Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wanna play fetch with me?

Dear friends,

Thanks for the lovely comments about my pictures. It's really a good idea to get the nails painted to match my harnass. I'll definately remind Mom the next time I go for my manicure/pedicure. Mom made me pose for a picture of my newly manicured nails last evening so that we can show you how neat my paws are now. :)

Gee, Hershey, I have no idea Copper enjoys the nail trimming so much. I don't mind taking a shower weekly (the weather is really hot here) but anything else..no no no! Don't even remind me of Mom cleaning my ears ~ I only endure that cos she gives me some yummy treats after that.

I gotta work on learning to SMILE more in my pictures. I see some of you with such happy grins on your faces! I wanna pose like that too. I reminded Mom that she still hasn't gotten those ribbons to make me a necklace like Hana but she says I'll end up chewing all the ribbons away. Oh puhleeze, she's gotta give me more credit than that right? Why would I just chew them up when I can eat them? Mom's sister bought me some shoes to wear. Erm, I'm not too sure about those shoes cos I don't wanna look too much like hoomans. They have like so many pairs of shoes and Mom doesn't allow me to play with any of them. That's totally unfair huh? Why should they be hoarding all the shoes?

Hmm..The step in harnass sounds good. I have not seen them before so if Butchy & Snickers would be kind enuff to send me the link that would be great. :) Cos Mom was tugging the darn harnass over my head so many times - it felt like my head was going to roll off any time. Eeuw!

Here's a new video of me playing fetch with my Mom. Please note that I was not HUMPING my Mom although the video may look kinda discriminating. I enjoy jumping into her lap and then leaping out to fetch my toys. If you look closely enuff (sorry about the poor video quality), you'll notice Mom's legs are a tad bit red with scratches from my nails. haha cos this was taken before I got my nails done. *Enjoy*


Fu Fu said...

Hi Luckie, oh is that Mr Brown bear you're fetching there? You're good at this game.

~ fufu

Dachsies Rule said...

Your mom sits on the floor with you?!? You are so lucky, Luckie, to have a mom that will sit on the floor. Our mom is old and she says it's too hard to get back up ... especially if we are jumping on her. You are very good at getting your toys. We would just quit chasing them once we got comfortable.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Fufu,
Yeah, what sharp eyes you hamsterrier have! That's Mr Brown Bear. He's a friendly chap always smiling no matter how hard I flip him or gnaw on him.

Hey daschies,
Mom sits on the floor every night to play with me. If she forgots (ok so she says she's busy), I'll be really moody and keep reminding her (I make those really pathetic noises) to come pat me for awhile before I go to bed.

JustMeCopper said...

Moms laps are the best. I love to sit in her lap but fetching ... well, I just go get the toy and take it somewhere else.

PerfectTosca said...

You're a really cute Doxie, sister! I play with one that looks a lot like you all the time. She's really cool too, but I let her boss me around cause she's smaller.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Luckie,
You're got at fetch! I Butchy would play fetch with you anyday. Here is the link for the step-in harnesses, they are very easy to put on. You just lay it out on the floor, then Mama says STEPPY 1, STEPPY 2 (we put our left foot inside loop on floor, then put our right foot inside other loop on floor)Then Mama pulls up both sides of harness & hooks. That's it. Nothing to go over our heads.
We wear the medium size, so you probably need the small size. Good luck!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

scubee said...

oh luckie i can see from your video that you are very good at chasing and shaking stuffies! that is my very favourite game too!