Monday, March 26, 2007

Teach me how to play bang bang with Mom.....

Hiya frendz,

It was another quiet and uneventful weekend. I got to go out for a short walk (it was really short - period) so I don't have much to say about that. I was expecting a trip to some park again but Mom said they had some places to go and things to do (yeah yeah yeah...*nag nag nag*).

The hoomans have been busy watching movies late into the night and that kinda annoys me cos I really need my beauty sleep. Just last night, they watched this silly moooovie called Happy Feet. It's a about some bird dancing or tapping. Lotsa of singing and dancing...I hope Mom doesn't get some idea about teaching me how to dance or worse, Mom decides to learn how to dance! She's got two left feet right now and I already need to avoid her in the kitchen. Don't get me started on those times my poor tail was stepped on by the hoomans! Mom complains that I always try to trip them by going between their legs while they walk. That's quite silly, why should I do that? Don't they look before they walk? They are in *MY* way cos the kitchen belongs to me. :)

Mom has been trying to train me to play BANG BANG (Luckie's Mom : I think she means play dead) with her. She didn't want to use my yummylicious treats - cheapskate Mom (Luckie's Mom : That's not true, I wanted the treats to be healthy so I gave her apples!). Anyway, she didn't succeed with the BANG BANG trick, in fact, I heard her say she wanted to go BANG BANG her head against the wall or something. hahaha...that's farnie. Imagine me going BANG BANG..and Mom goes bang her head against the wall or something. Do you think I could train her to do that?

Seriously, I think the problem lies with Mom cos we dawgs can do anything we want to right? So friends, please teach Mom how to play BANG BANG - play dead with me? I'm not very good with the DOWN command so I'll work on that in the mean time.

Just some random shots. :)

Mom seems quite afraid that her fingers will be bitten off by me. har har har

Why do apples taste so good? Especially if they are COLD and oh so sweet!!


billiejean said...


I eat apple every morning! But my favorite is the yogurt. Oh, the fruits I love are mango and plum. I can not eat grapes.

Billie Jean

billiejean said...


The two yogurt brands are farmland and greece. Mummy got them from NTUC.


billiejean said...


oops, I meant the yogurt brands are Farmer's Union (one is normal, original, another one is Greek style). sorry for the confusion.


Fu Fu said...

Hey Luckie, I like apples. Be careful of your tail when your humans are dancing around you.

ps Eil just finished Epi 2 of the planet show. (She's so slow...) The part where the guy sang silent night and the villages do folk dancing around him so funny. heee

~ fufu

maggie said...

i love apples tooooooo

Maggie said...

Me too! I love apples too! Aren't they the best!

Love ya lots,

Dachsies Rule said...

We want apples! Please tell our mom to give us apples. Tell her dachsies NEED apples, okay?

What is bang, bang? We don't know that though we have seen Mom bang into the wall when we trip her as we are going down the hallway. Does that count?

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

PiratesGrrl said...

Yum, apples! We used to have a tree in the backyard that we could eat apples off of but not anymore. Lucky you!

The Brat Pack

Joe Stains said...

I dont like apples so much, but I looove bananas

Chelsea said...

I don't like apples. Only because I have so many other foods at my disposal.


hana said...

My mom taught me how to "play dead." I already know "sit" and "down." So, to play dead, she would tell me "sit" then "down." Then she would say "play dead" and she would roll me on my side and hold me there for a bit. After doing this many many times, and after many treats, I learned how to "play dead." Now, if she holds a treat in front of me, she doesn't have to say a word and I will play dead for her !!

JustMeCopper said...

I can shake and roll over and lay down but I'll have to try playing dead. That's a new one. I do love apples though.