Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Look what Mom bought for me

Hi doggyfrendz,
Mom went to the petshop today and bought me my regular doggy biscuits.

Yum yum - I love these biscuits. I get those mini size ones and Mom even breaks them into half to feed me. Sheesh, those mini biscuits are already so teeny and I still get only half at a time? There are yummylicious greenie bits inside so it's supposed to keep my breath fresh. I don't think I have bad breath cos Mom doesn't seem to mind when I kiss her all the time.

She came across some other biscuits from the same brand - Health Pro. Don't the biscuits look so good? They smell so much like hoomans' food I tell ya. I hope she's planning to get more flavours for me to try. Hey Mom ~ just get me one of each flavour yeah? I need to do a review for my friends out there.

Mom made some potatoes & carrots to mix with my kibbles last night. I didn't touch it much cos you know what? I dislike potatoes! Yucks - what was Mom thinking? I usually only have carrots with my kibbles and my favourite EGGS or MEAT (any kind - I ain't fussy I tell ya). So Mom felt bad that I didn't eat much and I got apples for dessert.

Hmm..I wonder what's for dinner tonight?


Fu Fu said...

Hey Luckie, the doggie in the first pic sure look happy eating the biscuit. Yeah your mom should get you all the flavours then you can go a review for us. :)

~ fufu

Casper said...

Hi Luckie. I got those Luv A Bones for my birthday. They sure are yummmyyy!!!

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hi Fufu,
Yup, I'm trying really hard to convince Mom. Wish me luck!!

Hey Casper,
Which flavour did you get? I think there are two Luv A Bones flavour.... *drools*

mother-wannabe said...

Hi Luckie...I wonder if you mind passing a question to your mom for me. I stumbled on your blog while looking for my baby-to-be and you are exactly the same as the one I have been dreaming of. I don't think your mother would ever part with you. You are just too adorable despite the epic prison break. But I would like to find out how she brought you from Australia to Singapore, precisely which "agency" she went through. You see, I live in Singapore as well and have been searching for someone like you for the last 6 months. I've been asked to sponsor the trip from Australia to Singapore for S$2700. Is that reasonable? I hope you don't mind my many questions. The sight of you on the internet just made me yearn for the company of a sweet baby like you even more. Thanks in advance for your generous help.

hana said...

Oh Luckie, you are so lucky to get such cool treats! I gotta get my mom to get me some of those!

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hi Hana,

Mom's really strict with what I eat so getting these treats are really pure luck!

Hi dachie mom to be,
Mom has been searching for me for around 6 months too! She chose me from my litter and had to wait for another 2 months for me cos I was still a little puppy. It was a really long wait cos she couldn't wait to be with me. Mom says she understands what you are going through right now cos it's kinda hard to find dachies in Singapore.

The sponsor fees was around that range (S$2.8k) and I only come with a normal birth cert - no pedigree certs. So some people would say I cost a bomb. Local dachies are much cheaper. She got the help of an agency called S**K**. I believe the lady Ms K will still remember me cos Mom would call her weekly to get updates & pictures of me. Plus, my folks were just sitting and waiting for me to arrive at the agency on the very same day I arrived from Australia to bring me home. My Dad's folks also got their corgi from the same agency many years back.
I have been a really good girl and didn't cost Mom to spend any extra vet fees since I came over. Just the normal vaccination fees and also Mom sprayed me when I was 6 months.

Mom says I'm priceless and she hopes you find your baby soon too. :) And yes, Mom says feel free to let her know if you want to find out more.

mother-wannabe said...

Thanks a lot Luckie! Your mom is so nice answering all my questions. Oh, you know what? I'm also using the same agency. I guess I'm not being fooled about the sponsorship fee. Okie then, who knows, maybe I'll be getting one of your cousins :-) I will let you know once I get my baby. Thanks again!

hana said...

Hmmm, you guys in Singapore have doggie adoption agencies?? I've never heard of that before. Do most people go to adoption agencies? Is this only for foreign adoptions? How come there are no breeders in Singapore? Is it illegal to be a breeder in Singapore? Oh, my little dog mind is full of questions.

Luckie the Dachie said...

No problem Daschie Mom to be. Has Ms K sent you any piktures of potential babies yet? Mom says she'll like to look at the piktures if you do not mind cos I think my folks are thinking of getting a sibling for me. You can email us. :) PS : Do join the local dogs forum cos there are many more daschies community there.

Hey Hana,
There isn't any local dachshund breeder registered with our Singapore Kennel Club. (SKC)So most of the daschies are either locally bred by home breeders or our folks need to buy from a pet shop.
No, it's not illegal to be a breeder unless you are not registered from the SKC.
Imported doggies are often more expensive. Mom says she knows of some dachshies which are imported from USA & Japan. The bulk of imported doggies are from Australia. Daschies are not that common in Singapore. Dogs like Mini Shnauzhers, Jack Russels, Maltese, Golden Retrievers, Labs, Terriers (smaller ones) are more common here. I don't think we have seen any Eskies here! But we do have huskies, malamutes and even Klee Lais.

mother-wannabe said...

Hey Luckie, do you know your mom's email address? I can't seem to find it on the page or in your profile. I have received the dog pictures already and would like to share them with her.

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey momwannabe,
That's great news..now you are one step closer to getting your puppy. :)
You can email Mom at ssmilezz@gmail.com. She'll share the pics with me too.

Mother-wannabe said...

Hi, Luckie...I sent your mom the pix of the puppies to the ssmilezz@gmail.com account already. Please let her know and thank her again for me for all the information she shared.