Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007...Hello 2008!

Hello Everydog & Girl Girl,

I am still alive and kicking. I realised that it has been close to 2 weeks since I last blogged. *yikes* Christmas went past really fast and yes, I had lotsa pressies. I did not get to attend any pawty at all. :( However, I was able to spend quality time with my hoomans. That means more to me than any pressies in the world! I'd like to take the chance to thank everydog who had sent us lovely cards and well wishes. Thank you so very much for everything - being such great friends.

Excuse me while I continue with my celebration to usher in the new year (2008!!!!). I promise to be back in 2008 bigger & better! *wink* 2007 has been a year with lotsa ups and downs for my family. I am looking foward to 2008 because we should always look forward and not live in the past. I wish everydog & Girl Girl (together with your hoomans) a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! I shall see you guys next year.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I love my ROCK!

Hello Everydog & Girl Girl,

After raining for the last couple of days (almost non stop in fact), the weather finally cleared up today. Mr Sun is back in action and let's hope he stays here until over the weekend. I haven't been doing much at home cos it's been way too cold. I just lie there waiting for *something* to happen but looks like nothing is going to happen.

I was supposed to share these piktures earlier but I kinda forgot about them. heh heh.. I found my very first special rock during one of my walks. I was pawticularly inspired by Ms Sunshade who has her very own special collection of rocks. I tried to play fetch with it but it didn't roll very well. Then I tried playing football with it too. I tried chewing on it but Mom stopped me cos she said it was bad for my teeth. I thought it was a splendid idea to strike a pose with the rock between my paws.

I decided to bring it home and Mom said she'd carry it for me. :) Hmm...the strange thing is, I don't see my rock at home now. I wonder where did Mom keep the rock? MOM????? *Luckie's Mom : Oh Luckie, I thought you wanted to chew on the lamb ear? Go on, chew on it... Erm..we'll talk about the rock some other time.*

Dad was having a fine time with his new camera lens and I like this pikture a lot. I must have been really tired after my walk. hehe...Just look how long my tongue is! :) I am glad you guys think I showed that truck how fierce I can be. Unforunately, I didn't get to destroy it and it still works. Shucks. :(

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Don't mess with me...

Hello frenz,

I did not get to attend my auntie's barkday pawty. My hoomans fed my dinner really early and told me to get some rest and the next thing I know, they were GONE for like HOURS!! :( I can't believe they were so mean to me. *sniff sniff*

With all that pent up anger inside me, I definately needed to find a way to rant! Feeling bad (they should! HARUMMPH), Dad decided to amuse me (or issit really himself) with this new toy.

Take 1 - Luckie plays with her Truck

Take 2 - Luckie plays with her Truck

So what do you think? Did I manage to show that thing I mean business? Don't mess with me or else......

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Belly Belly Good....

Hey frenz,

The weekend is just round the corner. My hoomans will be going for a family gathering to celebrate Mom's sister barkday. I heard that there will be a yummy cake and lotsa food. I'm working hard to convince Mom to bring me along although I heard her telling Dad if I do get to go along, she won't be able to eat in "peace". I think she meant, she cannot eat any peas. I know my Mom hates peas. Does anydog or person like peas for that matter?

Anyhoo, I have to spend some time catching up on my beauty sleep. I need to look my best since I'm meeting the rest of the family. :)

Hey Mom - don't stop scratching okay? A little more to the right please.....

I never get bored of belly rubs! :)

Have a good weekend everydog & Girl Girl. :)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dumplings for you?

Hi my frenz,

Mom had been busy cooking up a storm lately. Pawsonally, I'd prefer if she's cooking food for me to devour. But apparently, that's not the case. It's for those greedy gluttons at home. Anyhoo, she made dumplings soup for lunch. What goes into those dumplings? It's minced meat, shrimps ,chestnuts and some seasoning (you can add in other stuffs too! But this is just a basic filling). She & Dad then started filling up these dumpling skins with the fillings. You see that farnie looking round shaped one? That was made by Dad. He wanted to make it look like a wonton. I'm sorry I don't have the recipe to share cos Mom cooks by memory and doesn't do measurements very well. Everything is a dash of this..a dash of that. *sighz*

Mom put the dumplings into the water to boil. If they start to float, that means they are cooked and ready to be served.

Voila! This is the end product. Dumpling soup with vegetables! :)

I have no idea why she didn't keep any of these for me. Those gluttons just finished every bit of the food! How selfish huh?

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Thanks Hana!

Hello Everydog & Girl Girl,

I received my first Christmas card for 2007 today from my BFF, Hana. That's some feat considering we did not pawticipate in the Christmas card exchange. And why didn't we join in the fun? *darts a dirty look at Mom* Gee, I really have no idea.... Look how bootiful Hana looks with her festive Christmas ribbon necklace. Thanks for the lovely card!!

She also took some time to write me a sweet note. She has really good paw-riting for a doggy. You can read it here. She's really kind to say that my Mom's piktures look nice too. har har... That'd really make Mom's head get bigger and bigger. Maybe that'd be a good thing too considering that she always says she has a big butt. A bigger head would help to balance out the whole body. LOL!!

How was your weekend? The weather finally cleared up after a few weeks of thunderstorms and my hoomans bought me to the park for a walk. Dad took some piktures of some scary looking bugs. I will try to upload them when they are ready. I also met another red long hair daschie called Al. He's really a shy dude and I shared some water with him. Yes, my maid oopsie..I mean Mom carries a bag of stuffs belonging to me when we travel. I never believe in travelling light! Why should I? I mean, I'm not the one carrying al l the stuffs. *wink*

Have a good week ahead. I have lotsa new piktures to share. :) Coming right up folks.....