Saturday, February 24, 2007

Prison Break....NOT!

Dear friends,
I am happy to report that my jail sentence is *OVER*. It lasted for 24 hours & I did not have to plan an escape like Dad's favourite show - Prison Break.

This was the reason why I was jailed two days ago. Was it really that bad? Mom saw this the moment she came into the house after a long day of work. She was speechless for a moment, I thought she was just too happy to see me!! Well, there isn't any snow in Singapore and Dad has been telling Mom about the record snow fall in Illinois so I just wanted to re-create the feeling of snow in my very own backyard. Plus those blue gloves just fell from the sky during the day.

This are the blue gloves after I worked on them.

I also made a huge mess at my pee tray. Warning - the next picture is kinda gross. Yeah, those puddles are my pee and poop all over the place.

I was grounded and here I am in my jail looking pensively at the sky.

How did I get myself out of jail? I showed Mom what a good girl I am...if I want to be. I made sure pooped at the right place and no messy puddles of pee!

I'm glad I'm out of trouble for now. Thanks for all your concern. Now let's all enjoy our weekend~!


hana said...

Parents just don't understand it when objects just happen to fall from the sky. I hope you didn't try to give your mom any kisses when she got home because she would have been more upset with you after seeing the poops all over your jail floor.

Luckie, how come your jail walls don't fall down if you lean on them, or do they fall?

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Hana,
Actually, I did try to kiss my mom but she didn't seem to want to kiss me back.
Ah, if you look closely at my jail pics, there is this long blue pole which my dad tied to the side of the jail which is along the wall so the fencing is very stable and will not fall over!

Clapton said...

Do you have any idea where did your mum get your exercise pen from?

Maybe next time you shld try giving your mum the puppy eye look.