Friday, March 16, 2007

I think the hoomans need help....

Hey friendz,

Mom was really inspired by Joey & Tanner's yummy dinner and she decided to get some yogurt for me too. You see, I have *never* eaten any yogurt before so I must say it was really delicious. She mixed it with apples & kibbles. Yum Yum ~ I actually licked the bowl clean. I love eating apples!! :)

But Mom still has to work on her presentation skills. I expect my food to be presented nicely and not messed up altogether which she always does so that I won't figure out what's inside and eat everything up. I'm not being too *prissy* am I? Cos I don't see hoomans eating messed up food so I figured out I should get the same if not *better* treatment!

I'm waiting very patiently for my messed up food. Mom made minced beef and she mixed it with some beef broth & kibbles. No points for presentation ~ but taste wise, I can't complain too much. If it's meat ~ It's good.

I'm enjoying the food. :) So quit taking pictures of me.

Still enjoying it. I'm a very slow eater.

Oh, I thought Mom bought me some LuvaBone Biscuits the other day but I was wrong! She got me these small teeny biscuits called Honey Polo. It's a snack from Doggyman who also make one of my favourite toy - Mr Alfred the Bear. He's the bear with the cutey underpants. I have no idea who Mr Doggyman is but he sure is a great guy! Well, maybe not as great as the people from JW who make Cuz toys. haha

When I say small, I mean really small biscuits. That's the actual size of the biscuit. They taste very yummy and smell great!! And you know what? They just melt in your mouth.

But that aside, I have a bigger problem on hand! I think my hoomans need HELP! I caught them in the act of eating my BISCUITS! Yeah, these tiny honey polo biscuits! Have they gone bonkers? Why are they eating my biscuits? I can't eat hooman's biscuits but they can eat MINE? Do you think they need to see a dogtor soon? Sheesh! I'm beginning to think the hoomans may be happily helping themselves to my rawhides & greenies too. No wonder Mom keeps complaining about how quickly the rawhides & greenies runs out.

(Luckie's Mom ~ actually we do have biscuits for hoomans looking exactly like these and we call them wang wang biscuits. And yes, they taste exactly the same and make great snacks!)


Fu Fu said...

*Gasp* Luckie, do you think your humans are snacking on your rawhides and treats? That small biscuit does look very yummy...
You look cute in that first pic waiting for the food. Will the food get to your ear when you eat? Coz I noticed that your ear hair is long..

~ fufu

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Luckie,
I have tried those biscuits before.. but with a funny outcome!! Instead of eating it, I was rolling it around my food bowl, so the hoomans were pretty amused. Have you tried dried apple slices?? They are heavenly..

Dachsies Rule said...

Oh, those biscuits sound yummy! We must be the most deprived dogs on the Internet because we don't get people food or yummy biscuits like yours. Lucky for us that we get lots of petting and cuddles so we guess we will stay here. Keep an eye on those humans so they don't eat all of your yummy treats!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

hana said...

Dear Luckie's Mom,
The fact that you KNOW that YOUR biscuits and LUCKIE'S biscuits taste exactly the same is PROOF that you have been eating Luckie's biscuits. Shame on you!
Hana the Dog

Liberty Doo Dah said...

Oh my! Shame on your hoomans for eating your treats! I am OUTRAGED by their shameless behaviour! Perhaps you should be hiding your treats from them?! I could come over and counter surf them off their hiding place for you!

Peanut said...

Flash and I like yogurt too. It is good. How come you eat so slow? I would lose my food to Flash if that happened. Oh and those tiny little treats. Not even a treat for me. But since you are so much smaller (mom sometimes says she should have gotten a little dog) they are perfect for you.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Luckie Girl,
We love yogurt too. Mama just plops a big spoonful onto our kibble & our salmon oil. We don't really care what it looks like as long as it tastes yummy, hehehe. Your Mama must have tasted your biscuits, otherwise how would she know that they taste the same???
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers