Friday, April 27, 2007

Let's take a walk.....

Hey Friendz,

It's finally friday and I heard through the doggyvine that there's going to be a dog show at the Singapore Expo. I have never been to any dog shows before cos my hoomans say we have no transport there and we shouldn't be spending all that money travelling up and down. Mom reminded me that spending money on transport means less toys, treats & greenies for me. Guess that mean I'd not able to meet up with other doggies there. *Bummer* So if other Singapore doggies are going, please take lotsa pictures to show me what went on alright?

Sniffing the ground. It just rained so yeah, the ground smells really different.

Who goes there? I have a confession to make. I have erm...*never* peed or pooped outside the house. I mean, I do get excited sniffing the different scents left behind, but I'll always control myself till I get back home to pee/poo. I do not know how to mark too. :( Am I a failure or what? I was so envious after reading Sweets' blog on how he went around marking and having a good time in the outdoors. Then it struck me that I never did that before!!! I mean even Sunshade does a good job of marking outdoors!!

Mom doesn't let me wander on my own like those hooman pups.

Can we go now Mom? It's getting boring.

That's me following Dad & Mom following me...hehe

Dad says Let's go Luckie! :) Check out his big camera!!

I hope everypup has a great weekend. :)


Maggie said...

awwwwwww bummer that you can't go to the dog show! I hope somebody posts pictures so we all can see!

Love ya lots,

Kay said...

I would love to check out a pet expo but around here, I haven't hear too much about it. Though your thing with not pottying outside, I guess youre pretty well train to go indoors. hehe!

Tadpole said...

Marking? What's marking? Why would you go around peeing on everything? I don't understand! Am I a failure too?!

Amber-Mae said...

Hey there Luckie!

Thanks for leavinga comment in my bloggy... So nice of you to drop by! Oh, you're such a cutie little Dachie. last time my mommy got bitten many times by a dachie but don't think you're like that right? I love your colour. Very rare to find a dachie your colour. Many dachies in Malaysia are mostly black & short-haired. Oh and nice meeting you girl! Can I add you as my friend? I hope you won't mind since we just met...teeheehee!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Dachsies Rule said...

Nice walk. It's okay if you don't mark. Sammy & Andy mark everywhere ... including inside the house (oops!). They learned bad habits before they were rescued. We hope you get to see some pictures of the dog expo. We are going to a dachsie party tomorrow!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Chelsea said...

You should be IN the dog show.

You would win for sure.


JustMeCopper said...

I don't mark in the house. I have been known to tinkle in my bed or on my blanket when Mom takes too long to get home. Whoops.

Fu Fu said...

Hey Luckie, good idea to save the $$ for treats and toys.
The doggies were having fun in the chat room. It's still going on, you gotta get the url from Sunshade.

ps the korean rest. is pretty good. If you interested, next time Eil and my mother-in-law go we ask you along?

~ fufu