Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween! BOO!

Hey guys,

I can't figure what's a good Halloween costume so I decided to go as myself. :)

BOO! Be very very afriad!

PS : Mom's so afriad she had to hold me down. heh heh...What a wimp!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Just Chilling.....

Hello Everydog & Girl Girl,

I had a nice weekend just chilling out. :) How about you? Did you have fun at your Halloween Bash? The hoomans actually felt well enough to bring me for a short walk. Okay, so it was just around the neighbourhood but hey I'm not complaining!! Afterall, the last time I had a chance to leave the house was like more than a MONTH ago. Can you believe that?

I am totally hooked on Lamb Ears and those Flossies chews I tell ya. I made Mom order more Lamb Ears for me. She's still quite undecided about those Bully Sticks. What we want to know is..are Bully Sticks really stinky (& sticky) after we chew them? Cos we came across some Bully Sticks that claim to be Odor Free. That made Mom panic a little cos she figured out they probably stink a lot and smell gross after chewing (YES YES YES!!!). So we want to know is that true. No, not really we but Mom only. I don't care if they stink and in fact, I think they should stink! hehe...

I also want to tell my dear friend Stanley (he's busy leading a super chaotic life with his new sissy Stella right now) to take a little time out to CHILL okay? Have you gotten your PINK attire ready for Ike & Martha's wedding too? I need to go look for something decent to wear or at least bring something for them. Wish me luck! I could bring my PINK nylobone erm..except Mom has thrown it away. Shucks, I thought I could spread the LOVE and share it with everydog & Girl Girl (yes you too, if you want a little lick!)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Princess Bone

Hello my frenz,

It has been a crazy crazy crazy time at my home. I'm afriad I can't make it for the Halloween Pawty this weekend too. Yikes....I haven't had time to post since last week simply cos Dad was hospitalised! *gasp* Yes, he was! That happened on early Wednesday morning. Anyhoo, I'm not going to post any more depressing news. All I have to say is..he's ok now and ready to get back to work on Monday. Mom has also gone back to work and she told me she's going to meet Eil & maybe Huskee's Maid this week for lunch. Now, that's some good news to look forward to don't you think? :) Hmm...I wonder what they'll be having for lunch!

I wanted to share about this PINK Princess Bone I have been working on lately. It's my first attempt working on a nylonbone. Before that, I could never imagine how fun gnawing on a plastic bone was.

There's something about this PINK bone that just induces me to want to gnaw and gnaw and gnaw......

Your jaws will definately get a very good workout after this. I never felt so tired before! LOL!!

Oh, just in case you miss my face....hehe....

The end product. Mom says I'm a horrible chewer. Is that so? I thought I did a pretty decent job. Anyhoo, she took it away saying those plastic bits will cause me to have a tummy upset. What a pawty pooper!

Luckie & Her Princess Bone

I'm going to relax a little and enjoy my weekend!! I hope you guys have lotsa fun at the Halloween Pawty. :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm Sorry...

Hi frenz,

I really need to apologize for the recent lack of posts. I had thought that I'd have a more exciting weekend or news to update everydog & Girl Girl today unfortunately, it turned out to be another one of those bad luck days.

Well, Mom had lost her voice since Friday. I have been helping her to look for her voice but I can't seem to find it. If you happen to see it around, do let me know okay? She's a scatterbrain and totally have no idea where she left her voice. :( Anyhoo, I can't quite understand what she's trying to tell me with those frantic actions and mouth movements cos I don't do sign language nor lip read. I mean I would if sign language or lip reading were taught in dog school. Then again, I have never been to dog school...I digress. And just when I am busy dealing with my Mom losing her voice (it gets kinda quiet without her going Luckie this & Luckie that!), Dad became sick too?!!

Early this morning around 3am (yes, I have to be very precise!), I was rudely awaken by my Mom when she switched on the kitchen lights to get medicine for Dad. Apparently, Dad had some bad food yesterday, that resulted in a very, very bad case of vomiting non stop & watery stools. *gross* He was moaning really scarily and was in a bad shape. You would be in pain if you kept doing that every 10 mins too! I wonder if he ate bugs or I dunno perhaps those stuffs we are not supposed to eat when our hoomans tell us to LEAVE IT?

The hoomans waited till this morning to visit the hooman vet who gave my Dad a injection *ouchie*. It's supposed to stop the watery stools & vomiting. It seemed to work for a couple of hours and then the whole darn thing started again! Mom told me she had to bring Dad in to the emergency unit at the hospital cos he was becoming very dehydrated. I wish I could accompany Mom along cos it was bad enuff she lost her voice so how was she going to tell the vet what's wrong with Dad? Maybe the vet at the hospital understood sign language and could lip read?

Dad had more pokies by the vet. :( He also had a blood test done to check if there was any virus. They also gave him 3 packets of water or something....I dunno why they had to give him water when there's tons of water at home. Anyhoo, the blood test was okay. Thankfully, he didn't need to be warded and is now sleeping at home. Mom said I had to be quiet cos he needs to rest. Gee, I hope he gets well soon. I guess I'll head off to bed now too. What else can I do? *sigh* The only good that came out of today was...Mom didn't have time to give me a shower! hehehe...but then again, she said she'll do that tomorow.

Oh, if you happen to see good luck around, I guess I would like some for my hoomans.

PS : Luckie's Mom - The doctor said I had some voice box infection so basically, I sound like crap! But it's under control with medication now. No worries. Luckie's Dad is also recovering but I guess he's going to be losing a couple of pounds after this unlucky incident.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Hello frenz,

Mom ordered some goodies from Ebay for me a couple of weeks ago and it finally arrived! :) She was very grumpy cos she had to queue at the post office for a long time just to collect the parcel. It was just too big for my teeny mail box. Seriously, what's a little sacrifice for me? *grumble grumble*

Here's my loot of goodies. A couple of tender lamb ears for me to enjoy. They were indeed very tender and one piece certainly did not last long with me. hehe..I just wish she ordered MORE!! *hint hint*

She also ordered some flossies spiral chews. These were awesome too. A tad bit tougher than the lamb ears but it gave me a good jaw workout. Maybe she can get me those giant size flossies the next round. (Luckie's Mom : Gosh, you are such a glutton. There is no NEXT TIME until you are done with these first!)

Check out these turkey patties!! Unfortunately, I did not get a whole piece at one go. Mom has broken them into teeny weeny pieces. She says it's for my own good so I have to listen to her. I think the true reason is because these patties were kinda oily and she didn't want me to dirty her floor or my paws.

Too bad there were no bully stixs inside the package. I had reminded her to include some but she said they were gross?!? She doesn't know how to appreciate good food. ARGH!!

We also had a nasty surprise waiting for us. Yucks! Thank dog, Mom checked everything before storing them away. Now, that's what I call GROSS.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Mr Cow - Before

Hi Everydog & Girl Girl,

I hear ya'all saying you miss looking at my face. *blush* That's just too sweet. Since Mom isn't able to spend as much time as she like with me lately, she makes it up by making sure I get QUALITY time and not QUANITY time with her. Dad has been a good buddy too keeping me company while Mom's busy doing the chores. Poor hoomans, they have been so tired shuttling between home and the hospital where Mom's Granddad is staying right now. We have no idea when he can be discharged yet as he's still going through some tests but we will continue to pray for his recovery.

Moving on, I'll like to introduce you to my pal, Mr Cow. He was given to me by Huskee's Maid a while ago. :)
Look how nice and clean he looks. hehehe *for now*

That's me telling Mr Cow not to be afriad of the opawration. It wouldn't hurt at all.

I need you to relax and lean back.

Let me hear your heartbeat.

Sometimes, it's easier to work in a place with good lighting.

Huh, did you say something? Is the sun too glaring?

Let me check your blood pressure.

I leave you with a video clip of myself bonding with Mr Cow. :) Have a good weekend!!

Luckie & Mr Cow

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mr Cow - After

Hello dear frenz,

How has your week been coming along? :) I just had to take some time to show you my latest opawration. I have some pre-opawration piktures but that'd be saved for another blog entry.

I decided to focus more on Mr Cow's face and opawrated on his juicy snout. That kinda resulted in Mr Cow having a big hole in his face. Mom, being Mrs Smarty-Pants, decided that she could fill up Mr Cow's face with my squeaky red ball. Darn, I love those cutie heart underpants so much. LOL! LOL! LOL!

Yeah, and this is her new creation. She really has too much time on her hands huh? Anyhoo, Mom ordered from treats from Ebay for me!! She said she will pick them up from the post office and I sure hope I get my paws on those goodies soon. Hmm..I wonder if she ordered Bully Stixs?

Friday, October 05, 2007

Pressie from Goober-Stan!

Hello dear frenz,

A wonderful surprise came in the mail today! Yes, it was from my dear pal Stanley who mailed the pressie all the way from faraway Gooberstan. I didn't know Gooberstan was so near to Singapaw. hehe

It has been a while since I received anything in the mail. Perhaps Mom felt that I have been neglected lately so she actually let me open my pressie on the very same day I received it! Good grief, I thought I must have been dreaming when she said let's see what you got today. I was like today? Now? Here? HUH HUH HUH?!? *running around in circles* I think you can imagine how excited I was! LOL!

Stanley wrote me a wonderful letter and included gifts too! There was a stuffy toy for me to work on cos he was probably worried my opawration skills were getting rusty lately. He also included a nice chewy rubbery bone. :)

Check out the yummylicious snozzles treat! Mom had wanted to get me one of those but Merrick's treats have been discontinued in Singapaw. :( It's a pig snout! I bet it's not as juicy as Stanley's nose. hehe Mom says she'll let me try the treat soon. I wonder if that means like right NOW!!
I made Mom put the magnet next to my pikture!

Then I started to work on my new stuffie! heh heh... I had to post these piktures cos I think it has been way too long since you last saw my face!

I was pretty sure Stanley has left his smell on my new stuffie toy.

I promise to be gentle...... Anyhoo, not too sure if you can see the child gate beside me? Can you see those teeth marks left behind by me? I had lotsa fun chewing and gnawing on the gate when I was younger.
Leave me alone Mom...

As always, last one for the road. Watch me squeak my new toy. :) Thanks Stanley!! You are the greaterest pal anydog could have. Xie Xie Ni! Your pressie brought much needed smile and cheer to me (& Mom).

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sweet Potato Treats

Hello frenz,

I had wanted to share about this yummy new treat Mom bought for me a while ago. It's a sweet potato snack. Check out how cute the teeny weeny sweet potato looks!!

It was certainly the most yummylicious snack cos Mom had to keep it in the fridge once it was opened. :) And I love COLD goodies!! I would love to share them with you..erm..if only there was some left. hehe

PS : Thank you for all your kind words and thoughts. It has been a tough time at home but we are doing ok. Rest assure I will give Mom (& Dad) lotsa LICKS and LOVE.