yet.
Another view of her office pantry. I guess she's going to spend a lot of time here cos her new office is located in a place where it's super duper crowded and hot to lunch outside during lunch time.

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy the piktures. Mom has been worried about her grandfather who is in hospital now. I haven't had a chance to meet him but I heard from Mom he's very OLD. :( Why do we all have to grow old? *sighz*

Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Barkday to Mom!

Hello frenz,

Today is my Mom's barkday and I have been busy helping her celebrate!! :) It also happens to be the very same day her office is relocating to another location and so there's like many things going on at the same time. I made Mom snap some piktures of her own office (the view is incredible!!) and some of her new office too.

In any case, Mom's colleagues were really nice and decided to get her a barkday pressie. The only special thing about her pressie is......there's nothing inside that she can use or have fun with. har har har.... Yup, her colleagues know how precious I am to her and they decided to get something for me instead. How thoughtful of them eh? It's quite obvious who's the pawpular one in our family.

Check out my loot! *WOOT*

Lotsa chews to keep me busy busy busy....

They got me some toys......awesome huh? I can't wait to get my paws on them!

Guess what? Eil and Huskee's Maid decided to surprise Mom with a pressie too! There was a lovely Precious Moment card with their well-wishes & two pawsonalised towels for Mom. Now Mom can get rid of her smelly towels at home. tee hee hee.. Mom loves the pressies a lot and says a big THANK YOU to Eil & Huskee's Maid.

They also included a nice soft toy for me. Huh? What do you mean it's not for me? It sure looks like me!!

Anyhoo, this is my blog so I need to blog about myself of course. As promised, here's the 2nd video of me playing fetch in the lovely park (which I did not get to go today! ARGH)

Luckie Plays Fetch - Part 2

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fetch me a Stick

Hello frenz!

Mom has been really busy lately (her office is shifting to a new location!) and I haven't had much time to blog too cos I have been spending as much quality time as I can with her to keep her mind off work. Ah, the sacrifices I have to make for her. I hope she appreciates it.

However, I did find some time to play fetch in the park!! Yes, it was the first time I tried playing fetch with a stick. I couldn't quite bring myself to bite the stick at first cos it looked kinda icky. I know I know, those sticks should taste really good right? Anyhoo, I managed to get over my initial apprehensiveness and take a big bite/lick of the stick. Oh my dog, it actually tasted quite good! hehe.... Then I started erm..gnawing and chewing, that got Mom quite upset cos she said the stick was "dirty".

Here's a video of me in action. Pardon my Mom's A Double SS blocking those great shots of ME!! I know her A Double SS has that in your face kind of effect. I too had a shock when I saw them at first and was thinking to myself ~ whoa, we could screen a wide screen movie on them if she wears white. hahahaha... *checks to see if Mom's around*

PS : I'd have loved to run around unleashed. But that's not allowed at the public park. *sighz*

Luckie Plays Fetch - Part 1 (I have Part 2 but uploading is taking so long. I promise to do that another day!!)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Action Shot

Hello Everydog & Girl Girl,

I hope your weekend has been super-duper fun! :) I only had time to go for my regular bi-monthly manicure & pawdicure session. Those nice groomer ladies tried putting two PINK ribbons on my ears. Good grief, did they think I was Minnie Mouse or something? Anyhoo, I was not happy about that and I showed them how unhappy I was. Guess the ladies got what I was trying to tell them and cleverly removed it before things get nasty. (Luckie's Mom : She was using her paws to scratch the ribbons non stop and refused to walk. She just sat down and kept scratching & scratching.) Working out has improved my stamina a lot and see how high I can jump now? No, it wasn't my flappy ears (I am not DUMBO the ELEPANT!) which helped me to FLY across those metal gratings.

Look Mom, no paws on the ground ~ Wheeeeee!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Working Out

Hello Everydog & Girl Girl,

Lately, I have been trying to get more exercise because my hoomans have commented that I look wider than usual. It doesn't help that they have been looking through my puppy piktures. Seriously, I was on the skinny side when I was younger so naturally with lots of tender loving care from my hoomans, I have been growing gradually.

During my free time, I enjoy working out with my dumbbells. I started off with really light weights (yellow dumbbell) and have been working my way up to heavier weights. I wouldn't want to hurt myself by carrying too heavy dumbbells at once.

I have progressed to the red dumbbell (note that it's 100kg) for the last few months and Mom thought it's time for me to push my limits! She gave me my newest pink dumbbell that weighs a freaking 500kg!!!! I did not waste any time and got down to training almost immediately.

Phew, it's really not easy staying in shape. Mom!!!! I need a back rub now...oh wait, please add on a belly rub too. :)
PS : Mom stopped the video recording cos she said the squeaky noise was driving her nuts. On a side note, I hope you guys enjoy the change of scenery cos I thought you might get bored looking at my kitchen all the time. LOL LOL!! I hope you appreciate that.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

8th Sept 2006 - Home Sweet Home

Hello frenz,
How's your weekend coming along? I had a very busy weekend since the weather was great and *finally* I get to go out for some fun in the sun! We went to the park on both days and I got to meet up with some doggies and hairless pups (as always they seem so intrigued by me.). I even got to meet Reina! Yup, what a nice surprise cos we didn't plan to meet at all. The hoomans were too busy catching up so no piktures at my end. Perhaps Reina has some to show. :) It was also my very 1st anniversary since my hoomans brought me home. Hmmm...maybe that's why Mom was so nice to me and allowed me to roll and play in the grass!

One year ago, I arrived in Singapore on my own. Okay, so maybe I didn't like get onto an aeroplane on my own but yeah, I was on my own most of the time. At least for a good erm...8 to 10 hours from the time my breeder checked me in for the flight to Singapore till I cleared customs and finally got to meet my hoomans for the very first time. I remember blogging about my puppy piktures when I first started my blog. Ahh, those were the good old days.

Prior to my arrival, my hoomans had been busy setting up my playpen and getting the necessities ready for me. They even prepared a night light and some smelly t-shirt (Dad's of course..I don't remember Mom wearing stinky t-shirts. Okay, Mom made me write that.) in case I get homesick. My hoomans brought me home in a carrier (yup, it was the same carrier which I arrived in Singapore with) and it was pouring really heavily that night. I felt right at home when they let me out to explore my new home (which was only the playpen at that time). Mom was worried they would face problems with my toilet training but I showed that I know exactly what a pee tray is for on my very first day. The look on their face was priceless. LOL!!

The first week was a bit strange and I didn't exactly bark much when they left for work but the nights were according to Mom "sheer torture". I have no idea what she's talking about. So I did whine a little but I thought I was being really discreet. Anyhoo, I stopped after a few days and Mom says I was relatively problem free and easy to handle. :)

I will share with you some early piktures of myself. Some were in fact taken on my 2nd day at home. Some of these piktures make me look really dorky but I have certainly grown up a lot since then.

I look really small (DUH!!!) and unsure of the camera.

My hair was really really SHORT too!

I used to be able to sit on Mom's lap like this but body's a bit too long for that now although she still tries to cuddle with me like this.

I love to chew baby rawhides. Mom only gives me the smallest size to chew on. What a pawty pooper!

That's me saying HI to Dad!

I started my opawrations on Mr Bear at a very young & tender age. This was one of the very first generation Mr Bear.

I love being hugged by Mom. :)

Cuddle time with Mom!!

OMD, I can't believe that was me!! Was I cute or what? hehe...

One last pikture for the road. :)

These piktures bring back really sweet memories. I wish Mom was at home with me right now. I need a {HUG}. Hopefully, Dad has some piktures of our fun weekend at the park so I can share them with you.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Middle Name Game....

Hey frenz,

I have been lazy again. River tagged me to play The Middle Name Game and I never got down to doing it *yet*. So what exactly have I been doing? NOTHING!!!! :( The weather has been quite crazy in Singapore. It could be sunny one moment and it starts to rain out of the blue. My hoomans were already packing our stuff to bring me out last weekend. They take forever to get ready and when we finally stepped out of our house, it started to POUR!! Boo hoo hoo..... I had to go back home and I certainly wasn't very happy.

Anyhoo, I digress once again. These things happen when you get bored out of your freaking mind.

Stanley wanted to know if I still opawrate on my bears. Actually, I have been working on them and I have also been working out with dumbbells. I have some recent completed opawrations to share and will hopefully do so soon.

This is my name : Luckie Girl. My surname is Lee. That makes me Luckie Lee (sounds like Luckily eh? hehe). I guess that makes Girl my middle name then.

G - Gorgeous vs Goofy

I - Irresistible vs Irritating

R - Rambunctious vs Racy (I couldn't figure out what Rambunctious meant, I thought they were some fruits like Rambutans!)

L - Loveable vs Lazy

Mom says there are two sides to everything. Good vs Bad. Hence, you'll see two words describing two sides of me. Like Cool Cuz vs Bad Cuz.

Okay, moving on to some really random stuffs. Just wanted to share some stuffs we received from B Jie Jie (Huskee's Maid) & Eil Jie Jie last month. Thank you soooo much!! I know these were received eons ago but I kept forgetting to upload the piktures.

B Jie Jie gave this cutie dachsie to Mom for her handphone so Mom can carry it around everywhere she goes. I hope Mom doesn't start getting strange ideas of getting me a sweater to wear like that dachshie.

They gave me a strawberry and a dognut!!! :) I hope they don't contain snow too. Sheesh. I'll certainly let you know if they do.

Monday, September 03, 2007

C is for Carrots...

Hiya frenz,

I love my vegetables so much that every time Mom prepares salad for her dinner. I'll make sure she remembers to share some with me by sticking close to her. She walks to the fridge, I follow her to the fridge. She goes to the sink, I follow her to the sink. She complains to Dad saying I practically become her shadow. Come on Mom! You know you like why pretend you don't enjoy the extra attention from me? Carrots & Broccoli are my all time favourites!

My auntie (Dad's sister) must have heard about my obsession with vegetables and she gave me a carrot! I have no idea why Mr Carrot looks so worried.

Does Mr Carrot look uber delectable? I couldn't wait to get started on him.

A little love nibble never hurts!

Let me hold Mr Carrot tenderly between my paws.

Hmmm......smells so good....

Yikes, just look at how badly this pikture is taken!

Have you seen my nostrils up close? LOL!

It's been some time since I pawformed any opawration. So I need to do warm up before I get down to bizz nezzz.

I didn't know carrots contained snow in them! He sure didn't taste like those baby carrots I get for dinner every night. Anyhoo, Mr Carrot didn't last more than 2 hours. I had expected a more challenging opawration. Shucks... I would suggest you guys check your carrots too. Maybe you'll find snow in them too!