Saturday, March 03, 2007

Yogi Pee Tray

Hello friends ~
I promised Hana that I'll update how my pee tray works. Mom bought this pee tray from a pet shop and it's made in Korea. It's called the Yogi Pee Tray. The doggie model for the pee tray happens to be a dachshund too. Ain't that cool? :) In fact, I think Mom may have fallen for the advertising gimmick - hahaha...just put any dashshund on anything, she'll probably just buy it.

Check out their website here. They have many cool looking products for us. I heard the water bowl is quite good too cos it keeps our water fresh at all times. Mom says I don't need that cos I always drink from the bottle. She did leave a water bowl for me sometimes and I am a really messy drinker and end up with water all over the floor.

She lines the bottom of the pee tray with newspapers and puts the cover on. I'll do my pee/poo on the tray. And yes, the pee flows thru the holes but erm..well, the poo just remains on the tray. That way I'll never need to step on puddles of my pee.

I don't think the pee tray will work for bigger doggies and I guess most of you guys are outdoor trained too so probably have no use for it. Oh yeah, Fufu, I think they should have one extra small size for hamsterrier too.

The weather has been really lousy - raining all day long. Mom keeps coming into the kitchen to shut the windows for me. Nothing else happening over here. Oh yeah, I had a great time yesterday cos I totally destroyed my favourite bear! Wooo hoo....I can't wait to show you the picture of it!


Dachsies Rule said...

Mom wishes she had known about the pee tray when she was training Roxie. She might get one anyway for those rainy days when we just won't go outside. It's always good to have a back-up plan.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

hana said...

Wowie Zowie, that is a cool pee tray! That's neat how the pee flows through the holes. It's like magic!! My mom says too bad about the poop sitting on the tray though. I'm not sure if pee trays are popular in the USA. We had never heard of them until we read your blog, Lucky. You got some smart Koreans there.

Another thing that might work well for some is something like cat litter. That would soak up the pee, wouldn't it?

Hamsterrier sized pee trays??? That's even cooler!

hana said...

Hey, I was looking at the pee tray closer. The handles.... it almost looks like there is a smiley face on the handles.

hana said...

Oopsie. I realized I wrote your name wrong. I meant Luckie, not Lucky.

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey dachsies,
Yeah, raining days sucks big time huh? How about snow? isn't it much worse?

Hi Hana,
They do have those doggy pee tray liners which soak up the pee really fast but it's kinda expensive so Mom says she's sticking with newspapers for now.

Actually, you are right about the smiley face on the handles. haha!

Mom says if the poo does flows thru the's probably bad poo..smelly wet ones. yucks!

Jasper said...

Now that is something I've never seen before! I'll have to get Momma to check out that web site!

Fu Fu said...

Oh.. that pee tray looks interesting. Hee it'll be kewl to see it in hamsterrier size. And you "killed" your bear. hee. Can't wait to see pic of it. :)

~ fufu

PiratesGrrl said...

That's a pretty cool gizmo you have there. Mom wishes there were something like that for big dogs for the "accident" days.

The Brat Pack

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Fufu,
Yeah, we should get the company to make one baby size one for you.
The bear is in really really BAD shape & Mom doesn't allow me to play with him anymore!

Hi Brat Pack! :)
Actually, I do make mistakes and end up doing it outside the pee tray at times. It's like so near and yet so far. Totally frustrates Mom when she sees that.