Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Let's shake paw (hand whatever)

Hello frenz,

I realised it has been some time since I posted videos of myself and I haven't had time to teach Mom more new tricks besides BANG BANG. Tsk tsk, hoomans get really lazy if you don't constantly practice those tricks with them.

Here's some videos of ME (feat Mom) performing SHAKE PAW (or hand). I'm sorry but since Mom doesn't have an extra arm, she wasn't able to shake my paw like the way the trick was meant to be. One hand was holding on to the camera and the other was holding my treat. har har har.... So just use your imagination a little and try to imagine both of us shaking hands.

I was not able to train Mom to shake my other paw cos she's stoopid erm no, I mean she's a right handed and thus, with her lousy motor skills ability, she probably used up all her brain juice and blah blah...she basically can only shake one of my paws alright? No more questions about that. Mom's getting very embarrassed.

Here goes :

Luckie Shake Hands - Take 1

Luckie Shake Hands - Take 2

Luckie Shake Hands - Take 3

In all fairness, this was a fairly tough trick for me cos I'm short and so are my legs and yeah, I can't quite balance well enough so please don't laff at me. :( I tried my best!!
Mom thinks I look really happy in the videos. She can be so deluded....I look happy all the time. Sheesh. I'm going to think of another trick to teach my Mom now. I'm open to suggestions so please let me know what else you think I should teach her.
Anyhoo, I realised my treat box was running low in supplies and voila - Mom bought new goodies for me. I have her well trained eh?

Salmon Treats. Yum yum..They are very crunchy!!

She bought me some rawhides too. These keep me busy during the day while the hoomans are at work. She's really stingy with them and doesn't allow me to eat or chew on too many of them.

Because Mom didnt' pay attention in pre-school, she couldn't tell the difference between small and medium. The left rawhide is the teeny weeny size ones which I get. She bought the wrong size (It looks FINE to me if you ask me) and the new ones are bigger (and better!!).

My 1st barkday is drawing near. I have to start coming up with my barkday wishlist for my hoomans to work on.
Before I forget, Hana asked if the Toucan was real. Actually, Mr Toucan was real. This was the very same bird that Dad took. Check out Mom's version *rolls eyes*. Mr Toucan was in a cage and Dad was able to capture only the bird and not the cage. Wierd...I have no idea how he does that. Obviously, Mom doesn't either. *sniggle sniggle*

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Random Piktures Madness

Hey ho!!

I have decided that I shall give Dad a chance to showcase his piktures on my blog and will be posting random piktures from time to time for your enjoyment. I will continue to post Mom's piktures too cos we always need to look at *cough*lousy*cough* other piktures to fully appreciate Dad's hard work. :)

This is a bird *duh* but I have no idea what it's called. It does look like a distant relative of the peacock? Anyhoo, I still hate birds. GRRRRR...

This is a Toucan which is known for their bright colourful bills. They have rather small bodies as compared to their heads. *sniggle sniggle*

This is a lizard and he looks quite tasty to me. I offered a lizard to Mom that day and she kept screaming and jumping around. I think she's overjoyed or something. :) Isnt' my Mom sweet? She's probably doing some victory dance for me!! I love my Mom and I'll keep bringing my kills for her safekeeping cos I want her to know how much I love her.

A dragonfly!!! Isn't it bootiful? I had great fun chasing them around.

Dad loves these dragonfly piktures. He hopes you like them too. I do, how about you? :)

Monday, May 28, 2007

8 Things about Luckie the Dachie

Hello my frenz,

There has been a tagging frenzy going on and I've been tagged by Kaos and Chilli for 2 different games. One game is about 8 habits about myself and another is 7 random facts about me. So I decided to combine both!! hehe

Here goes : 8 Random Habits/Things about Luckie the Dachie
  1. I do not know how to pee/poop outside the house as I am paper trained. So Mom never needs to bring along those doggy bags to pick up my poop.
  2. I have not eaten any wet canned dog food before and I don't get to try many treats cos Mom is very strict with my diet. She says you are what you eat so if I eat well, my fur will be pretty and I will be healthy. So she says. But the hoomans don't seem to be practicing that. I see them eating JUNK food all the time and they do not like to share.
  3. I love belly rubs and will show my belly to anyone (yes, that includes strangers at the park - I'll roll on the floor for them!!). Sometimes, if I get too excited, I still erm...tinkle a teeny weeny bit.
  4. My morning routine consists of Mom greeting me "Good Morning Luckie Girl" and she'll open the play pen for me to get out. But I will not dash out cos I will take my time to stretch like a cat (gasp!!) and then roll on my back for Mom to rub my belly. Then I will stroll out of the play pen with one toy (that depends on which is my favourite toy at the moment).
  5. My night routine consists of Mom switching off the lights and asking me to get inside my bed. Then she'll have to pat/rub/scratch me all over. She is expected to coo goo goo ga ga baby language at me asking me to go to bed and she'll need to say good night Luckie before she leaves the kitchen. Else I will bark for her attention and insist she comes back into the kitchen to repeat the whole routine. If she does it right, I'll be asleep in a jiffy!!
  6. I understand more than one language. The hoomans speak mostly English with me and at times, they use Hokkien dialect and I understand them too. Commonly used Hokkien words includes : Mum Mum - that means there's food to eat!! Gai Gai - that means it's time to go out for walkies!! Or Or Koon - Sleeping Time! I also understand Malay language when Mom says Sayang - that means she loves me and she usually says that when she's doing my night routine.
  7. I will not run out of the kitchen even though the baby gate is open (it is at the kitchen door opening). I will wait for Mom to give the "ok" before I do zoomies around the other parts of the house. I am not allowed to roam the house on my own without the hoomans cos Mom says I am not ready. *whatever*
  8. I taught my Mom how to play BANG with me and she also learnt how to shake paws with me (I need to get a video of that). Hmm..she's quite a slow learner...sheesh..hoomans.
I'm supposed to tag 8 others but I'm a bit confused and have no idea who's been tagged so I'll just go with these 3 - Amber Mae, Hana & Tosca.

Have a great week!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Celebrity Lookalike


I have been tagged by Bentley & Niko for the Celebrity Lookalike game. Whoa, this one is really tough. I never thought that there was someone out there (a hooman?!! yikes!) who actually looked like me. I thought I was special.

Anyhoo, here goes. My Celebrity Lookalike is.......*drumrolls* Jessica Alba!! Is she one cool babe or what? I hear ya'all go : Why Luckie? She's so HOT and you're NOT. No way dudes (or dudettes), I'm as HOT as her and here's why.

  • I have a great figure. She has a great figure. Go figure that out. :) Not convinced? Please look at the top right hand corner of my blog. The pikture of my profile - don't you notice my very busty chest and my perky butt?

  • I'm a chocolate-tan girl. My hair is brown (brunette if you wanna call me that) with golden blonde highlights. I'm as tan as her. She's a brunette with blonde highlights and she has a lovely tan.
  • We even have the same pose. It really shows off the length of our bodies huh? I think Jessica forgot her Mr Brown Bear. ha ha ha...I even toss my ears to one side, just like the way she tossed her hair. It's a sexy messy look.

  • I can give the camera the same sexy intense look Jessica did. Hmm...maybe the pikture above didn't show my expression well enuff. How about this one then?

Maybe after this post, I'll have a list of potential boyfriends lining up. hehe...*blush* Then I'm gonna make a list and convince Mom I'm old enough to date - after my barkday of course. Gosh, puppy love is going to be so sweeeeetttt....*swoon*

I'm going to tag Copper & Joey (Tanner can join in too!).

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Here's my story...what's yours?

Hello frenz,

I have been tagged by Hana to share about how I came about to be a blogging dawgy. Well, I'm pretty new to blogging myself and I haven't even hit my 100th post yet. LOL! Basically, I remembered doing a search on Google for chocolate tan dachshunds and ended up at Hershey's Blog. Mom thought he was the cutest little dachie ever and hoped I'll grow up to be like him one day. Then I found Copper through Hershey and Mom says Copper's the cutest cutest dachie too. We thought it was very cool that Copper's Mom was Hershey's Mom's Mom! :)

Not long after, I met Hana, Fufu and the Daschies too. I loved reading their blogs and always wanted to share our comments so I decided to get a blogger account to start commenting. So I did and made my first few comments to Fufu (He was special cos he was from Singapore too!!), Copper and Hershey. I started my own blog so I could make more friends and share about my life. I looked back on my very first post and realised Copper was the very first one who commented! :) The rest as they say is history. Since then, I made so many great friends. The internet has always been very special to my Mom cos it brought my hoomans together. (Psst...Here's a little secret - my Mom met my Dad on IRC like donkey years back - 12 years ago, they got together and then married after that). Mom says the internet makes the world a smaller place, aint that kewl or what?

I do hope you enjoy reading my blog (yes, even *YOU* sneaky hoomans. I know there are some of you doing that). Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up with blogging and come up with interesting stuffs. Dog forbid one day I end up with writer's block. Dogs with Blogs have been a supportive community and I'm PROUD to be a part of DWB. I love ya'all.....!!

I wanna tag Tadpole and Kaos next. Tell us why you started blogging. :)

On a side note, I asked Mom if I could start dating cos I read about Kaos' boyfriend and I thought maybe I should get one too! She said I'm still too young - whatever!! I've been counting down to my first barkday and I think I'll ask Mom again after I turn one. I wonder if anydog wants to be my boyfriend...or many can I have? I hear Tanner wanting more than one girlfriend so maybe it's normal to have more than one. I dunno?!

Single & Available!!

Yeah, one more thing. Reina blogged about this silly hooman who made really bad comments about her or should I say about dachsies!!! What a meanie...*ggrrrrr*

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Meet my new friend - Mr Collie (is he?)

Hey frenz,

Well, it seems like your hoomans enjoy reading our blogs which is a *total* invasion of our privacy! Seriously, don't they have other things to do? Hmm....maybe I should start reading my Mom's friends blogs or something. :P

Anyhoo, Copper was asking if there are more small dogs or big dogs in Singapore. Well, he was right partially - due to the fact that most of us are living in apartments, most hoomans tend to get smaller dogs. Singapore is a place with a lot of rules and regulations. There is a list of approved breed of dogs for those peepol living in public housing. Check out the list and tell me if you belong to the approved listing! Then you'll be wondering what happens to those bigger dogs? Well, there are hoomans who still keep bigger breeds (Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Huskies, etc) in public housing. Trust me, we have seen them around and some familes have like two or more big dogs. Just pray hard that your neighbour doesn't lodge a complaint with the authorities and all will be fine. Else the authorities will come knocking on your door and they'll ask your hoomans to rehome you!

I met up with a new friend at the park last week. He's a 8 year old Collie (well, I think he is one..please let me know if I'm wrong). He's awfully big...compared to me and yeah, not as perfect as Tosca though.

My new friend - Mr Collie. He's a real gentledog. :) His Mom says he loves small dogs.

MUACK!! Kissy face time......

Yum yum, you taste nice. hee hee... I have no idea what color coat Mr Collie has cos I have not seen a Collie in that shade before. Can any dog tell me?

Some hoomans commented to his kids saying I have a very long tongue. Probably cos I have a long body. Is that ridiculous or what? Plus heellllllooooo Mister, I can hear you alright? Must you talk as if I am not here?

Always nice to take a break after a long walk.

What Dad? Did you say something? Thank dog you are the photographer today and not Mom. *sniggle sniggle*

That's me sitting on Mom's lap. Oh yeah, I cropped away Mom's face cos I didn't want her looks to scare you away from my blog. hehe...the lighting was bootiful. It was evening time and the sun was going down.

I love going for walkies!!!! :)

Aww...keep patting me feels so good!! I love sitting on Mom's lap. :)

I'm hungry & tired. Can we go back now??

Sunday, May 20, 2007

P O R N....what else do our hoomans read?

Dear frenz,

This has gotta be a short post cos I'm using the compooter without Mom's knowledge right now. Remember I said Mom has been behaving in a really suspicious manner each time I see her surfing the Internet? And yes, I did GOOGLE up the word P O R N and yikes, I'm getting all sorts of weird and not to mention rude stuffs (I'm not going to go into that). But I must say I noticed BANG videos seem awfully popular on this P O R N search.

Anyhoo, I think it's time I evaluate Mom's surfing habits and decided to check out her bookmarks to make sure she's not doing anything notti without my knowledge. tsk tsk...we really need to keep our hoomans under our watchful eyes.

Here are some webbies that Mom loves to visit and yeah, P O R N was one of them!?!

  1. Food Porn Recipe Maven - I checked out this site and there are lotsa great pics of yummy food but the food featured doesn't seem to be for US! But it does look like a clean wholesome website. Phew ~ Maybe Mom's trying to improve her cooking skills and perhaps not burn our kitchen down. har har har
  2. Bake Bake Bake - OM dog!! Those cakes are so bootiful...I think maybe Mom's trying to learn how to bake me a cake for my barkday next month! *drools*
  3. Singapore Dogs Forum - Mom's a big fan of forums and she says she learnt a lot from the forum peepol before she decided to get me. Whatever.....I told her she can always ask my blogging frenz if she needs any help. I'm sure you fellas will be more than willing to help her.
  4. Doggiesite - This is another local dawg forum Mom reads regularly.
  5. Hotdog Blog - Another popular online community for dachshunds.
Gee - I realised she bookmarked a lot of your BLOGS...she must have been reading your blogs without my knowledge! Can't a dog have some privacy here?

So tell me, what do your hoomans read?

PS : Sorry about the lack of piktures - I know how much you all enjoy piktures. :) I have like tons of piktures and so much to blog. My hoomans haven't gone to work for the past few days and that is making me kinda worried. No work = no treats/greenies?? They have been bringing me out A LOT more than usual so that explains why I have so much to blog about. Uh comes Mom!! I gotta go like now!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Concert at the Park (Warning - Piktures Galore!)

Hiya frenz,

It's really nice of you fellas to comfort dear Mom on her photography skills. Now she's convinced that she can do a decent enuff job and have begged me to allow her to continue on being my official photographer. Gee, I's tough to find new help recently so I'll stick for her for now. I just hope she doesn't screw up again.

Anyhoo, I have been busy lately making new friends and checking out new events and places. In fact, I attended a concert at the park last Sunday. The Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) held an outdoor concert event at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. There were a lot of hoomans just bumming around and enjoying the music. Some of them also brought their dogs and hooman pups along. The following piktures are from Dad so enjoy them please!! :)

Check out the number of hoomans! Dad was worried I'll be freaked out by the number of hoomans around but I was calm and basically couldn't care less about the hoomans simply cos there were too many dogs there. It was like walk walk walk...and oh look, a dog! Kissy faces and sniff sniff time...and let's walk walk walk...oh another dog! I think you get what I mean right? The music was lovely unfortunately, we didn't have time to sit through the entire concert. I did show my appreciation though, when the hoomans started to clap after each set of music was played, I barked really *LOUD* at the very same time. (Luckie's Mom - yeah, she did that only at the moment the music finished each time. Talk about showing appreciation huh?)

We saw many bootiful flowers which reminded me of Copper's yard. He blogged about his home today and said Augusta is known as Garden City. The tropical weather in Singapore means we have lotsa colorful flowers everywhere all the time.

Some flowers we saw. The colors look so vibrant!

There were also many birdies at the park and gee, I can't seem to stand those birdies recently and keep wanting to go after them.

Some lucky dog having the time of her life chasing those birdies (pigeons). Man, I wish that was ME!! Her hooman brother was feeding them bread even though there was a sign saying next to them saying "PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE PIGEONS AS THEIR DROPPINGS ARE UNHYGIENIC". I guess we dawgs read signs better than hoomans at times.

Just look at her go!! She's running along with her leash. By the way, her name is Poochi and she's a silky terrier. How do I know? Well, we walked past them and I wanted to make friends but her hooman dragged her away really fast from me and said.."Let's go Poochi". Gee, I dunno..maybe it was the look or should I say smell of my sweaty (aka smelly) Mom who frightened Pooch's hooman away from me. It can't be me for sure cos I don't sweat.

We saw this dog running into the lake to play fetch with his hooman brother. I thought he looked like Bear from The Brat Pack.

Sure looks like fun~

Shake shake shake... I must say he could really schwim! He dived straight into the lake and was paddling furiously just to fetch his stick. Way COOL!! I wanna do that too!!

After all that excitement, I met some new friends!! :) That's me - Small Size Luckie. And there's this medium size King Charles Cavalier Spaniel (KCCS) and a large size Golden Retriever (GR)! All 3 different sizes. Miss GR was really friendly and she was very gentle. But Mr KCCS was very excited and only wanted to sniff our butts so that was why Miss GR decided to sit down and deny him from doing that. har har har...

He's still trying. I was trying to figure out what's going on at the back.

And trying and trying. He didn't give up until his hooman finally had to pull him away. I dunno if I should be feeling offended and less of a lady, he didn't seem very interested in my butt.

Aww ~ isn't she sweet? We were busy with kissy faces and Miss GR had to bend down just to reach me! Note that he's still trying to have a go at her butt.

I love going to the park especially when I get to make new friends and do new fun stuffs!!

One last shot. :) That's me and Mom walking down a foot reflexology path. Apparently, hoomans have to walk barefooted on those stones and it'll help promote blood circulation or sumething. Mom said it's painful so she'll keep her sandals on. I felt that the stones were ok...didn't seem to make a difference to my paws.

This has been another long post and boy am I tired. I noticed that Mom has been hogging the compooter and each time I try to get closer, she'll change the screen to my webpage. I'm getting really suspicious I tell ya..I managed to notice this word P O R N on the website she was browsing. I have no idea what it means but I'll go Google it later. Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More Piktures and Google Searches

Hello frenz,

I promised earlier to show you some of Mom's work (piktures) as comparison with Dad's work just so you can tell how pathetic her photo taking skills are. So most of the time when Mom's the one with the camera, I know there's a 50-50% chance my face will not even appear in the pikture (Luckie's Mom : Oh come's not *that* bad!!) Well Mom, it's not that bad...but VERY VERY bad. I guess I'll let the piktures speak for themselves.

Here's Magic. Can't recognise her from the earlier piktures? I don't blame you...Mom just snaps away without waiting for us to give her our very best pose.

Here's Chomel. She looks like she can't wait to escape from Mom. Actually, she was looking for an escape route that's why she wasn't even look at Mom's camera. ha ha ha

That's me - looking very bored and waiting for Mom to finish up with her piktures. She takes super long just to prepare the camera.

Don't bother adjusting your compooter screen cos this looks super blurry. It's my Mom's shaky hands. Mind you, that's with the stablisation thingy on where piktures are supposed to come out looking less blurry. I understand that function is to help hoomans with very shaky hands. I was sitting on their little sofa. Yeah, they have a sofa besides Aunt J's sofa.

Basically, it's either I engage a new photographer (Dad?? Are you reading this?) or learn to use the camera with my paws. Anyhoo, the good news is I went to a concert at a park last weekend too!! Dad was the one providing the piktures so I'll be blogging about that soon. :)

Hmm..on a side note, I have been checking out the google searches which have been linked to my blog and it's really interesting what those searches results came out with.

Here's the top 5 Google searches. (I'll start with the least common one)
  1. Chocolate Tan Dachshund - yeah, what can I say? That's me alright. I'll bet they wish they had a chocolate tan dachshund like me.
  2. Silky Long Hair - I bet they were looking for tips on how to keep their hair long and silky. And yes, they have certainly come to the right place for the latest beauty tips and trends. My long silky hair...ah...the list goes on and on.
  3. Dognuts - This one got me a little confused. Maybe they wanted to find out more about those Krispy Kreme Dognuts Dad brought back from USA for Mom a couple of months ago? Those dognuts survived -20 degrees temperature and also a 24 hour flight to Singapore! Unbelievable.
  4. Yogi Pee Tray - Seriously, Yogi should be paying me for all endorsing their products. The pee tray seems to be a particularly curious topic for hoomans. I wonder if they need a pee tray in each of their rooms or something so that it's easy for them to go take a leak?
  5. Bang my Mom - This one is really strange..I didn't know so many peepol enjoy playing bang with their Mom~!! I bet my video must be circulating big time on the internet! (Luckie's Mom : Erm, Luckie, I don't think that's what it means but anyway, I think you're a bit too young to just forget about that ok?)
I have been awfully busy lately and I just finished up a major surgery with my stuffie. The hoomans have been totally blown away by my latest work. I have to find time to blog about this too.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Tribute to Fufu


One of my first few friends in the blogging world has gone to the rainbow bridge. I am sadden by the news as he had been really special to me and my Mom. This is truly a sad Monday. :(

We will miss you so much FuFu. Rest in Peace.

Eil, please be strong and we will give Girl Girl our upmost support.

Meet Magic & Chomel (WARNING - Pics Galore!!)

Howdy frenz,

It has to be my busiest weekend *ever*!! Firstly, we went to visit Dad's Aunt J who loves doggies and has two dogs called Magic & Chomel. Now, this was the first time I went visiting her place and also my very first time meeting them so Mom was a tad bit nervy. She was worried I would misbehave. That's just rubbish - I was on my BEST behaviour alright? Aunt J said I was a friendly kid. *blush* And that was despite my peeing incident on her BED! LOL!!
This is Chomel - she's a 6 years old Silky Terrier.

Does she look happy or what? :) She doesn't look very much like a Silky Terrier cos Aunt J just asked the groomers to trim her hair. I dunno why but she seems a tad bit afriad of me. I was happy to play with her and we did a couple of zoomies around the house!! (Luckie's Mom - This is the first time Luckie met a dog smaller than her. She was very gentle and wanted to rub noses & play kissy faces most of the time. She didn't even try to sniff Chomel's butt - very polite! Luckie's tail never stopped wagging!! She was so happy!) Aunt J said Chomel used to be sick when she was younger and is very timid by nature. The last time some other dog came over to visit her, Chomel was so afriad that she couldn't eat for two weeks! I hope she didn't find me too swcary!!
She has a very long tongue eh?

Now meet Magic - Chomel's sister! She's 16 years old - a Chihuahua cross with Silky Terrier. She's really old but very feisty. She's really tiny and Mom can hold her up in her palm. Mom says she weighs like maybe 500gm or 800gm the most.

She has to put on a t-shirt all the time cos she doesn't have much hair left. She gets cold really easily.

She feels very insecure and needs to be surrounded by pillows and blankies. She has lost her sight and hobbles around very slowly. She has lost most of her teeth too and needs to take soft food. Aunt J says she can't hear very well or smell her food too. :(
Isn't that cute? She's winking at us! What a sexy pose!!Woo hoo!!

She spends most of her time sleeping . Awww..she sleeps like a baby!! I was really gentle with her and well, she's so tiny so I can't really play with her. We just did kissy faces most of the time.

Dad trying to get them to stay in place for a group shot. And you may be asking where's LUCKIE? Well, Mom held me down cos she said I'll try to mess up the shot. Crap huh? Anyhoo, check out that cutie Superman Tee on Magic. She's really teeny weeny huh?
Oops - where's Magic going? Chomel sure looks ready!
Say CHEESE? :)
One last shot!

I can hear ya'all going where's LUCKIE? I wanna see LUCKIE. So here's a shot of myself in case you thought you went to Magic & Chomel's blog instead. har har har.... Oh wait, I see Chomel in the background. She's so FAR from me. i that scwary?
Ah ha, I get to take a pikture with Magic too. :) I'm positively happy - check out my cheesy grin.
Dad's done with his pikctures so I'm going for the rawhide. heh heh... I didn't any piktures of Chomel and me cos she's too afriad to sit beside me. Darn, I don't no no...maybe another time.
These pikctures were brought to you by Dad's kicka** SLR camera. It's quite obvious huh? There was no way Mom could deliver such bootiful piktures. Anyhoo, she did snap some lousy pikctures too and I shall post them up for comparison soon.
PS : In case you wanna know more about the peeing on bed incident, here goes. The hoomans wanted to put me and Chomel on the bed for some pikctures. I started sniffing around and decided that I should mark my territory cos this bed smells da BOMB. And so I did. Aunt J's ok..Luckie didn't mean any harm and I got off totally free! No JAIL - I love Aunt J. :)