Thursday, April 19, 2007

Do you want shiny, glossy hair?

Hiya ~

A couple of you have been asking me if Mom makes an effort to brush my hair before making me pose for pictures. Well, the answer is NO. She's super lazy and she'll probably just smooth down the flyaway hairs from my ears before snapping away.

I know some of you hate taking showers but surprisingly, I'm actually quite game to take one. I'll just stand there and let Mom massage/gently scratch me all over. It feels so good that I wanna just lie in the bathroom and let her do her thing. But there's one thing I HATE about showering, it's that hot gun Mom uses to get me dry. She doesn't allow me to go roll around on the mat or carpet. So I'll squirm and squirm until Mom passes me a greenie to chew on. After I get my greenie, I'll just concentrate on it and let Mom do whatever she wants - yes, that includes pointing the hot gun at me. :) After drying me, she'll apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner before brushing me. The leave-in condition allows my hair to remain tangle free which means no painful brushing sessions. Yipeee!

Anyhoo, Mom swears by Aloveen Shampoo & Conditioner to get my hair nice and glossy. Darn, I thought it was because I had good genes or something. It smells of Oatmeal & Aloe Vera - very yummy....I should know cos I tried eating it once during my shower. Needless to say, it was the first and last time I tried eating it. haha... I used to have dry flaky skin when I first arrived in Singapore and Mom was totally freaking out. Apparently, it's common for puppies to have white flakes and also because there was a climate change (from Australia to Singapore). After getting recommendations from doggie forumers, she decided to let me try Aloveen. After the first bath, she was sold on Aloveen and went to stock up on them. :)

Range of Aloveen Products.

  • ALOVEEN SHAMPOO contains a gently cleansing shampoo base, which removes dirt, chemicals and allergens from the coat without irritating the skin.
  • ALOVEEN SHAMPOO contains superfine colloidal Oatmeal, in a stable suspension that doesn't separate out and guarantees an even dose throughout the life of the bottle. Oatmeal’s soothing properties are specifically indicated for animals with itchy, dry skin.
  • ALOVEEN INTENSIVE CONDITIONER is a unique, concentrated residual conditioner, specifically designed as a leave on product for deeper conditioning, and to prolong the soothing effects of ALOVEEN SHAMPOO.
  • ALOVEEN INTENSIVE CONDITIONER restores natural skin moisture leaving a glossy, tangle-free coat with a warm pleasant fragrance.

I wanted to find a picture to show you my glossy hair shining in the hot sun but I can't find one. har har.

Oh yeah, Mom says Mr Brown Bear will not be going through surgery cos well, she can't figure out how to "save" him. Mom has never been good with her fingers (needle work) so I get to play with him again.

Here's a sneak peak at Mr Brown Bear when he still had 1 leg left.

Looking good eh? :)


Maggie said...

Hi Luckie,
The Aloveen sure does wonders for you! You do have gorgeous fur! Thanks for sharing your secret beauty tips!

Love ya lots,

Fu Fu said...

Hey Luckie, your hair sure looks nice. I wonder if I can use the leave-in conditioner too.. Oh Mr Brown bear look very happy. :)

~ fufu

Sunshade said...

Your hair always looks so smooth/silky and mat free, what a pretty girl. I, on the other hand much prefer mud on my hair, or goosie poop!!

Are you coming to the DWB's Wine, Cheese & CHAT Pawty??? Come check out my blog for details!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Tadpole said...

Hey Luckie - thanks for the Aloveen info. I'm always looking for good shampoo/conditioner for my skin, so I might have to try it!

Mr. Brown Bear looks so happy, even without body parts. :-)

nikita said...

just stitch the ends closed, thats what my mom did to my monkey's face when i ripped it open. i like to nurse on my monkey's face and then the second time i pulled all the stuffing out! my sissie, she sewed him the second time and she sewed it really good because it hasn't happened again. i love my monkey, my dad gave it to me for christmas one year. and its white with orange and black spots. i get flaky too, i think it is the dachshund breed. i love the oatmeal shampoo,mine has a hint of vanilla. it smells yummy even though i hate a bath.
love, sophie the doxeranian

Suki said...

You have bootiful hair, Luckie! I need to try that stuff, but since I have short hair, it may not shine like yours.

Mr. Bear looks so funny! hahahaha!

Puggy kisses

Sweets-littlebigman said...

Hi ya Luckie,
Thanks for the grooming tips. Your fur/hair looks gorgeous as usual. I noticed that a lot of people were commenting on Mr. Brown Bear, but I can't see him. All of your other photos showed up but that one. Hmphf! I wanted to see him. Oh well.


Sophie Brador said...

Hey Luckie, You should write a beauty column.

I like Brown Bear.

Joe Stains said...

you look so looong in that photo!!

Jasper said...

Between Browm bear...and Mr've got it made!! Glad you get to keep Brown Bear!
Jasper & Jack

JustMeCopper said...

I'll have to try those beauty products. I have dry skin.

BLU and Comet said...

You do have very shiny fur.
Both BLU and I hate showers, and the girl knows better than to chase us with the noisy gun blower thingy. BLU likes to get brushed, and I secretly do, but I have to act manly and pretend to hate it.

Our girl doesn't let us have many stuffed toys. It usually only takes about 5 minutes before they look like your bear.

Chelsea said...

Oh Luckie, Mr Brown Bear isn't looking very good at all.
I have a feeling he may go "missing" soon. Most of my stuffies go missing soon after I rip them. I only rip them by accident though. Never intentionally.


Anonymous said...

Flat bears are okay too. Half my bunnies are flat and I just looooove them.

JustMeCopper said...

Luckie, Hershey weighs 10 - 11 pounds and I weigh 14.5 pounds. I am taller and longer than he is. I am going to be 4 in June and he is 2. I am a year and a half older than he is. (He's shrimpy and I am a big guy.)

hana said...

I think you could make a commercial for Aloveen! You'd be the spokesdog!