Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Corn Shank? Corn on Cob?

Hello Everydog & Girl Girl,

I finally got my latest video uploaded and also uploaded some bootiful piktures of myself. You know, I *almost* miss Mom hovering around me with a camera. hahaha..oh wait...maybe not. I have been busy working on my corn. I want to make a corn shank like my friends. But I don't seem to be getting a hang of it. Perhaps I am holding the corn too delicately? Do you see my little pinkie paw (the last one) in the air?

Gee, it's going to take forever before I remove the yellow ends. *chomp chomp*

Anyway, I leave you with a video of myself working hard on my corn. Perhaps I should just work on my princess bone and leave the corn shank to the boys. *sighz*

Oh yes, Dad is back from his trip. :) He travelled a long long way and he didn't get me anything. Due to some delayed flight schedule, he ended up stopping over in London on his way back to Singapore and got a couple of hours to travel around London. And no, he still didn't get me anything. Sheesh, anyway, I am glad he is back. There is no place like HOME.



Hi Lucke Girl,

me so happy you are back...me have missed ya somrthing fierce. me gotta get me one of them corn things...it looks like fun. hope we get to see some more pictures of your beautuful face soon.

Love ya lots & lots...Mona & the Mommy

Ferndoggle said...

Hi Luckie!! You're really tearin' into that corn. Looks yummy.


Cassidy said...

You be pretty determined with that corn, me thinks you'll have a corn shank before you know it!

Cassidy x

Petra said...

I'm glad your dad is back, Luckie Girl!

You are doing really good eating your corn! I have one of those and NEVER touch it. I think I'll watch your video a few times to see if I can get some tips from you.

Simba said...

London, he could have come and seen me. Glad he got home safely in the end.

Simba xx

Lady Kaos said...

Hi Luckie! I've never had one of those corn things. Mom says I'm too big and it wouldn't last long, but she's been thingking about getting one for Sasha if she could figure out how to keep it from me. I think you're doing a very good job working on it.

Joe Stains said...

Tanner chews absolutely INSANELY on his corn to get it like a shank!!! you look a lot cuter than hiM!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Luckie!!!!!!
I think you are doing a good job with that corn. Maybe this is your hardest opawration!
I am sure you and your mom are happy with your dad back home... even if he did not bring you a present!
Kisses and hugs

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Your little pinkie paw is cute. Good luck on the corn shank.

~ Girl girl

Amber-Mae said...

Mmm, looks yummy! It looked like you were having trouble trying to grab hold of it. Hee!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Stanley said...

Hey, Luckie Girl!

Thank your mama for posting photos of your bootiful face! I just got a corncob too, but I'm nowhere close to making it a corn shank. Looks like you're on your way. Be careful though. Shanks can hurt ya know?

Goober love,

River said...

Oh what beautiful photos of you Luckie - it's so good to see your pretty face again!!


Ben_Benjamin said...

oh thats tanner corn!!!

Anonymous said...

HI Luckie!!!

Its been awhile since i came online.

I wanted to get this corn for so long but my hoomans just refuse to get it for me.

They are simply irritating!


Marie said...

I want some corn too! I looove chewing on stuff...my mom fixed some of my toys I performed surgery one...so I performed surgery again! Then they disappeared...I wonder where they went...(mom says she threw them away)...

Much love!


The Zoo Crew said...

my mom just bought one of those corn on the cobs for our new sister, willow, who will finally be home in four days!!!! of course, i think it should be for me!

lucy lu

JustMeCopper said...

is that real corn?