Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kibbles and more Kibbles...

Hey guys,

Lately, Mom has been complaining about a lack of space on her kitchen's countertop cos it's filled with containers of kibbles meant for us. I have always been eating Timberwolf's (TW) kibbles from the time I came home. Mom always add some other food like meat/vegetables to my kibbles (and not forgetting my supplements too). I am not a picky eater and basically, I'm just glad to have food given to be at regular times unlike some other puppy I know. *cough cough*
I'm currently finishing up my TW's Ocean Blue formula which is supposed to be a fish based formula until they added in chicken fats (not that I cannot eat chicken). In any case, recently, Mom got hold of a sample of another brand called Taste of the Wild (TOTW). Despite the size of the kibbles looking way bigger (like M & Ms according to Mom), I am definately digging the new kibbles. :) Yummy~ so I'll be moving on to TOTW's Pacific Stream Canine Formula soon. It says "A fish protein, grain-free formula for all life stages with sweet potatoes provides highly digestible energy for your sensitive dog. Made with real smoked salmon, this formula offers a taste sensation like no other. Supplemented with fruits and vegetables, this fish and potato formula delivers natural antioxidants to protect your friend's body from the damage of everyday living, supporting a healthy immune system and overall good health. Your dog craves a taste of the wild.Go ahead and give him one." What a load of garbage, there's only one test for me - the TASTE test.

That's just me. Susie is another story altogether. She's a really picky eater!! She gets kibbles with minced meat and milk too. She takes like forever to finish up. I hate to say this...I never got milk when I was a puppy. *sighz* However, thanks to Susie, I get a little milk in the morning now. When I say little...I mean it's really little like maybe 2 to 3 spoonsful of milk. *woeful* Susie's taking a mix of kibbles from TW's Lamb & Apples Formula and Natural Balance's (NB) Potato & Duck Formula.

Okay, I counted - so we have 4 different kibbles at home. But I think it's reasonable considering we have two dogs. The 2 hoomans have one whole fridge of FOOD to themselves and Mom's complaining abt a lack of countertop space?

PS : Mom caught me in action helping myself to Susie's bowl. I can't do that anymore cos she moved Susie's bowl away from our common fence. (Luckie's Mom : I usually place Susie's food bowl beside their common fence and since Susie's bowl is a bit smaller/higher compared to Luckie's bowl, her food is piled up higher. I caught Luckie squishing her nose through the gap in the fence trying to nudge Susie's kibbles out of her bowl. Luckie was even using her TONGUE to flip the kibbles out. Once the kibbles land outside the bowl, Luckie uses her paw to slowly scratch/paw the kibble to her side. My god..all that trouble for one kibble!! I wish I could get it on video. I have no idea if I should laugh or get upset with Luckie. LOL!!)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

And this is how we play

Good Morning!

It has been a little over a week since Susie came home. Things are slowly settling into place. We get our regular rescheduled play time cos Mom says we need to be supervised during play. Seriously, she can be a total control freak at times.

Mom says I put on some weight cos I have been eating a lot lately. Susie still has to drink milk with her kibbles and so I get some milk for my breakfast too. :P Plus, Susie is a very slow eater unlike me. Mom caught me going into Susie's play area a couple of times to 'help' her finish up. I mean, I wouldn't want Mom to have to wait for Susie to finish up and then wash her bowl so I was simply being helpful. However, Mom didn't seem to agree. In any case, I just wanted to say that I feel that I'm not getting enough food because my portions seem so tiny compared to my sister.

I read that you guys wanted some piktures of us together. Well, Mom did try to snap some piktures of us playing cos we hardly sit down quietly together. Unfortunately, the piktures turned out kinda blurry. Mom can't figure out why we always want the same toy even though we have 2 of the exact toy in the house. I'm not going to tell her why..go figure it out yourself woman!

Okay, so the first pikture is really blurry. But yes, we are playing!

Here's another pikture of us...Gee, I just realised that our coats contrast so brillantly in the sunlight! In any case, I sure hope your week is going great! :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Meet Susie Girl

Hello friends,

Remember my last post? Some of you guessed it right - I did not get a bigger play area although it'd be cool to get more space. I'd like to introduce my new sister to everydog & Girl Girl. Say Hi to Susie Girl! :) She's coming to 8 weeks old now and was born on Singapore's birthday - 9th Aug 2008. She's a long hair shaded red mini dachshund like me. Her parents are from Japan and so we expect her to be much smaller boned compared to me (Australia bred). But that's okay, Dad says he likes my size cos I'm nice and sturdy! heh heh... always nice to feel appreciated. Susie looks kinda grouchy in the piktures cos it's the first time she had to endure a photoshoot. The piktures were taken when she was 6 weeks old.

The first night was horrible cos Susie kept whining and whining. That meant I had to keep barking together with her afterall it is very exciting to have company at home. Mom had to drag me to their room to "try to" get some sleep. I was obviously very worried about Susie cos the moment the room door was opened, I'd dash to the kitchen to keep her company. (Luckie's Mom - Luckie's really attached to Susie now. She doesn't want to follow us around the house anymore and is contented just staring at Susie through their play pen. She was really rough with Susie initially- kept nudging Susie non stop and doing those scary-sounding play growls. But I think Luckie got a hang of playing with Susie now and it's really heartwarming watching them bond. It makes double the poop and double the pee all worth while IMO.)

Thank dog - she stopped her non-stop whining after the first day. It's mostly peace & quiet. I think I'll get some rest since she's quiet now. *yawn* I guess having a sister isn't that bad afterall.