Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm growing up to be a real lady....

Hello frenz,

I have been a good girl lately and so Mom decided to reward me with some Good Boy Kookie (courtesy of Huskee). I have never eaten a chocolate chip kookie before so this was really something new to me! Mom says the kookie doesn't smell sweet but salty. I hope she has only been smelling my kookie and not helping herself to them. I still remember the last time when she ate my kookies cos she said they were meant for hooman consumption too.

She also allowed me to open Copper's pressie - finally. I found these small round shiny stuffs inside and apparently, they are magnets made by Hershey's Mom! I am sorry my Mom's lousy photography skills were not able to capture how intricate and unique those magnets look in real life. There was also a note from Copper and he says NOT to EAT them. They are for my Mom. Okay Mom, you got lucky this time. I can't believe you actually got something from my friend! This goes to show what nice frenz I have!

And because I'm growing up to be a real lady like Isabella, I got this gorgeous handbag from him!

It also comes with a card!!

I don't think you can read from here cos the wordings are so neat! I shall read to you then..."Thank you for the presents Luckie! You seem to be the kind of girl who needs a new bag. Be good to it. The instructions say Mom should take it away if it gets rips or tears. haha!" How did the bag know it would get ripped or torn?? Issit a magic bag? I hope Mom didn't see that last sentence. She is not going to take my BAG away!!

Here's a closeup of my handbag! I can't wait to go shopping with it!! Girls ~ wanna come along??

Thank you sooo much for the handbag Copper!! :) Mom says it's like what hooman boys do..they buy handbags for their hooman girls!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Goodbye dear Oscar.....

Hello Everydog & Girl Girl,

I am deeply sadden to hear of the sudden death of our dear friend Oscar. He was one of the smartest doggie I had the pleasure of knowing and always had a nice word for all of us. Please take some time to head over and say goodby to our dear friend. :( His parents (Katy & Martin) would certainly appreciate all the kind words from us.

Goodbye my friend.

Friday, July 27, 2007

I swear I didn't mean to do that.....

Hey everydog & Girl Girl,

Last weekend, my hoomans decided to change their bedsheets and comforter. Now, this is considered a major activity which they do not particularly enjoy doing (Did I mention Dad actually does all the work and Mom just stands around acting busy?) and naturally, being oh so helpful, I decided to assist them so that they will remain eternally grateful to me. I tried moving from left to right...and then right to left but in the end, I was sent back to my play area cos I was "too helpful" according to Mom. I guess at least they know I tried my best to help them.

After removing dirty laundry, the hoomans left it at a corner in the kitchen. You see, I never had the chance to sleep on their bed at all so naturally, I was extremely happy to be presented with the golden opportunity for me to sniff the sheets as it definately smells so much of my hoomans (er...a bit smelly.... but I can live with that).

Check out how much fun I have just sniffing and rolling around. Oh my was really very very exciting for me.

Take 1

Mom thought I looked adorable in action and decided to capture this moment. She even called Dad to come over to take a look. Good grief, what am I? A travelling circus freak show?!? So I gave it my BEST then OOPS.

Take 2

What can I say? There's only so much excitement I can take. With all my hoomans' smell, I definately want to add my very own special touch too!

PS : Mom wants me to tell everydog & Girl Girl that she was going to throw that comforter away. Darn, why can't she just keep it and sleep on it? I would do that if she allowed me to.

I wanted to post a update on how the little doxie toy is faring so far. I'm still working on his face. He told me he wanted a new nose. Okay, so I removed his nose first.

Nicely done huh? Oops, I may have removed his entire mouth by mistake too.

Last but not least, voting for DWB July's Awesome Blog Award is coming to an end. If you still haven't voted, click here! :) I'll like to thank all my frenz who have taken time to vote for me. Thanks for being my pal!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hey Benny, if you are reading this....

I just wanted you to know that you gave me my very first dachsie stuffy toy. It was my very first doxie toy and I guess everydog & Girl Girl can probably tell that I am quite attached to it from my yesterday post. I grab it everywhere I go (for now).

Here are some piktures of me opening Benny's pressie. It says TY but my name is not TY. It says it's a Beanie Toy but it doesn't contain beans. Yup, I'm quite sure it doesn't contain beans cos I conducted an opawration to make sure there were no beans inside. I wouldn't want to eat those beans accidentally cos I heard beans may cause flatulence. Dog knows how much smelly stinky fart bombs have to deal with my hoomans around being the shortest in the family.

Examining the package carefully.

This is my new toy from Benny the Corgi. Nice huh?

Taking my very first BITE.

I was trying to discreetly move away from Mom with my toy. Cos I know she tends to take them away from me after taking piktures. I wasn't fast enuff and I didn't get to see that toy for weeks I tell you!

No prizes for guessing what happened next. Being a pawfessional, I went straight into my surgeon mode. Check out my action video - Take 1.

Action Video - Take 2

Action Video - Take 3

Sometimes it's just hard to find a nice quiet corner to concentrate on my work. *sighz*

Yup, I made snow again. :)

I have to say these doxie toys make it easy for me to carry around with their long body. It's an ergonomic stuffy toy.

Another shot just so you can see how dog friendly this toy is.

I thought I look really docile and sweet in this pikture. Unfortunately, the scattered snow around me don't seem to agree with my look.

I decided to take Reina's advice and work on his face first, so right now, he has a hollow head and that reminds me of HALLOWEEN. Maybe I should ask Mom to put some treats inside as stuffings? I will continue to work on his body. He makes this plasticky crinkly noise when I chew on him so maybe I'll let him live a bit longer. Hmm....maybe not......

Monday, July 23, 2007

Mom says I have a BIG mouth....

Hey frenz,

Remember I mentioned that every time I'm in my play area, I'll always be ready (with my toy - depending which is my favourite toy of the moment) when Mom opens the play pen gate to let me out. Well, Mom said I'm really persistent and behave like a broken down tape recorder. Apparently, I'll do the same sequence over and over and over and over. She also says I have a BIG mouth. She can be so rude. Her insensitivity to my feelings can be appalling. *sniff sniff*

I do not have a BIG mouth and I do not repeat my actions over and over and over.

Now that you have seen the video, I'll like to reiterate my point. I do not have a BIG mouth and do not repeat my actions over and over. I do not have a BIG mouth and do not repeat my actions over and over. I do not have a BIG mouth and do not repeat my actions over and over. I do not have a BIG mouth and do not repeat my actions over and over.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm back in ACTION!!

Hey frenz,

I'm BACK in ACTION. Mom has finally graduated from her silly Leadership course and returned my laptop to me. Oh, did I mention the laptop belongs to me? Yeah, it does..I had to lend it to her cos she doesn't have one. I wasn't too happy about that but I guess she does feed me so I had to be nice and share.

I have been checking out your blogs and playing catch up this morning. I seemed to have missed out on a lot of exciting stuffs. :( Seems like everydog has been getting pressies and treats! It must be the season of giving and sharing. I had wanted to blog about my manicure session at the beauty salon but it was raining and I couldn't take a walk there. *sighz*

I heard that VOTING has starting at DWB Bone Zone for July's Awesome Blog Award!! Yes, please take some time out, move your butt (or get your secretary to get moving..I hope how lazy those hoomans are) and head over to cast your vote. Each vote is sacred (I'm not going to pawform any opawration on you if you don't vote for me!) and I know you can't wait to support your favourite blogs right? Vote NOW! Each vote is charged at S$0.30 per minute and you can stand to win really attractive prizes. For voters under the age of 18, please seek parental guidance or do what you need to do but just don't get caught. tee hee hee... Oh wait, I think I must have been watching way too much American Idol or those charity fund-raising shows (I think local doggies & Girl Girl will understand).

Because Mom hasn't had time to take new piktures of me, I can only share with you some MORE pressies I received recently.

Huskee managed to find some of the underpants crew toys recently and it was really nice of him to share one of them with me! He sent me Mr Cow. Just look how yummy Mr Cow looks. I can't wait to get my paws on him. He also sent me a soft rubber bone which is good cos I love soft rubbery stuffs. That's why I like my hoomans so much. They are really soft and rubbery (especially in some places I noticed) and taste quite good too.

Oh wait, it comes with a nice note too. I think you can read it yourself. I like what they wrote but they say I have to destroy it S L O W L Y. Huh...I don't think I can do that but I'll try. Maybe instead of say 2 hours...I give it erm...4 hours? How does that sound?

Tadpole also sent me a really colorful looking package. I had never seen such a colorful package before so naturally I had to check it out.

Huh, did I hear you say the darn package is empty? It looks absolutely flat so what's there for me to look at. Erm, yeah, Mom said I could only check out the package and she'll keep the rest for me.

Tad wrote a nice letter to me but he didn't include his drawings. Bummer. It says to enjoy his pressie and do a good opawration! Oh wow, are you doggies sending me stuffs just so you can watch me in action opawrating on them? I could hold some training classes or sumthing and you can join via "distance learning". hehe.....

I found a PURPLE loofah doxie toy and a pwetty PINK princess chew toy inside!! I had never seen this loofah toy before so it does look and feel quite intriguing to me.

Now, a couple of my daschie frenz have been blogging about their doxie stuffie toys and being a daschie too, naturally I have some doxie stuffies too! Oh wait..I used to have one...erm..that's another story altogether so check back soon for my latest opawration cos I have decided to listen to what Reina said and work more on the face rather than the body.

Thanks guys for those lovely pressies. :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A very Precious Gift.....

Hello frenz,

Ooooo...I am so glad I managed to find time to blog cos I'm having withdrawals symptoms. I don't really have enuff time to go check out everydog's blog right now but I assure you I'll be back 101% in action once Mom returns the laptop to me!! I hope everydog (& dear Girl Girl) had a nice wondogful weekend. I am also reallllyyyy happy that you didn't think I was too *violent* on Huskee's Toy. It's a joy to have such supportive frenz like you guys around. hehe

Anyhoo, I have been getting so many packages lately that I think my hoomans are jealous. I could have sworn I heard Mom complaining that she hardly gets any mails other than bills. hahaha...that's just pathetic I tell ya. Did I mention my hoomans have no friends other than their make-believe ones? They talk to those make-believe friends a lot. (Luckie's Mom : Erm, Luckie, I was calling for you but you pretended not to hear me?) It could be the magix mushrooms Mom was eating that day. Tadpole said magix mushrooms are a code for something. I have no idea what but I guess I can always google that.

Last week, Copper sent me something in the mail but Mom refused to let me open it. It's still sitting in the drawer waiting for dog knows what occasion. I hope she's not waiting for my 2nd Barkday or sumthing. *sighz* And guess what? I received a package from Tadpole today and yeah, same old line, not now not now. She's such a HOARDER!!

But, I did manage to get my paws on this lovely gift from Precious. She was kind enough to send me a barkday pressie. :) Check out my loot!

There was a very interesting looking toy that looked kind of like me. A packet of yum yum chicken popcorn treat and some greenie bones!! I haven't had a chance to eat those treats yet but I'm quite sure I'll enjoy every bit of them.

There was a sweet message from Precious too.

As always, I present you with a series of piktures showing you how much I enjoy my lovely new toy! The body extends and it gets really stretchy.

Chew chew much loving going on.

The head squeaks a lot...I like that. It makes me get all excited. You know what happens when I get erm...excited right? My evil twin takes over!!!

Going slow..taking it easy.

Holding on to it so I can check out the long stretchy (FUN FUN FUN!!) body.

Here's a video of me playing with Precious's Toy - Take 1

2nd video of me playing with Precious's Toy - Take 2

Last video of me playing with Precious's Toy - Take 3 (Did you see what my Mom did? She kept using my toy to hurt me!!!!)

I know, you guys are expecting some major destuffing opawration right? Firstly, please take another look at the toy - there's nothing much in the middle for me to destuff or make snow with?? *DUH* I may be a brilliant surgeon but there's only so much I can do. But, I did manage to pawsonalise the toy a teeeny weeeeny bit. I shall show you more when I have completed the pawsonalisation exercise.

Thank you so much dear Precious for this gift!! :)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

This one is for Huskee....

Hello everypup & Girl Girl,

Mom is feeling better now and wants to thank everydog & Girl Girl for your well wishes. They must have worked cos she felt well enuff to bring me for a walk today! However, next week, Mom will be attending a Leadership course and will need to bring her laptop along so that means I may not be able to blog as often or even find time to read your blogs. :( Isn't her company mean? Why does she need to attend this silly leadership course? I'm the ALPHA dog at home so why does she need learn how to lead when it's obvious that I am the one in charge. Sheesh. Anyhoo, I digress. Let's move on to more exciting stuffs.

A couple of weeks ago, Huskee sent me a lovely barkday present and I did mention that I loved it so so very much. In fact, a little too much I think. I heard that Huskee has the exact same toy and it's still in quite good condition. That made me a tad bit worried cos I'm not *always* that violent with my toys. I really would not want anydog to stop sending me stuffs just cos I destroy them so quickly. (Luckie's Mom : Oh really? Need I mention what happened to the toy Precious sent to you??) Hey Mom, stop it, I have yet to blog about Precious's lovely package to me so don't even think about it.

Anyhoo, after much consideration, I realized since we are friends & friends should not have any secrets between them. I will reveal what happened to that lovely Petstages - Dumbbell toy. The images below may be disturbing to you so please bear with me.

Here I am working on the toy. It was a dumbbell and as you can see, one end of the dumbbell is now at the corner on its own. It has become a ball.

So much stuffing around me. I love making snow!!!

Hard at work and not even looking at the camera.

Look how dexterous my paws are! I'm holding it carefully between my paws just so I can chew the top off.

Chew chew time to talk...

Making really good progress here...

Did I mention I love making SNOW? Whheeee!!!! you think the above piktures are not disturbing enough? Well, I have more. Dad had the audacity to video the entire process of me working on the toy. I have no idea what got into me..I was just so INTO the toy. I couldn't stop myself at all. Copper's Mom, if you are reading this, don't be too harsh on Copper cos I don't think he's rough with his toys at all.

Luckie Loving Huskee's Toy - Take 1 (You know what's farnie? You can hear Mom going "My GOD" when she saw my evil twin take over me and destroy the toy. Beats me why she didn't just grab the toy from me to save it from its premature death. hahaha)

Luckie Loving Huskee's Toy - Take 2 (You can hear that toy rattling! *sigh* I miss it so much!)

Luckie Loving Huskee's Toy - Take 3 (This video was so freaky, I was shaking the toy so hard that one end of the dumbbell just dropped off! I sat up looking all confused and was like WHAT the HELL was going on? And you know what? It rolled back to me on its own! Whoa...wierd huh?)

Luckie Loving Huskee's Toy - Take 4

It was a wonderful toy and I'll always remember it. Thank you Huskee for introducing that toy to me. I'm sorry it didn't last long. My evil twin just took over. I am really a sweet lovely girl who plays nice with all her toys. All of you will still be my friends right??? *worried*

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Do not try this at home.....

Hey guys,

After all that dognuts, Mom has fallen sick today and she's stuck at home. The vet says she has food poisoning. She says it's not the dognuts but something else. Okay...if you say so Mom. Dad was worried and decided to stay home to take care of her too. Me? I'm just glad both of them are at home. It seems like it's already a weekend. LOL!!

I have 3 videos to share today. Ya see, I usually stay in the kitchen area unless my hoomans say it's ok for me to roam around the house. So they decided to make a video of me running out of the kitchen and jumping up onto the couch. I can run really fast and I jump pretty high for somedog with short legs ya know?

Take 1 - If you turn your video volume up, I think you can hear Beef Patty singing a song called I'd do anything for lurrrvveee but I won't do that. (Luckie's Mom : It's not Beef Patty, it's MEAT LOAF!!) I dunno if he's trying to tell me something about not jumping onto the couch cos I don't think he cares. Just check out how happy I look after jumping up onto the couch. Toffee tagged me to show myself smiling. I'm giving you a video of me smiling instead! I love being on the couch cos it smells of my Dad. haha..he spends so much time watching TV on the couch that I think the couch has his butt imprinted onto it by now.

Take 2 - Taken from another angle.

Finally, here's the last video. It's an outake showing the making of the earlier videos. You can hear Dad calling for me to come out and Mom screeching NO Luckie NO. LOL!

I'm going to take care of Mom now. I hope you enjoy those videos. :) Do not TRY this at HOME!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dognuts anydog?

Hello frenz,

Remember I mentioned about those pink dognuts from my Zanies toy recently? Mom decided to get some dognuts of her own! She got them from this shop called Donut Factory..hmm..I think they spelt dognuts wrongly. It should be D O G N U T not Donuts for dogs'sake!

Yup, here's all 12 of them. She actually bought 24 of them and gave 12 to her sisters. She mentioned something about sharing the fats. *oink oink* There were 12 different flavours but Mom only got chocolate ones cos she's a big fan of chocolate. That's really mean of her cos I can't take any at all. What kind of Mom is she?

Oh wait, there's a missing dognut!! Erm, Dad took one before Mom could take a complete pikture. Sheesh, I thought she could bring them back to get a refund or sumthing.

Apparently, the hoomans love this flavour the most. It's called "This is not for LUCKIE". Nah, it's actually Double Chocolate. Yup, there's chocolate filling inside. How sinful ~ FAT FAT FAT Mom.

This is the latest craze in Singapore. The queue can be up to 1 to 3 hours! Yeah, and each hooman is only allowed to buy 2 dozens. In case you are wondering, Mom did not queue that long cos she was the first few in the queue and this is not the first time she has queued for these silly dognuts. She's so silly, if only she asked me, I would have given her my pink zanies dognuts for free! She should be lucky her boss didn't catch her in the queue during office hours! LOL! (The shop is just below her office, at the shopping mall)

Mom has also tried Krispy Kreme before and she says they were good (more flavours but she doesn't like those glazed ones) despite the 20 odd hours flight back from Chicago to Singapore. Yeah, she insisted Dad brought back dognuts for her when he travelled to US. Is she nuts or what?

I only have one thing to say - A Moment on your Lips, Forever on your Hips. Good luck Mom.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I have been *FURMINATED*

Hello my frenz,

A couple of days ago, my Mom came back with a package smiling and mumbling to herself about some super quick delivery and can't wait to get started. So I thought it was probably another pressie for me or perhaps Mom was high on her magix mushrooms again so yeah, I didn't really pay much attention to her.

So last Sunday, we went out for our usual evening walk/jog thingy and then I had my dreaded weekly bath. I know you must be wondering how I kept up with my hoomans while they attempted to jog. Well, what can I say? I thought I saw those hooman pups go past us on their dogcycles, but I could be wrong. *snigger* Then she whipped out this new torture device.


She started to furminate me and after the first few strokes, she *nearly* removed all my fur. Ok, maybe not. ha ha..but I sure felt nekkid after my furminator experience. Check out the fur she removed after a few skillful strokes of the comb. I thought she did pretty ok considering I was jumping around trying to bite the furminator's handle. She usually uses a fine tooth comb on me (with no handle) so I can't quite bring myself to ignore the tempting furminator handle. It looks nice enough for me to chew on. :)

I can't quite say I enjoyed it, but it wasn't too bad. Mom says my hair feels so much smoother. (That's total rubbish. My hair has always been silky smooth!) She bought the baby (small) size and it's just the right size for me. But Mom says that she still needs to use a fine tooth comb on my delicate ears and my tail cos the furminator was just too big.

Oh, just for the local doggies, Mom bought it off Ebay (US$13+) and delivery took less than a week. She wasn't sure if it would work for me cos my hair isn't really that thick (I'm single-coat) but after reading the reviews from the rest of the DWB buddies who used it before, she decided to go ahead with the purchase. Hmmm...I think I could grow to like it.

PS : Hey Tad ~ I'm sure you are glad Massah will never furminate you for sure huh? hehe...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Please vote for me!

Dear frenz,

How has your weekend been going? My hoomans are driving me crazy with their baking and cooking mumbo jumbo in the kitchen. I try my very best to help them so poor me have been busy going up and down the area helping to keep everything neat and tidy. I hate crumbs and food on the floor. What else can I do but help to eat everything that falls from the sky?

Hana has norminated me for July's Awesome Blog Award! I'm not too sure if I'm good enough to win the award as I realised that past winners and nominees have such awesome blogs so I definitely need to work harder. When I first started my blog, I didn't even know what I was going to write about or even if I could have any vaguely interesting for you to read. *sighz* Check out my very first post here. Can't believe I wrote that crap. LOL!

I decided to compile a list of reasons why you visit my blog.
  1. You enjoy watching Dr Luckie in action. Every delicate opawration is special and is documented for your sick perverse enjoyment.
  2. You enjoy watching me play BANG my Mom. I really need to work on my tricks. Just look at the tricks my friend Amber-Mae performs!!! By the way, Amber is also nominated for July's Awesome Blog Award so GO Team AMBER!!
  3. You wish you had your very own stuffy toy with underpants too so you can RIP his pants off over and over. But since you don't have one, you come to my blog to watch me RIP Mr Brown Bear's underpants off. I just realised after RIPPING those pants off, I can perform my opawration on them and then it's RIP again. This time Rest in Peace.
  4. You enjoy my Mom's photography and you think blurry pikctures are oh so artistic. Everytime you see Dad's piktures, you think he knows nutz about taking pikctures. *Mom made me write this under duress*
  5. You have nothing else to read and since I left a comment on your blog, you decided to check out my blog. That works for me too...hehe...
Hey, I guess at the end of the day, it doesn't matter why you visit my blog as long as you like reading about me and my life in Singapore. And to all my Singapore friends, you already know what life in Singapore is like, so you probably just enjoy reading about me. haha..

So when the polls opens, I hope you'll take some time to head over to DWB to cast your votes for your favourite blogs. (Fellow daschies, vote for me won't you?)

On a side note, here are some piktures of me enjoy my dumbbell toy from Huskee. These piktures sure bring back some lovely memories. It was fun while it lasted (not very long). I'm sill contemplating if I should post those aftermath piktures and videos of me in action cos I don't want you guys to think that I'm a violent girl. I advocate making LURVE not WAR!! I do...I really do!!!

Yum yum..chewing away on those knotted ends.

Did I mention one end of the toy squeaks and the other end of the toy rattles?

Ahh..this is so therapeutic. Check out those knotted strings and ribbons at both ends, I removed them all. Not a single one left.

That's me working with Dad to give him the shot he wants.

One last thing, I managed to get hold of Mom's credit card and I have some stuffy toys with underpants to give away! So until I figure out what's the best way to give them away, stay tuned okay? :)