Thursday, May 17, 2007

Concert at the Park (Warning - Piktures Galore!)

Hiya frenz,

It's really nice of you fellas to comfort dear Mom on her photography skills. Now she's convinced that she can do a decent enuff job and have begged me to allow her to continue on being my official photographer. Gee, I's tough to find new help recently so I'll stick for her for now. I just hope she doesn't screw up again.

Anyhoo, I have been busy lately making new friends and checking out new events and places. In fact, I attended a concert at the park last Sunday. The Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) held an outdoor concert event at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. There were a lot of hoomans just bumming around and enjoying the music. Some of them also brought their dogs and hooman pups along. The following piktures are from Dad so enjoy them please!! :)

Check out the number of hoomans! Dad was worried I'll be freaked out by the number of hoomans around but I was calm and basically couldn't care less about the hoomans simply cos there were too many dogs there. It was like walk walk walk...and oh look, a dog! Kissy faces and sniff sniff time...and let's walk walk walk...oh another dog! I think you get what I mean right? The music was lovely unfortunately, we didn't have time to sit through the entire concert. I did show my appreciation though, when the hoomans started to clap after each set of music was played, I barked really *LOUD* at the very same time. (Luckie's Mom - yeah, she did that only at the moment the music finished each time. Talk about showing appreciation huh?)

We saw many bootiful flowers which reminded me of Copper's yard. He blogged about his home today and said Augusta is known as Garden City. The tropical weather in Singapore means we have lotsa colorful flowers everywhere all the time.

Some flowers we saw. The colors look so vibrant!

There were also many birdies at the park and gee, I can't seem to stand those birdies recently and keep wanting to go after them.

Some lucky dog having the time of her life chasing those birdies (pigeons). Man, I wish that was ME!! Her hooman brother was feeding them bread even though there was a sign saying next to them saying "PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE PIGEONS AS THEIR DROPPINGS ARE UNHYGIENIC". I guess we dawgs read signs better than hoomans at times.

Just look at her go!! She's running along with her leash. By the way, her name is Poochi and she's a silky terrier. How do I know? Well, we walked past them and I wanted to make friends but her hooman dragged her away really fast from me and said.."Let's go Poochi". Gee, I dunno..maybe it was the look or should I say smell of my sweaty (aka smelly) Mom who frightened Pooch's hooman away from me. It can't be me for sure cos I don't sweat.

We saw this dog running into the lake to play fetch with his hooman brother. I thought he looked like Bear from The Brat Pack.

Sure looks like fun~

Shake shake shake... I must say he could really schwim! He dived straight into the lake and was paddling furiously just to fetch his stick. Way COOL!! I wanna do that too!!

After all that excitement, I met some new friends!! :) That's me - Small Size Luckie. And there's this medium size King Charles Cavalier Spaniel (KCCS) and a large size Golden Retriever (GR)! All 3 different sizes. Miss GR was really friendly and she was very gentle. But Mr KCCS was very excited and only wanted to sniff our butts so that was why Miss GR decided to sit down and deny him from doing that. har har har...

He's still trying. I was trying to figure out what's going on at the back.

And trying and trying. He didn't give up until his hooman finally had to pull him away. I dunno if I should be feeling offended and less of a lady, he didn't seem very interested in my butt.

Aww ~ isn't she sweet? We were busy with kissy faces and Miss GR had to bend down just to reach me! Note that he's still trying to have a go at her butt.

I love going to the park especially when I get to make new friends and do new fun stuffs!!

One last shot. :) That's me and Mom walking down a foot reflexology path. Apparently, hoomans have to walk barefooted on those stones and it'll help promote blood circulation or sumething. Mom said it's painful so she'll keep her sandals on. I felt that the stones were ok...didn't seem to make a difference to my paws.

This has been another long post and boy am I tired. I noticed that Mom has been hogging the compooter and each time I try to get closer, she'll change the screen to my webpage. I'm getting really suspicious I tell ya..I managed to notice this word P O R N on the website she was browsing. I have no idea what it means but I'll go Google it later. Wish me luck!!


Lady Kaos said...

That concery looked fun, but the dog in the water looked even more fun! That would be me! There's a pond like that here in town, but Mom says I can't jump in it because I'd scare all the ducks away! Who cares about ducks!!!

Tadpole said...

My goodness those birdies look kinda scary! One flew right at my head one time and now I stay away from them!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Luckie. You had a complete day!
Concert, birds, new friends, water.
I want a sunday like yours!
Have a nice day!

Maggie said...

I bark when people clap too and everybody laughs! It's like we're showing our appreciation too, huh??!!

Love ya lots,

JustMeCopper said...

I love to read about Singapore Luckie. It looks pretty ... and hot. The flowers ae pretty. I think you better watch your Mom closer though. Tell her to be nice.

Suki said...

Uh, your mom was looking at porn? What's that?

Those flowers are pretty, we have lots of tropical flowers here, too. Jasmine is my mommy's favorite. That and orange blossoms!

Puggy kisses

Boo said...

luckie, those flowers, look like painting. if you didn't point it out it's real, i thought those are fakes! hehehe.

i tell ya luckie, i hate those owners that thinks their dogs are made of gold and do not want them to mingle wif us "common" dogs like we have disease or something. u know that's so rude. if their dogs have bad temper or something like that, they should just say "sorry, but my dog bites" and move on and not dragging them away like we have diseases. rite?

wet wet licks


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hi Luckie, oh there's so many heads in the first picture. I ran out of fingers to count... Ms GR sure looks like a friendly doggie.

Maybe your mum was searching for CORN instead??

~ Girl girl

Reina the Doxie said...

Wow! It seems that you had alot of fun!!!

Dachsies Rule said...

Gosh Luckie, you have been busy! It was good of you to show your appreciation for the music. And you were so nice when you met all the other doggies. Your mom must have been very proud of you!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Ferndoggle said...

What a fun day! All those doggies to play with. I would have grumped & scared them all away because I don't share my Mom with NO ONE!

I think she was looking to get you one of Tanner's CORN shanks.


Amber-Mae said...

It looked like a lot of fun Luckie! Did you have fun? And by the way, I look way better than that Miss sweet Goldie. Ehehehe!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Chilli the Dog said...

Hiya Luckie!

Wow...looks like you had fun at Botanical Gardens. My mummy wont bring me there cuz she's afraid I might jump into the pond. Mebbe I should show her your blog and convince her it's okay for me to do just that..ha..ha..

BTW...I too bark loudly whenever people clap :) It's our way of showing appreciation rite...


PerfectTosca said...

WOW that concert park looks a lot like the place mom goes in Tanglewood Mass, where the Boston Pops plays outside. Mom loves the symphony but she says I can't go to that place. Harumph!

hana said...

Are those flowers plumeria?