Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Adventures at Singapore Botanic Gardens (Part 1)

Dear frenz,

The hoomans brought me to one of Singapore's oldest Park - Singapore Botanic Gardens last weekend. It was a very crowded with people enjoying the sun and also enjoying their yummylicious picnic spread (I saw lotsa food on the ground but Mom said it's not for me). Hooman pups were running around screaming and playing, I don't get it..why aren't those hooman pups leashed up like me? I felt kinda shy with so many hoomans around me but I wasn't too shy to turn over to show them my belly when they try to pet me. haha..Mom says I'm a shameless hussy.

I made Dad take lotsa pics to show you what was at the park. :)

Isn't this a pwetty flower? Reminds me of my red harnass!

This is the same flower as above but in another color! It's called Bouganvilla and grows very well in hot tropical weather! We see this everywhere in Singapore.

Dad says this tree has very interesting looking branches.

Boy was it hot!

Oh look, Mom's calling me to go over....

I wonder what's going on over there...Hmm...

Side profile...Mom said I put on some weight recently. That's really mean of her. I'd like to remind her that it's all because of those yummy treats I get while we go through our daily training session.

Sniff sniff...who goes there?

I like this shot. Just look at the very lady-like manner I'm sitting. My hind legs are curled up nicely behind me.

Phew, Mom can you please carry me now?

That's me & Mom walking off and leaving poor Dad behind. hee hee.. I realised I looked really teeny beside Mom.


Fu Fu said...

Hey Luckie, you look so cute there. Is your mum getting you a new harnass? You turn over and show people your belly? You must be very popular there?

~ fufu

Sunshade said...

Oh Luckie,

Looks like a great day, except you do look like you were really hot LOL. I'm sure it was all worth it tho!!

ps. I just love your colour!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Tadpole said...

Luckie, you look so svelte and trim and beautiful - and I love your long tongue! :-) You're quite the little lady sitting there with your legs crossed!

Maggie said...

I love your bouganvilla! Mom says she wishes that we could grow that here!

Love ya lots,

Linda said...

Looks like you had a beautiful day at the park. Too bad your mom wouldn't let you eat the yummy human food you found on the ground.
Big Wags,

Lady Kaos said...

It looks like you hadd lots of fun! I've always wondered about why human pups don't get leashed up, too. When we go on "Wheelin" trips I get to run free unless something dangerous is happening and then I get leasehed for safety, but the kids are still wandering around and the adults keep yelling at them to be good and stay back. You'd think it'd be much easier to leach them, than to have to keep an eye on them.

maggie said...

mam saw thoes flowers in cozumel . oh and btw you dont look fat

Chelsea said...

You look ravishing darling.

Weight gain? What weight gain. You are a tiny little thing
You and your mum look so cute walking together.


Joe Stains said...

we have Bouganvilla that grow in our yard too because we live in the desert!

JustMeCopper said...

You are so cute! It sure looks hot there though. It gets hot here in the summer but it is not summer yet. My Mom went to Thailand once and she told me has never been so hot in her whole life. You and your Mom look cute together. Oh, tell your Mom and Dad that your ears remind me of my ears when I was your age and that the hair on them will get longer as you get older.

Huskee Boy said...

No no.. I don't tink you have put on any weight at all.. (I hope your mom's reading this)!!

hana said...

Luckie, you are so pretty taking a walk in the park! We have those flowers here too, except the ones in our yard are not doing well.

Suki said...

Ooohhh...pretty flowers. We have bouganvilla all over the place here in Florida. Our climates must be pretty similar, huh?

Puggy kisses