Monday, May 14, 2007

Meet Magic & Chomel (WARNING - Pics Galore!!)

Howdy frenz,

It has to be my busiest weekend *ever*!! Firstly, we went to visit Dad's Aunt J who loves doggies and has two dogs called Magic & Chomel. Now, this was the first time I went visiting her place and also my very first time meeting them so Mom was a tad bit nervy. She was worried I would misbehave. That's just rubbish - I was on my BEST behaviour alright? Aunt J said I was a friendly kid. *blush* And that was despite my peeing incident on her BED! LOL!!
This is Chomel - she's a 6 years old Silky Terrier.

Does she look happy or what? :) She doesn't look very much like a Silky Terrier cos Aunt J just asked the groomers to trim her hair. I dunno why but she seems a tad bit afriad of me. I was happy to play with her and we did a couple of zoomies around the house!! (Luckie's Mom - This is the first time Luckie met a dog smaller than her. She was very gentle and wanted to rub noses & play kissy faces most of the time. She didn't even try to sniff Chomel's butt - very polite! Luckie's tail never stopped wagging!! She was so happy!) Aunt J said Chomel used to be sick when she was younger and is very timid by nature. The last time some other dog came over to visit her, Chomel was so afriad that she couldn't eat for two weeks! I hope she didn't find me too swcary!!
She has a very long tongue eh?

Now meet Magic - Chomel's sister! She's 16 years old - a Chihuahua cross with Silky Terrier. She's really old but very feisty. She's really tiny and Mom can hold her up in her palm. Mom says she weighs like maybe 500gm or 800gm the most.

She has to put on a t-shirt all the time cos she doesn't have much hair left. She gets cold really easily.

She feels very insecure and needs to be surrounded by pillows and blankies. She has lost her sight and hobbles around very slowly. She has lost most of her teeth too and needs to take soft food. Aunt J says she can't hear very well or smell her food too. :(
Isn't that cute? She's winking at us! What a sexy pose!!Woo hoo!!

She spends most of her time sleeping . Awww..she sleeps like a baby!! I was really gentle with her and well, she's so tiny so I can't really play with her. We just did kissy faces most of the time.

Dad trying to get them to stay in place for a group shot. And you may be asking where's LUCKIE? Well, Mom held me down cos she said I'll try to mess up the shot. Crap huh? Anyhoo, check out that cutie Superman Tee on Magic. She's really teeny weeny huh?
Oops - where's Magic going? Chomel sure looks ready!
Say CHEESE? :)
One last shot!

I can hear ya'all going where's LUCKIE? I wanna see LUCKIE. So here's a shot of myself in case you thought you went to Magic & Chomel's blog instead. har har har.... Oh wait, I see Chomel in the background. She's so FAR from me. i that scwary?
Ah ha, I get to take a pikture with Magic too. :) I'm positively happy - check out my cheesy grin.
Dad's done with his pikctures so I'm going for the rawhide. heh heh... I didn't any piktures of Chomel and me cos she's too afriad to sit beside me. Darn, I don't no no...maybe another time.
These pikctures were brought to you by Dad's kicka** SLR camera. It's quite obvious huh? There was no way Mom could deliver such bootiful piktures. Anyhoo, she did snap some lousy pikctures too and I shall post them up for comparison soon.
PS : In case you wanna know more about the peeing on bed incident, here goes. The hoomans wanted to put me and Chomel on the bed for some pikctures. I started sniffing around and decided that I should mark my territory cos this bed smells da BOMB. And so I did. Aunt J's ok..Luckie didn't mean any harm and I got off totally free! No JAIL - I love Aunt J. :)


Boo said...

wow, magic got the biggest eyes i ever see. yeah, i think she's winking at me. *blush blush*

wet wet licks


Maggie said...

Magic is sure a teeny tiny thing! Cute doggies!

Love ya lots,

JustMeCopper said...

Wwo, two tiny doggies. I am glad you got to visit them.

Ruby Bleu said...

Magic is so tiny...I don't think I was that tiny even as a puppy. I'm not sure why Chomel didn't want to play with are such a nice girl Luckie...maybe next time.

I would totally play with you if you were visiting me!!!

Lots of licks, Ruby

Murphey said...

Wow, it looks like you had fun, you look really happy in those photos!


Amber-Mae said...

Wow, that little one's got scary eyes... Does he have some problems with his eyes like Jay the Yorkie/Silky? But he looks cute anyway! You three look cute together!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Lorenza said...

Hi Luckie. Having friends to play with is awesome. Sure you had great time.