Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wet & Wild

Hey frenz,

I am still recovering from last weekend's busy busy schedule. Everyone at home seems so busy. I mean Dad is in the mist of looking through the 500+ piktures he took of last Sunday's Dachshund Gathering (sorry guys - if you have been checking regularly for updates!). It's a regular work week for the hoomans and I think they are going to take some time with all those piktures. But I guarantee you it's worth the WAIT!!! Mom on the other hand, has been busy preparing a new dinner menu for me and I get dory fish with my kibbles for this week. *beams*

As always, I have to get a bath after going out cos Mom doesn't like cuddling me if I stink. Sheesh, is she crazy or what? Do I complain when she comes back home stinky from the gym or from work and she tries to hug me?? Not at all..so I have no idea why she's so particular about the way I smell, which is very nice by the way. I believe the other hoomans who have smelt me before would agree - yes yes...I see Eli Jie Jie, Huskee's Maid & Reina's parents nodding their head.

I have not posted these wet & wild pictures from my bath before so please remember these are private piktures just for you my friends. Hmm..Mom said something about this Wet & Wild thingy being able to generate hits for a search. I dunno what she means cos to date, my top search hit for my blog is still Bang Bang Mom!! :)

Anyhoo, I know I look really pathetic all wet and I don't always look that bad alright? *sigh*

Getting a nice head massage from Mom...a little more to the left please...

Moving on to my body......

Oh my dog...are you taking piktures of me Dad???

Trying to escape!! Just look at that crazy Mom of mine...she even shampoos my ears!!!

Do I look sad or what??

Soaping my feet - yeah, this hooman can be very thorough. I wonder if she's so diligent when she bathes herself. har har har...

How long more is this going to take?

ARGH! Soap in my eyes!! Hurry up Mom!!

One final shot and it's time to rinse off all those suds...

I think there's a video of me in the shower but seriously I dunno if I should be putting it up. It does seem like a invasion of what's left of my pathetic privacy.

Plus, Tads just drew a lovely pikture of me to admire when he's in his crate so I don't think he wants to see me looking like that.

Oopsie, I just remembered I supposed to show you the piktures of another daschie we met on our way out from the park! Guess I have to do that tomorow then.


Oscar Airedale said...

Wow, that certainly was a very thorough scrubbing you got there Luckie! Hopefully you won't have to endure another bath for a while now!

Oscar x

Tadpole said...

Oh Luckie - you're beautiful even in the shower! :-) Although I AM very sad for you - how could your mom continue torturing you like that with your big brown eyes looking at her so sadly...?!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Luckie.
Tad is right! You look so sad! But at the same time you look very well behavied. Now, you are not stinky (according to your mom)
Have a nice day

Ruby Bleu said...

Luckie I have to say the bubbles just accentuate your cuteness. I hate baths too...but at least you got the looks going for you.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Luckie, you have such pretty big round eyes. And you really look so sad bathing. At least I hope you get a good message out of it

~ girl girl

Reina the Doxie said...

Hi Luckie,
You have so much bubbles on you and u look so innocent hehehe
Mummy puts me in the basin and daddy will use the shower head to spray water on me.
Oh, Mummy asked if you can email her your mailing address cause she can't access dogsforum now and ur address is inside.
Her email is urbanstraw@hotmail.com


Boo said...

wah luckie, privacy invaded totally! how are you gonna face the world then once your shower photos shown to the world?

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

those bath photos made me uncomfortable just looking at them! the horror!

Ume said...

hi Luckie,
u were a gd doggie by standing still n let your Mom soaped u from head to paws.
keke... dun we all look like it's doom day when we're in the showers?

hana said...

Luckie, between your "Jessica Alba" and "wet and wild" keywords, you are sure to get a LOT of search hits on your bloggy!!

Cute bath pics!! It looks almost like a bubble bath!

Ferndoggle said...

Luckie, I'll bet you smell so fresh & clean with all that soap your Mom used!


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh Luckie, your mum is sick? Must be the weather.. Are you taking good care of her at home? Get your mom lots of water and ask her to rest more

~ girl girl

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Luckie,
I love bathtime massages too!! (the 'massage' part, NOT the 'bath' part though..)

Benny said...

Hi Luckie....I believe...its your birthday! My hoomans are terrible. They can't decide on which present to buy you and now its going to arrive late.
Anyway, I had a say in it! You shld get it by next week yah?
Love lots...Benny!

Amber-Mae said...

We doggies HATE baths!!!! I know you do too Luckie... I can see it from the way your face looks like in the piktures, hehehe! I get a very thorough bath too & that woman also washes my face with soap! Sometimes it goes into my eyes but she quickly rinses it off after that... She even brushes my teeth & then put on conditioner. *Sigh*

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Dachsies Rule said...

Wow! Is that how Jessica Alba looks when she is covered with bubbles? You are going to steal her whole fan club at this rate. Our mom just laughed and said you have the same look that we get during bath time. Our mom is a hard hearted woman.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

PreciOus said...

How did you manage to look the same during bathing. I look like a complete pathetic soul when I'm wet and all.


Murphey said...

I try to get out of the sink, so I get baths in the shower. Not much better as far as I am concerned.

Murph the bath hatin' dog

Tofu Burger said...

Hey Luckie, looks like your bath lasted FOREVER!! Yeesh... I'm getting shivers.


Freda said...

Hi Luckies,

An earlys HAPPYS BARKDAY to you! Dog I could use all that coool waters. It's reeeallys hot here.

You do look wets and wilds. Neatos.


Freda Ƨ

Ben_Benjamin said...

Hey Luckie baby, Happy barkday in advance to you too. Hope you have a great Barkday celebration ya...wish you get a big cake & lotsa treats, pressie & kisses.

Slurp~slurp licks

Velvet said...

hi Lucky! u shld c how my lil' white sis looks like wen shes wet n wild! haha! a million times worst than u!

anyways ur a really pretty pretty dachie! thanx for droppin by my blog! & yes that's lil' Chester u were referrin to hehe.

Stanley said...

Hey, Lucky!

I keep noticing that we have so many of the same friends. I think it only polite to introduce myself.

Hi. I'm Stanley, reigning pup of the Republic of GooberStan. Come by sometime and say hi.

I'm going to link to you so I can stay posted on your life (and because my hooman girl luuuuuuvs dachies like you - she grew up with them - how she ended up with me I'll never understand).

Are you sure all of your skin is left after your bath?

Goober hugs and kisses,

Hammer said...

Hi Luckie

We all run for the hills when we hear the 'b...' word. We hate being bathed.

Hope you have a wonderful time on your Barkday tomorrow and your mum gives you extra yummie food, like more fish, and chicken.

Love from Hammer

wally said...

Aw--I think you look brave in the bath. And you do a lovely face that should elicit lots of sympathy and snacks (post-bath, of course, don't want bubbles in your mouth!)