Saturday, March 17, 2007

Great fun...great smells...

Hiya friends,

What a busy day it has been for me. The hoomans decided to bring me out to a park - well I did see a couple of doggies but we didn't get a chance to say HI. The park was close to the sea so I spent some time sniffing about and also enjoying the sea breeze. Dad decided to take some shots of me sitting in the sun cos he said the sun brought out the highlights in my hair. Well, it was freaking hot and being asked to pose non stop is tiring business. In case you're wondering, Mom didn't have much trouble putting the harnass on for me today. I wasn't squirming around too much perhaps cos I was just very excited about going out!

We met some really nice old looking hoomans. Yeah, they were happy to see me and of course I was on my *best* behavior. Some bicycles and hooman pups went by me and I didn't bother to bark or go after them too. Yes siree, I was really a good girl. :)

The folks then brought me to a pet shop where I got to meet many many pups! There was a big black poodle (like Isabella) who was only 6 months but look much bigger than me. We saw boxer puppies, Golden Retriever puppies, Corgis puppies, chihuahuas puppies and many more! We saw this lovely black tan Shiba Inu too and a keeshund. There were so many doggies smells and it was very very exciting for me indeed. I made two friends there! Both were Shiz tzus and they had the longest beautiful looking hair. Mom couldn't take any pictures cos the silly pet shop didn't allow us to do so. NO photography - so Mom being a law abiding citizen did not snap any pictures.

I saw a lot of yummy looking treats and sad to say Mom refused to get any new treats for me. Alrighty Mom, no treats for me then after all you are the one eating my treats so I guess when my treats run out, you'll probably feel so desperate for more treats that you'll end up running to the shop to get more!

Just when I thought the day would be over, the folks brought me to another park! Gee, they really want to tire me out today but it's good. :) You see, my hoomans don't own a car. So going out with me can be quite difficult. They should really consider getting a car - even Fufu has one. And how about those beetles or minis that I read about? I'm quite sure I'll be able to fit into the Mini mobile just fine.

Lots of pictures coming right up - so stay tuned!

In the mean time, here's a video of me enjoying my apple!

I love apples starring Luckie & an apple feat. Mom's hands - Part 1

I love apples starring Luckie & an apple feat. Mom's hands - Part 2

I'm pooped. I hear Mom calling me for my weekly bath time. :)


hana said...

Wowie zowie!! You get to eat apples right off the core! I hope the stuff doesn't get stuck in your front teeth though.

Chelsea said...

I don't like apples but, then again I am the pickiest eater ever.

I turn my nose up at things most doggies would do flips for.


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Your mom didn't buy you any treats? I wouldn't allow that behavior if I were you!!


Jasper said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day, you are lucky! Those apples look good....

Hammer said...

Hello Luckie

You're a good girl eating apples. Mum tries to get us to eat apples, but we don't like them even when she puts them in Jalna yoghurt. We love carrots though.

Fancy your mum not buying you any treats. I'd get on her case about that one.

Bye from Hammer in Australia