Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bits & Pieces of ME

Hello frenz ~

Nothing particularly exciting has happened recently other than the fact that Mom & Dad took a day off from work to spend time with ME. Well, at least that's why I thought. But guess what? The hoomans went out *without* me and didn't even bring me for a walk. And they came back with big bags of stuffs from this I-key-A place. Yeah, that's the same place Hershey & Copper's Moms went recently.

Dad bought tons of light bulbs and used them to practice his photography skills. From my observation (you see, I was in the kitchen so I could only see him from my corner of my eye), he broke the glass bulbs carefully so that the filament (oops - I hope I got the spelling right) remained. And then he fiddled with his precious camera and switched off all the lights in the house. He switched on the light bulb and after a while, there was a POOF sound and the filament went up in flames. Ok so everything happened very quickly and he wanted to capture that moment. After going through like 20 bulbs, Dad says he still can't capture the perfect picture. *duh* What a waste of his time! He should have just asked me to pose for him and he'll have tons of perfect pictures to chose from. Anyway, let's see if I can convince Dad to upload the picture of that bulb.

On a more exciting note, Mom bought me MORE Mr Big Brown Bear!! She says she doesn't know how long the current one will last so she decided to get 2 more just in case.

Here's some pics featuring my lovely manicured paws paws.

Hmm, what colour are your paw pads? Pink? Black?

Don't they look neat and pwetty now?

One more shot for the road. :) I was really cooperative - making sure Mom gets the best shot.

Remember I said my ears get really messy at times? Mom likes it when my ears are open like this cos she says my ears are being aired and well, they won't be too stinky. haha..That's ridiculous. My ears ain't stinky. Oh look, Mr Brown Bear also wants to be in the picture!!

Hey Mom, enuff of these pictures!!

Here's a little video of me rolling around on the floor - relaxing while Mom does her chores. I'm really sorry about the bad video quality cos the floor's brown in color and well, I'm brown too basically you can't see much. :P I do have a better video of me enjoying my apple with Mom and that was taken with our new camera! Woo hoo ~ can't wait to get that video uploaded!


Fu Fu said...

Hi Luckie, I like your paw paw. It looks clean and nice. And more Mr Brown Bear for you. How do you know which is which?

I think your daddy should have spend his time taking YOUR picture instead.

~ fufu

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Fufu,
My paw paws are clean most of the time unless I get into a fix and end up walking around and leaving wet paw prints behind. It makes Mom very upset when that happens.
Actually, I only get one Mr Brown Bear each time. Only when the first one goes to the rainbow bridge, Mom will pass me his replacement.

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Luckie,
My paw pads are black.. although they USED to be pink when I was a pup. Yes yes... your dad should be taking photos of you instead of all those light bulbs.. he sure doesn't know who the supermodel is huh..

Maggie said...

My ears flip backwards like that sometimes and mom calls me MessEar! Imagine! She can't stand it and flip them back where they belong!
You're a cute pup Luckie! Thanks for signing my blog.

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said...

your parts are very cute. you asked about yogurt, mom gives us plain low fat yogurt. The kind she buys is called Pavel's Organic Russian Style Yogurt. I dunno who Pavel is but he makes some good yogurt!!!

Joe Stains said...

Mom seems to think she gets to eat some of the yogurt too so she buys the low fat junk.

Liberty Doo Dah said...

Hey ya Luckie!
You have sweet little paws! Mine are big w/black pads. Mum says that they smell like cornflakes!

PiratesGrrl said...

I just don't think you can get any cuter. impossible.

How long do you think Brown Bear will last before he bites the dust?

Doggie Kisses,
The Brat Pack

PS Thanks for always leaving us nice comments on our blog. :)

JustMeCopper said...

Luckie, I weigh 14.5 pounds. I don't what that relates to in Singapore. I am supposed to be a miniature. I ended up being big for a miniature and small for a standard. I hear they call dachshunds my size tweenies.

JustMeCopper said...

oh, my paws pads are black.

Jasper said...

My paw pads are black.
You are just too, no ,no wait a can't be TOO cute....!!!

hana said...

Does your Mom think only your ears are stinky or does she think all dachsie ears are stinky?

Hey, they went to I-key-Ah? Just like Copper's and Hershey's Moms? Wow, they sure must have walked a long time to get all the way over here to California.