Tuesday, April 03, 2007

C is for Cookies!

Hiya frendz,

I didn't get to go for any walkies this weekend but the hoomans are in a much better mood (I think it's the Cable TV). I get time off to relax on my own. Seriously, how could they resist this sad sad face?

I'm sorry, please forgive me?

It's always nice to have a friend here with me. Mr Brown Bear always keeps me company. I bring him to bed on my own.

Sad sad face....ears are down..tail curled inwards.....

I always run to my bed when I sense that I'm in any possible OOPS situation, I'll quickly go to my bed and well, act very busy hoping that the hoomans will not scold me. Sometimes that works and well, they don't get so angry. :P

Anyhoo, Mom baked cookies over the weekend. I had to help her out by walking up and down when she's busy baking. She said I was trying to trip her so I could get to her cookies - yeah right, as if I would resort to that.

I wasn't able to check out the cookies cos meanie Mom put them out of my reach. Drats, I had to send Mr Big Brown Bear to check out the Chocolate Chips Cookies. It was tough on him considering he had no hands and it took a little more effort for him to climb up the table legs.

My, he looks very pleased with himself huh? So many cookies..but none for us?

Yummylicious!!! :)

Mom didn't feed me those Chocolate Cookies, so not to worry!! :)


Fu Fu said...

Hey Luckie, You still not out of jail yet? You sure look sad in the pic. At least Mr Brown Bear is keeping you company. Those cookies look yummy. Did Mr brown bear had some himself?

p.s Eil is still at epi 4 of which planet (Where the girl just found out about her real mum) Aw.. I hate draggy endings. But that show kinda reminds me of "Full House" Let me know if the fox show is nice.

~ fufu

Boomer and his mom Carol said...

Hi Luckie! I saw you on Joey's site and thought, "My word, that is one cute little dachsy!" so I had to come over and say hi - so, um... Hi!!!

Joe Stains said...

you are soo cute, and so is brown bear. too bad your mom didnt make peanut butter cookies :(

Fu Fu said...

Luckie... Poor you, still in jail. Ok you gotta watch Mr Wentworth Miller on Prison Break on Thurs ok.

Yeah, can email or msn Eil at titanic45@hotmail.com For quite some time, Eil and Huskee's Maid were the only Kdrama fans here. Hee..

~ fufu

Huskee Boy said...

YUMMY!! Did Mr Brown Bear smuggle any of the cookies for you? (ok maybe not since he doesn't have hands)
I love my Brown Bear too.. I think I am naming him Brownie.. Yummy..
Gee.. your mum's into Korea serials too?? *faint*

Maggie said...

I think your mom should have chosen a different kind of cookie to bake so that you could have had one! They do look pretty yummy!

Love ya lots,

Dachsies Rule said...

If you looked that sad at us we would give you a cookie. Oh wait, cookies don't last long enough around us to be shared so we would have Mom give you a new cookie. Did your mom at least give you a doggie cookie if she wasn't sharing the chocolate cookie that she knew you couldn't have?

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Tadpole said...

Luckie, I don't know how they can stay mad at you with your sweet little face!

You're so funny...!

Lady Kaos said...

Are all dacshunds good at that sad look? My sister does that all the time! I love her lots and will protect her against all mean people and dogs and play with her and sometimes even snuggle with her, but when she uses that poor puppy face when she's tired of me being hyper and gets all the attention, it drives me crazy! I'm going to have to start paying attention more and try to lear it.

Hammer said...

Hello Luckie

I don't know how anyone could resist your pretty face. Your hoomans are mean to you. You're lucky you have Mr Bear to keep you company. Chocolate isn't good for you so that's why he didn't steal a cookie for you.

I've my mum wrapped around my paw .. he he !!!

Thank you very much for the kind comments you made about Beau on Fu Fu's blog.

Love from your friend, Hammer

The Airechicks said...


Now that your Mum knows you'll help with the cookies she might make "PEANUT BUTTER" or maybe pumpkin cookies....

You looked so sad in your bed...good thing Mr. Brown Bear was there.....

Ask Mum to make cookies again...