Monday, August 13, 2007

National Day Pawty Singapore DWB Friendz

Hi Everydog & Girl Girl,

Okay I am probably the last dog to blog about the National Day Pawty with my fellow Singapore DWB frenz. heh heh....Sorry to be so S L O W cos my hoomans are major slackers and I had to bug them like countless times before they could get down to some serious business.

The pawty was held at a doggy cafe called Pawtabello which served pretty decent hooman and doggy cuisine. I mean I could only guess the hooman food tasted good cos my parents ate like they were starving and finished up their portions even before the rest of the hoomans had their dinner. How embarassing! Sheesh, remind me not to bring them out next time. Mom didn't order *anything* for me cos she said I am still on a diet and have to eat at home instead. :( The decor was lovely and best of all, we could like pee and poop anywhere we wanted!

I had the chance to meet up with my DWB friends finally!! :) Here's Precious who looked really sweet in her pink dress and pink ribbon. She brought her sista & kor out too.

Here's Precious with her sista. Both her hoomans were very friendly and they gave me pretty decent belly rubs. heh heh..No complaints about that!

Then I met up with Chilli the JRT. She's really hyper and can jump really high! I have to say I'm impressed!

Chilli also performed her version of BANG BANG. Too bad we didn't get to video that!

Chilli's good friend, Snowball was also at the pawty.

Snowball was dressed in her pink overalls. Doesn't she look great?

This pawty wouldn't have happened without our organiser Boo Boo. Thanks so much for doing all the hard work.

Boo Boo invited Girl Girl the CKCS along too! She's a very friendly girl and went round saying hi to all of us. :) That's Girl Girl the CKCS checking out the treats in the cafe.

Then I had the pleasure of meeting Huskee. He looks really manly in his biker shirt!!

Huskee brought his parents and his maid along for this pawty. Hmm..his hoomans must have been behaving at home for him to bring them out. I mean my hoomans had to beg me to bring them out before I allowed them to come along.

I had to post this pikture cos I thought it was really sweet to see him cuddling up with his Mom.

Jay's family also came along in full force! Eil Jie Jie was helping Jay's hooman with the doggies.

Here's of Jay's playmate.

Brandy has such gorgeous fur and is sooooo photogenic!

I think Dad has a crush on her. I mean I don't even see that many piktures of myself!! We didn't get a pikture of Coco cos he wasn't feeling too good that day. :( Piktures of Whisky didn't turn out that well cos the lighting was very bad and it's really had to get decent piktures since Whisky is black. So sorry about that, hopefully we can do another outing outdoors with great sunlight and maybe get a nice family shot of Jay's family next time. As you all know, Jay & Coco are not feeling well after the pawty. I am sending lotsa pawsitive thoughts to them and I hope you can give them some support and lurve too!

The hoomans wanted us to take a group pikture. Erm..okay..don't say we never try!! Alright, I wasn't in the pikture cos Mom didn't want me to mess up everything. Sheesh ~ thanks for your vote of confidence Mom!!

Just in case you weren't convinced I was at the pawty cos I never appeared in any piktures, here's a pikture of me in Mom's arms. heh heh...why walk when you can be carried?

I am sorry I didn't get a chance to chat more with Chiyo, Baby & Boy. Hopefully, we can catch up again soon alrighty? Reina, I have a lovely family pikture of you & your parents...but but..I couldn't crop the pikture cos it would look wierd without your hoomans. I will send that to you okay? :) Thanks for giving us a lift to the pawty.

Will upload the piktures of my pressies soon! Hope you enjoy the piktures!


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Wow, the fotographs are all so clear n define. Pls ask your papa to take a picture of us the next time we meet can?

My hoomans suck in taking fotos.

Boy n baby

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Luckie,
OK, your papa has been nominated as the 'official pawtographer' for our next outing cos he takes very nice pics!!
Mom sux at it but she blames it on the camera.. muahahah... but we know better right? *winks*

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Luckie, your dad sure takes very nice pictures.
Hope you and your parents enjoy yourselves at the pawty. :)

~ Girl girl

Lorenza said...

Hi, Luckie.
Yes, your dad took great pictures of all you there at the party!
I am sure you enjoyed a lot being there with all your friends. Too bad you did not eat anything. Diets are awful!

Reina said...

Hi Luckie,

Your daddy takes very nice pictures!
I too think he has a crush on brandy! hahaha

Oh i can't wait to see the picture taken with my hoomans!


Boo said...

luckie, so many photos of huskee, r u secretly a huskee fan?

seriously, your papa photography skill is so good. i love all the photos!

wet wet licks


PreciOus said...

Hi Luckie gal!

I wanna say a BIG thanks to your Dad for taking such lovely pics of us! I'd never thought I'll look that good too. *Blush*

Ooo and my sista and Kor can't stop touching you. Thanks doG you don't find them harassing. They embarrasss me at times. =P


Comet and BLU said...

What a great place to let you pee and poop anywhere you want. I would go nuts peeing on every chair leg - I wouldn't even know where to start.

Ben_Benjamin said...

Cool pawty !!! But I never see me in the pic too.

Stanley said...


Those were really cool photos of the pawty! Man, I wish I could have been there. I can't believe they wouldn't put you in the group photo - it was obvious you were missing! I can't believe all those dogs held still long enough for your dad to click the shutter!

It sounds like everydog had a blast at the pawty! Rest up. You had yourself a big day.

Goober love,

Snowball said...

Hi Luckie,

Finally, we get to see the pictures. Its very well taken. Thanks for sharing.


Ume said...

great pix of the pawty, Luckie!
i can c y your Dad has a crush on Brandy, she's totally gorgeous!

oh! we can reali pee/poop anywhere we wan?

Amber-Mae said...

I'm guessing, you daddy took those pictures rite? Very nice! Precious is just sooo pweetty. You guys were sooo lucky to celebrate Huskee & Boy's Barkday Pawty at a doggie restaurant. Must have been fun eh?

Love licks,
So9lid Gold Dancer

Balboa & Mommy said...

I think is wonderful how you all got togetehr to celebrate. I love seeing humans and doggies happy together.....all those smiles!!!!!

Frenchie SNorts

Asta said...

that looks like the beswtest pawty..what a lot of bootiful fwiends,I love the pictuwe with evewydoggie on the chaiws...I'm so glad you had a gweat time..why do you need to diet? you look pawfect to me
smoochie kisses

Lady Kaos said...

It looks liek you guys had a ton of fun!!!

Hana said...

Wow, what a great outing! Looks like everyone had tons of fun. Too bad you weren't in the group picture though.

Toby said...

Hi Luckie Girl!

I love seeing all the picture from your pawty. I wish I could have been there to meet all of you. But mom says you guys and gals liver really really far away. Whatever that means. I think she's lying...

Wow, your daddy really takes nice pictures!!! So professional looking!


The Airechicks said...


What wonderful time you must have had at the pawty...

Great snap shots....

Lots of friends were there...

Tadpole said...

Your mom didn't even let you get in the group picture!?!?! My girl think it's hilarious that she wouldn't let you "ruin" it. I say, what a mean mom.

Mona,Jacks & Toby too!! said...

Hi Luckie Girl,

Our little foster brother, Evander, wants us to tell you something. He has been reading everybodys blogs since he came to stay with us & since Jacks already has Reina for his girl he wanted one of his own. He has fallen in love with you. He loves your long hair and pretty smile so we just want you to know how he feels. Jacks has Reina, Toby has Lorenza and hopefully Evander has you. Mona doesn't have a boyfriend but she is so dominate noby will put up with here.

Anonymous said...

The photos are awesome - your dad is very talented!!

Looks like you all had a great time!


ToFFee said...

I have to know what is the camera your daddy is using..

We are trying to find what are the good cameras.. mainly for ME! I'm currently using the Nikon.. is your Daddy using a professional one?

But I think your Daddy has talent! unlike my pawrents.. hahaha!

I hope they don't get to read this.



fee said...

cool pawty! where is this pawtabello place?

Pacco de Mongrel said...

they serve dog food too??

wat a treat....i hope malaysia do hv such a cafe for us canine over here...

Simba said...

why can't I live in singapore?

Simba xx

Bella said...

Great photo's Luckie - really tells the story of the fun day our with all your friends. Wish I couls be there too.

Maggie said...

More great pictures! That was one awesome pawty! So many of you DWB'ers were there!

Love ya lots,

Duke & Gidget said...

Wow, what an awesome pawty! It sure looks like you all had a great time. We wish we could have been there!

~Pug Hugs~
Duke & Gidget